Tuesday, June 23, 2020

The Garden, then the best part, Madison

Hey friends,

I've simply got to get a post finished today, that's all there is to it! So, I'm off to the garden to take a picture or two and I will be back.

Got a giant sunflower plant to show you, one that, as mama used to say, "volunteered and came up".

Well, I'm back...
and here's the top of that sunflower.

doesn't look quite as pretty here. The garden fence is eight feet high. Thought I had better gently tie it to the fence for support.

so here's the garden gate...

and growing just inside...
half runner green beans and tomato plants. Looks like, next time, I need to build the wattle fence a little higher.

and the biggest surprise...
is the kale! Kale is a cool weather crop. So many times I started to pull up these kale plants, but didn't...
it has really come out. We had kale with supper one night last week. Bun Bun and the rabbits say it's delicious, eaten right from the garden. :)

and we have squash this year, in fact, we had stewed squash for supper last night...along with a pot of pinto beans, new potatoes boiled and covered in butter, and a pan of cornbread. Oh, and a blackberry cobbler, made from blackberries picked right here in the yard. 

I dug up a little patch and set out three blackberry plants in early spring of 2018. I've had zero luck growing any kind of fruit here so picking these big juicy blackberries made me feel mighty proud.  

The bee balm in the tub is starting to bloom, but before next summer, I need to re-pot them. These are way too crowded and not as pretty and healthy looking as last year.

Oh, almost forgot the Arkansas little leaf cucumber... 
that's it in the tub. It has lots of baby cucumbers growing. Not a great picture, but this is one of my favorite plants.

Well, it's 11:45. Think I'll go find something for lunch. Looks like there is a line forming already to the food bowl in the laundry room...
Isn't it sweet how big Eli lets Weetie eat first. Smokey may just be waiting for a chance to get through...his bowl is on the freezer.

Well, here it is bedtime and this post still not published. Just don't know what's wrong with me lately. Why, I did a post on Father's Day about Daddy and never published it.

I've also done a post about our granddaughter Madison and never published it. But wait, why don't I add Madison's post here...

Our sweet and beautiful Madison graduated May 17th from West Virginia University with a Bachelor's in Forensic Science.

Of course, because of the Corona virus, graduation was cancelled. We were so looking forward to that trip to West Virginia. Madison will be going back for two more years, so we will look forward to seeing her graduate in two years with a Master's in Forensic Science and Investigation.  

Guess that's about it. I do plan to be back, and soon too! Hope you will come back.



  1. Your garden looks great!
    And congratulations to Madison! God bless.

  2. No wonder you don't have much time to blog . You have a huge garden to look after. New potatoes are a treat.

  3. Henny, your garden is beautiful and so is Madison. She's got to be smart, too, to get a degree in forensic science and get admitted to grad school. Those grad school slots are hard to come by; not everyone is accepted. It will really be special to see her get her master's degree. Your posts may be few and far between, but they're worth waiting for! I really enjoy them. Don't hurt your back working in your garden.

  4. Oh Wow! Looking at and hearing about your wonderful garden makes me hungry! The best meals I had growing up were fresh vegetables from the garden, pinto beans and cornbread! Your garden really does look fantastic. I love that picture of your furry babies all lined up for dinner. Congratulations to Madison on her graduation! It sounds like she is going into an interesting field and if she is going for her Masters she will go far. My grandson, Gavin, graduates from high school this Saturday. Don't the years go fast!

  5. Your garden is wonderful! Everything looks so lush and green and it be so delicious as it matures.
    I enjoyed the photo of your sweet fur babies all lined up and waiting their turn for dinner. It looks almost posed! Congratulations to Madison. That is a great field to go into. It's something our daughter was interested in too but decided to get her degree in microbiology and biochemistry and then got her nursing degree too.

  6. Hi Henny- Your Garden and Vegetable Plants have grown out of all proportion- just magnificent! Things grow very well there in Northern Carolina- Interesting to see the Pets queing for eats- very orderly indeed- you've trained them well. Cheers. KEV.

  7. Wow! Look at the size of that Sunflower..
    Eight feet and still growing..Goodness! :).
    Do you know anyone called Jack, Henny..
    Oh! No! That was a beanstalk was'nt it..! :).

    Oh! I do love Kale..l have some in the fridge
    l steamed last Sunday, love it cold with olive
    oil, garlic, and perhaps some fish, sardines or
    anchovies..Love anchovies..! Or perhaps cooked
    meats, either way...Love it..! :).

    Oh! And the food queue made me laugh..though one
    did worry me..there not two metres apart, are they?
    Poor Smokey..why does'nt he leap onto Eli then leap
    onto the fridge..Bless him..!x

    And..Well done to Madison..Forensic of
    my favourite subjects to follow..wish her ALL the very
    best..Well done..!

    Well..sun was out this morning at to~day,
    up in the 30's+ and for the rest of the week..been out
    and watered the plants already, had breakfast, and it's
    only 8:30..So it's gonna be a hot one..! :o).
    🐭 🐁 🐭 🐁 🐭 🐭 🐁 🐭 🐁 🐭 🐭 🐁 🐭 🐁 🐭

  8. Ne güzel görünüyor. Allah'ım yemek nasip etsin inşallah

  9. Congratulations to Madison, how clever, forensic science very impressive. Your garden is looking amazing. I love the harvest a reward for all the hard work.

  10. Oh my, that giant sunflower is going to be beautiful. I tried growing them last year inside of my
    tree fences, to keep the deer off saplings, and when the flowers topped the fence, the deer just ate the
    tops right off. I am jealous of the veggies, too. I would need 12 foot tall fence to protect every thing here,
    so I just have to enjoy your garden tour. No doubt, everyone wanted lunch, hope Dumperoo is doing good and
    eating OK.

  11. Congratulations to Madison. Forensic Science must be so interesting to study!!
    Your garden sure is looking great!
    Wow that sunflower sure got big fast. The few that I have left around here that the chipmunks haven't destroyed are only about 6 inches tall so far. Mine have a ways to go.

  12. Your garden looks great and the supper you described is making my mouth water! Congratulations to you and your beautiful granddaughter! I know you must be so proud of her. Molly is doing great and says to tell you hi!

  13. Hi Henny! Aw! The line up for dinner (pets) is very cute!
    I loved looking at all of your crops! Wow! Everything is REALLY growing!

  14. Congratulations to your beautiful grand daughter Madison. Forensic science, cool!! My daughter lives in Ballard WVA and loves it. I need to get there and see my great grand daughter Ivory Lynn. Gosh what a beautiful garden you have! Lush and producing so nice. I have curly kale that was planted last july and it's still coming up in my planter above ground. I am not gonna pull it up. Just keep cutting the blooms off and it keeps growing.

  15. Congratulations to Madison. I love her name and she is beautiful.

    I enjoyed your post. I always do Henny. Love you, Carla

  16. Congratulations to your Madison! Grad party are just on hold this year for so many kids. Your veggies look great! I have never grown Kale:)

  17. Congratulations to your beautiful granddaughter! Your garden is looking great and that mention of blackberry cobbler made my mouth water just reading about it! I’m in Florida with my mom and I imagine the birds are making cobbler from mine while I’m gone!

  18. Congratulations to Madison. Well done!!
    Your supper of squash and new potatoes sounds delicious. You'll just have to start taking more food pictures. And Blackberry Cobbler! Yum.
    Your garden is growing by leaps and bounds. All lush and green. Hard to believe it's almost July.

  19. Oh, it is so good to see a post from you...but you are a busy woman and I know that is why you don't post more often. But it is so much fun to read about your days...congratulations to your granddaughter!

    Love see your garden, and always love seeing the animals...

  20. Your flourishing garden is a joy to behold. Picking your own blackberries sounds awesome - it is a long time since I grew any, and it must be simply years since I last went picking them in the wild (they all get sprayed these days). Congratulations to Madison as well - forensics are so interesting and I hope she goes far in her field.
    Don't be too hard on yourself when you don't blog - we love your posts, but it is more important that you take care of yourself :) Mxx

  21. All your garden plants look wonderful and your supper sounded delicious! You have a very beautiful granddaughter. It always amazes me when people go into forensic sciences...especially lovely young ladies! We have a granddaughter who is in high school...she is lovely, she sings, dances, acts in plays, and wants to be guessed it ...Forensic Scientist solving crimes! Ah well...I guess somebody has to do it. All the best to your granddaughter.

  22. Your garden is a beautiful thing! I think it could be in a gardening magazine.
    Madison is beautiful. I'm so sorry about the cancelled graduation.

  23. I always enjoy hearing about your garden.
    What an interesting career choice - forensic science. Makes me think of the detective series that I'm reading, about a forensic archaeologist.

  24. Wow, your garden looks great and congrats to Madison.

  25. Your plants look great. Congrats to Madison.

  26. Your garden is so lush and beautiful. Hope you are feeling good. I have kale and lettuces, but I have to keep them fenced from the wild bunns in our yard. Congrats to Madison!

  27. Congratulations to Madison and hopefully you will be able to see her graduate in 2 more years! You certainly have a green thumb! Your garden looks so lush and beautiful!

  28. Dear friend your garden looks wonderful. I have never grown kale. Need to plant some when the weather cools down in the fall. Madison is truly lovely. So good she is going to continue higher education. Have a lovely day. Hugs!

  29. Hi Henny :) Congratulations to Madison (beautiful name)...what an amazing career she'll have, smart gal!! :) I love that you got your Kale growing. You just never know in the garden do you? That is one big sunflower plant! I hope you have a beautiful flower soon! And I LOVE the lunch line, how adorable!!! :)

  30. Touring your garden is always one of my favorite things to do. You certainly have a green thumb.
    Congratulations to Madison, what a beautiful young lady (kind of like her sweet grandma).
    I have a bunny that I'm trying to find a home for . . . wish you lived closer. I can not think of a better person to give it love.
    Have a sweet day, my friend.

  31. Your garden is so beautiful, HP! You do a good job of choosing containers, and all the plants look healthy.
    West Va. University!!! Why, I'm originally from WVa, and I have so many nieces and nephews at WVU! Madison is a lovely lady - she really looks like the women in your family! Congrats to her. When you DO drive up to WVa., if you happen to go near Lewisburg, you should go out to my brother's pick-your-own blueberry farm. Such a lovely place :)


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