Sunday, October 13, 2019

A Really Cool Sports Car

Poppy and I were sitting on the front porch when this really cool sports car pulled into the driveway...
Why, it's our neighbors...Fred and Ann!

Let me tell you a little about this sports car, this 1958 MG Roadster, and our neighbors...

In 1988 when our log cabin was being built, Fred was busy building their log home just down from us at the end of the path. He built their house!

That was also along about the time Fred bought this 1958 MG, which looked nothing like it does now.

Wow! Over 30 years ago! Fred and Ann raised two children during that time and now have two grandchildren.

What a neat surprise after all these years to see this really cool sports car on the road, and Fred did the restoration himself. Gosh, what an accomplishment! He must be so proud. 

Okay, Poppy's truck. I've just got to tell you this...

Poppy went to the hardware store in town to pick up ten bags of mulch. Pine bark mulch, I reminded him!

So he got home with 10 bags, thrown haphazardly into the bed of the truck causing some of the bags to lose a nugget or two.. 

"This is not pine bark mulch", I said. "These are nuggets. I don't like nuggets"!

The following day we carried the bags back to the hardware store where a sweet nice young employee said he would go replace the bags of nuggets with pine bark mulch. 

When we got home Poppy got out first and opened the tailgate on the truck. He laughed and said, "come here, you've got to see this. That young guy has got to be a Virgo! 

The bags were all stacked right side up, lined up and perfectly straight.

Boy, time flies! Here it is bedtime. Thank you for visiting. Oh, it's thundering...and we've got rain. Yay!!



  1. Oh, that sports car is so neat!! I'd like to see a 'before' picture of it too!!
    I'm glad you got the pine bark mulch thing straightened out ( and so neatly stacked too).

  2. Hope you will show us when you lay the mulch. Been missing your posts and trying to get caught up while we are at our daughter's for a few days and have internet! Can't wait for the internet companies to lay the lines to our subdivision.

  3. Love the sports car!! So neat. I am so happy that you got your mulch and that they stacked it neatly in the truck. We got some rain today also. We needed it so bad. Love you bunches and hope all is going well with you and Poppy!

  4. Yes, I remember MG roadsters when they wee brand new. They were hot cars.

  5. Well, that young man did an excellent job of stacking those bags! I love your neighbor's MG! That's amazing that he was able to restore it himself too. I bet he sure was proud to finally take it out driving!

    1. Thank you Bonnie. He sure did do a good job loading the mulch. Much better than the older guy did the first load.
      Yes, it's fun to see Fred drive past the house in the MG.

  6. What a cool sports car. Our friend loves to restore old cars and trucks. He restores them and then sells them. I love the way the bags are stacked. A very concientious worker. :-)

  7. Oh! My! Goodness! The MG..
    This became my most favourite car of all,
    when l become old enough to know what a car
    was for...MG is a British automotive marque,
    and M.G. Car Company Limited was the British
    sports car manufacturer that made the marque
    famous. Best known for its 'midget' open
    two-seater sports cars, MG also produced
    saloons and coupés, with engines up to
    three litres in size...Fantastic motor car..! :).
    The only sports car l ever had was a was a Jaguar..
    The Jaguar E Type..Not for long though it was brown,
    could'nt be seen in a brown car..Yuk! :).

    Love the nuggets story..You did'nt say..Where they
    chicken nuggets, turkey nuggets or what..HeHe! :o).

    And..Once again great it...!
    ♥♡♥(ꈍᴗꈍ)♥♡♥ ♥♡♥(ꈍᴗꈍ)♥♡♥ ♥♡♥(ꈍᴗꈍ)♥♡♥

    1. Jaguars are always sexy! But I can see what you mean about brown... Not that it's English, but I dream with the day I'll have a Saab. She'll be my beauty! And I'll name her Saabatini-- naturally!
      Good day to you Willie : )

    2. Buon Giorno anche a te...
      The Saab is a nice car, from Sweden of
      The first production model, the Saab 92,
      was launched in 1949...Always known as a
      very reliable motor...! :).

      Ah! Now! Do you mean Gabriela Sabatini....
      She is also quite lovely! :o).

    3. Willie, I can picture you in a Jaguar, but not a brown one. I am not a big fan of the color brown either. I did think of you when I posted about the MG. You are so knowledgeable about so many things. I enjoyed your and Pilar's conversation. I will look up Gabriela Sabatini. She has a beautiful name. Thank you for commenting.

  8. I love vintage cars, they always brighten my day but because of winter, most are kept in storage until the weather is good. I'm surprised how many I'm still seeing around this fall. I'm not a car-freak, but I think it'd be worth learning the names of these sweet creatures. Fred and Ann have got themselves quite a sexy one!
    I love that Poppy can now recognize a Virgo when he sees one! Blessings and hopefully the rain is enjoyed as needed!

    1. Hey Pilar. I love sports cars too. When Poppy and I met I was driving a dark green Corvette. I also had a red Triumph Spitfire. Not quite as sexy as the sports cars you and Willie like. :) I enjoyed both your comments...and your and Willie's little chat. :)

  9. Henny, Some times our young people surprise us. Good job and I would tell the store owner too. I am impressed with Fred being such a handy man. There's a show that comes on our PBS channel, called Red Green...He is always saying, "if you can't be handsome, be handy". I love that quote. Sometimes we girls get lucky and get both handsome and handy in our men. :) Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  10. Hi Henny- Your neighbor 'Fred' has done a splendid job of his Classic car. Looks like you'll be busy with Poppy's truck load of Pine Mulch. We've had some rain at last up North - a blessing- though not near enough to break the Drought. Best Wishes. KEV.

  11. It's fun to have good neighbors for that many years who also become friends. Beautiful car! Enjoy your mulching :)

  12. NICE looking car. Amazing how quickly time passes by.
    I'm the neat one in our family. I'd have them all nice like that too. Ken, he'd just throw them in. : )

  13. Definitely a cool sports car! Cool neighbors, too! Your mulch story made me smile:)

  14. I'm a Virgo, too . . . isn't that the way they are suppose to be stacked, LOL.
    What a cool car, they're going to have so much fun driving that around on a pretty day :)

  15. I am sorry I have been so remiss in visiting. Working full time and life in general has gotten in the way. I love the car and he did a fantastic restoration job.
    Happy mulching! xo Diana

  16. The difference in the mulch bag stackers? One was getting paid, and one wasn’t. 😄
    Wonderful car restoration.

  17. Such a cute care! How much fun that will be driving on pretty days in! Wishing you pleasant and pretty fall weather!

  18. That is such a cute car! Bob has a brother who has restored several cars, and built one little sports job from a kit. That amazes me.
    I like how neatly that mulch is stacked.

  19. I am a Virgo too so I understand! What a cute car!


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