Thursday, April 11, 2019

and now, it really does both look and feel like spring...
and even the weeds are pretty. I suppose that's why we are overrun with them. After a long hard winter, if it's green, it stays. There are a few flowers amongst all these weeds...

the cool dark green of spring reminds me of childhood days when Shelby, Jackie, and I would beg mama to let us take our shoes off and go barefoot for the first time. We would beg until she would say, "oh, go ahead, and if you get pneumonia, don't come crying to me". Mama used to say too, about the dark green grass in early spring, "that looks to me like a good place to hide Easter eggs".

the pink dogwood will soon be in full bloom 

Do you plan to dye a basket full of Easter eggs? I do. It's fun, even if there are no small children here, I will enjoy them.

and a funny thing about these tulips...tulips haven't bloomed here in years!

and now we need more tulips!

Sure hope you all haven't deleted me and this silly blog just yet. I promised, after my last post to visit and catch up but...

it started last Friday...that raw feeling in my throat, almost like having swallowed coffee that was too hot. Come Saturday morning I had it all...fever, chills, sore throat, aches and pains. The flu test at urgent care was negative. A virus, the doctor said and prescribed a syrupy liquid that she said would help me feel better.  

Here it is almost Friday again and I am not completely over this mess which now feels like the worst cold I've had in years.

looking up through the trees that are covered in teeny tiny leaf buds...but oh that pollen. It is unbelievably bad this year! 

Thank you friends, for visiting.



  1. I rarely delete blogs.
    I don't do eggs because no one here eats hard boiled eggs.
    Your yard is looking wonderful!

  2. I'm so sorry you've been sick! Seems like there is always something going around. Your yard is looking beautiful! I can't wait to see what you have planned for your tiny vegetable garden. I'm so jealous of that garden! I hope that virus leaves you and you feel better soon. The pollen is terrible here too. Even Molly has been coughing because of it!

  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry you have been sick. And now with allergy season that can complicate any bug you've caught. Your beautiful farm looks so bright and pretty! Rest up and get to feeling better so you can enjoy this beautiful weather!

  4. Lovely Tulips in your pretty yard. So much green everywhere.
    Sorry you've been sick. I hope you feel 100% again soon.

  5. Being sick isn't fun. Neither is sneezing as we look up at our blooms against a blue sky. But at least there is spring beauty around to dull the pain.

  6. Dear Henny ~ I pray that you'll soon be feeling back to normal and outside enjoying spring. You have some lovely blooms with more to come.

    Be well ~ FlowerLady

  7. Goodness...You are suffering from the ' too much winter' so this sunny weather will surely be the best nurse that you've ever had. ...Of course it is ' Flu' time because we DO want to kick our shoes off and drop the coats(Ha Ha)...But oh Springtime is glorious isn't it!!! Your dogwood tree is looking so lovely . I love seeing the pictures of your farm and gardens, there always seems to be so much happening and right now...IT'S SPRING...HURRAH !!!!... Take care of yourself . I'll be sending healing praayers your way, sweet lady.... Big Hugs

  8. Those dogwood are beautiful. There are a few here, but these don't have a flower like yours, just small white ones. But better than nothing. All the moisture really has paid off in your yard.

  9. Hi Henny- Your Tulips look great -just the thing to herald in spring. Hope your feeling better- nothing worse than being under the weather- all the best. KEV.

  10. beautiful flowers and of course, my favorite is a Pink Dogwood. Glad I stopped by.

  11. So pretty! Spring is such a lovely time of hope!

  12. It's hard to keep up a blog when you are busy.

  13. It is looking very pretty & colourful in your world Henny Penny. Do hope you are soon feeling much improved ... virus's are horrible. Take care Henny Penny xx

  14. I hope you will be feeling better soon. Nothing more worse than being sick in the Spring. I love your yellow tulips, yellow is my favorite colors in flowers. They just seem to brighten up the day.

  15. If it is a bad pollen year that could be part of your problem...a virus and pollen not a good mix, I sure hope you feel better soon. Love seeing your flowers:)

  16. Lovely photos/pics to wake up to...
    Just gone 6:30 over here..first lemon
    tea of the day..enjoying your lovely
    flowers Henny..! :).

    HeHe! Had to chuckle..I remember as a boy,
    hop~skip~and jumping..being rather dangerous,
    mia Mama saying to me..."If you break a leg,
    don't come running to me". :o).
    Hope your better l said..plenty of garlic
    and olive oil..that'll keep the germs away, and
    everything else to..especially yer friends! :).

    Summer is trying to make an entrance over here,
    o.k. for a couple days, then rain..God! How l
    hate the's so wet is'nt it..!!! :). get on..busy day to~day, must cut the
    grass amongst other things..but..popping into town
    first thing, bits and pieces to get..!
    (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*))) (((*°▽°*)八(*°▽°*)))

  17. Your spring pictures are so pretty. We do not dye eggs here anymore. Have a fantastic week.

  18. I hope you are feeling better soon from that nasty flu! I love your bunny statue that is peeking out in one of your pictures. Enjoy your beautiful tulips! -Jenn

  19. Tulips....
    A. E. Stallings

    The tulips make me want to paint,
    Something about the way they drop
    Their petals on the tabletop
    And do not wilt so much as faint,

    Something about their burnt-out hearts,
    Something about their pallid stems
    Wearing decay like diadems,
    Parading finishes like starts,

    Something about the way they twist
    As if to catch the last applause,
    And drink the moment through long straws,
    And how, tomorrow, they’ll be missed.

    The way they’re somehow getting clearer,
    The tulips make me want to see—
    The tulips make the other me
    The backwards one who’s in the mirror,

    The one who can’t tell left from right,
    Glance now over the wrong shoulder
    To watch them get a little older
    And give themselves up to the light...

  20. Oh, I hope you feel better soon...some of these things just hang on forever. We both had a cold a bit back, but for once did not last forever. But they do knock me off my feet! Take care of yourself and worry about blogging when you are able.

  21. I am looking with admiring eyes at your dogwood. Don't know if they thrive up here in Michigan. Better do some online investigating.

  22. Oh no, Henny, I sure hope you feel better soon! Something is going around here, too, and I was exposed to a sick friend today....sure hope I don't catch what she's got, I don't have time to be sick!

  23. Your spring flowers are so pretty and I hope you will feel better to enjoy them more soon. Spring colds are the worst in my opinion! I think fresh air and sunshine and a good book are just what is needed. The weeds can wait!

  24. How pretty everything looks! This whole past week, here in Texas, our temps were 97 and high 80s. Last night a cold front and thunderstorms with much need rain came today we are back down to 46 and tonight will be 35! YO-YO weather for sure. Enjoy your spring weather!

  25. How pretty it all looks! It is hot as summer one week here..........and then it turns cold again! However, I like the cool rather than the 100+ temps that will soon come in summer!

  26. Henny it certainly looks like spring has arrived. Your pink dog wood tree is beautiful. Sorry to read your ill. Sometimes for some reason the change of the seasons can bring on a bad cold. Take care. Thanks for the lovely pics. Hugs!

  27. Hope you are better by now Henny. You are just too busy to get sick.
    I love to see your flowers and all the green. We are finally getting our spring and my spring flowers are just popping through the ground.
    Just spent the morning at the sugar shack for pancakes and a run around the woods with 5 wound-up grands. I'm ready to put my feet up. Where do they get the energy? Oh ya...I'm just old. lol Have a great weekend. Love to all.

  28. Henny Penny, your blog posts are always a welcome respite! I'm sorry to hear you were so sick; I've got something, too, just now but it isn't so debilitating. What beauty surrounds you! We have no choice but to experience spring vicariously, around here, so I'm glad for your photos. The last pic is my favourite. I think dogwoods are native to this part of Ontario but I'm not at all familiar with them and they are very pretty flowers. What a blessing those bright tulips are!

  29. I am so sorry that you've been sick, dear Henny!
    I hope you are on the mend.
    Yes, I think I will dye eggs and try to get darker colors this year.

  30. Oh my, what beautiful photos. I love the spring color! Such a contrast from visiting blogs or northerners, where everything is still white with snow.

  31. I am so sorry that you've been ill, Melba. There is a syrupy liquid you can buy at Walmart or anywhere else that sells Simbocol products. It is Elderberry immune booster. We took it when we had the really bad croupy cough after we had the flu. Made a difference for us. :)

    And your spring flowers are beautiful!

  32. Hope your feeling better by now. I'm back to normal now.
    Sure looking pretty out your way.

  33. Look at the beauty...the in Ohio, the trees are budding just a wee bit. It's chilly. I've got some bulbs coming up with buds...oohhh I hope it's the Virginia Blue bells. Glad you are not feeling yukky anymore... Love the Springtime

  34. Spring has been a bit rough: such strong wind, so much pollen and allergies, pretty bad colds and flu. Still, I think the sight of your dogwood blossoms (such a perfect, old-fashioned pink) makes it all worthwhile! I'm so sorry you were sick. We've stayed well thus far, thankfully.


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