Thursday, January 16, 2020

Teeny Tiny Greenhouse changes

It is always a nice surprise to see new followers. Thank you! I do appreciate your friendship, so much!

Well, I've decided not to call the greenhouse a "she shed". 

Anyhow, while plundering through the thrift store looking for something lightweight to hang on the walls, found two green panels, long enough to wrap around the greenhouse twice! for $3.96! Just what I needed!

The sun shines through the green fabric pretty good. (those rare moment lately when the sun does shine)

Oh, the tea cups on the shelf!! :) I've about given up on that pot belly wood stove for the potting area, but have found a teeny tiny stove called the Ohuhu camping stove that burns twigs...all I need is a kettle. Won't that be fun!

Could use a more comfortable chair but this will do for now.

the little folding stools I bought for a dollar each back when my two granddaughters were sit on down at the pond when fishing with grandpa.

Two new bags of pea gravel makes the floor look cleaner. Brick pavers along the sides have turned dark.

picked up the cedar limbs and bare little tree across the road...that had been trampled down by the big machinery

Several years ago, Poppy brought me a stack of tiles someone had thrown away. Been stacked in the shed ever since...until now. :)

Still have lots of smaller potted plants like these on shelves at the front of the greenhouse...

Better get busy! Poppy is working today but gets off at 2:00! Got lots to do and very little time. Guess I'll drag out the vacuum cleaner first! :)


I meant to add this picture of Smokey, but hit "publish". So...

my sweetie pie!


  1. I love it! You have such a talent for pulling things together. The green on the walls is perfect and the light colored pea gravel helps everything to stand out. The tile on the shelves will look good against greenery or anything else you put there. It is a happy, tiny little greenhouse and looks like a fun place to spend a little time!

    1. I love the picture of Smokey you added! What a sweet face!

  2. It looks so nice and cozy. I wouldn't have thought of many of your improvements like the pea gravel carpet. It's perfect. I can imagine the fun you will have there.

  3. Henny, what a charming little place to call your own. I like the new look, with the green wrap, and the pea gravel. It's a welcoming little space. Would love to have something like this for my own. Happy birthday to that beautiful, furbaby.

  4. I love your new space, she-shed or not! ;) It looks so cozy and I love the idea of the little stove too!

  5. It's darling. I don't care for "she shed" in general. You should perhaps call it something fun: The Happy Hopper, The Henny House:-) Greenwall (like a location) I don't know - you're creative. I'm sure you could come up with something:-)

  6. It looks very inviting and what a pretty basket with the leather handle. We have an Ohuhu stove for camping and hurricanes. It works great! And twigs are always available, too. Hope you enjoy yours.

  7. I love the new look!! The green panels make a huge difference and the other bits of furniture you've added all make your space lovely!

  8. Lovely Henny! My greenhouse is surrounded in snow.. but I do have lettuce growing inside. ;-)

  9. Congrats on making the Green House actually green! It's drizzling down here in Mississippi too. Stay well my friend, I think of you often.

  10. You've made your green house so NICE! Such a cute and welcoming place. Like everything about it.
    What a fun picture of Smokey!!

  11. How sweet! Who would have thought a little green house could be made cozy!

    Grace & Peace,

  12. You are having fun making your greenhouse cute and cozy. Now the trick is ti find the time to actually sit and enjoy it.

  13. It's looking great! You got such a bargain with that fabric. Nice job!

  14. It looks like a good place to sit and think!


  15. Looks like a great place to sit! Yes you need a more comfy chair! :)

  16. Oh, it's looking lovely. How nice to sit in there and have a cup of tea. How cold does it typically get there where you live?

  17. Your Green House looks very good- very comfortable for a sunny day. Like the photo of Smokey in the bucket. Cheers. KEV.

  18. Those green panels are fantastic. They'll make it seem much more cozy in there until you get spring-like weather, sunshine and flowers to look at outside. That picture of Smokey is adorable.

  19. Well..the she shed/greenhouse looks really
    great..all that's missing is a homely
    and warm, any plant would give it's leaves,
    to grow up in a place like that..Bless! :).
    I think, like pets..plants have to be happy
    in their growing environment, and be loved
    and watered of should see my indoor
    plants..they grow really well..mind you they
    listen to a lot of Soul music of course..their
    favourite being James Brown..!
    "Grow up! grow on up! Grow up! Grow on up!..". :).

    AND..Smokey! Bless! Look at that face! He's probably
    thinking..'It's about time l had my photo on a post..
    That Eli..takes up ALL the limelight'..! HeHe! :o).
    ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ˜ผ ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ ๐Ÿ˜ผ

  20. The white tiles will make perfect flat shelves for you. A good find and nice that you kept them. The green
    cloth will keep some cold and wind out, and it is sunny, what a fun color you'll enjoy inside. Naturally I
    love seeing Smokey. What cats won't get into!

  21. Smokey is glad you shared - he certainly made me smile. I adore your Greenhouse. Looks like it will be come a favorite spot of yours. Hugs!

  22. What a cute spot to surround yourself with plants, Henny!! I originally set up my little garden cottage as a place I could sit and relax in the rain or winter....but it's really too much of a workhorse, and usually a mess of tools and pots and soil!!!

  23. I am glad to know the Greenhouse will not be a "she-shed!" You really do have a talent for making things beautiful. When you get the little heater, I'll be right over for tea! :~)

  24. OH, I so love this...I want a place just like it...but would be so hot in summer it would be miserable...but I still want one.

  25. I always enjoy my visits to your blog. Your greenhouse looks lovely and makes me think that Spring is on the way. It doesn't feel like it here, our temperatures are in the 20's in the daytime and the teens at night.

  26. Aw! Smoky in the bucket is so cute! I like your shed. You're making it very cozy!

  27. Smokey is a beautiful cat. Love your beautiful green house. You've done a great job decorating it.

  28. What a sweet photo of the kitty! Such a sweet little spot! I love all of the special touches you added!

  29. You are so creative! Love how you wrapped with that fabric. Sweet escape you made for yourself. I am with you, no she shed. Never knew there was a stove like that. I think I will order one for my husband.
    Have you used it inside yet?
    Love your capture of Smokey.

  30. The greenhouse is looking cozy. I agree that you need a really cozy, relaxing chair out there, something you can snooze in :)


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