Monday, December 17, 2018

A Gift

Another special gift, from a special blogger friend. I am simply amazed!

These two adorable old doll dresses! Thank you so much Rhonda!

An email from Rhonda said they had downsized and she hated to give these doll dresses to Goodwill, then she thought about me.  

The baby dress has a matching bonnet and booties, and both outfits came with old wooden doll clothes hangers. 

I love the style and fabric of this little dress. Looks like pillow ticking. Both are made to fit a large doll. Now I have a good excuse for looking for a bigger baby doll. The dresses are pretty though just hanging in the sewing room.

Oh my goodness friends, you have no idea how much I would love to send every one of you a big special gift, just from me. You have been so good to me! Can you imagine the look on Poppy's face? 

Thank you Rhonda! 

Well, there's been a hustle and bustle in the teeny tiny sewing room lately, with so much to work with now...But thankfully, I have added some new items to the much neglected "Henny's Bonnet Shop".  

Last week a lady called and asked if I could possibly make two calico aprons, two matching bonnets, and two doll dresses for her daughters for Christmas...

The bonnets and aprons are finished, but still working on the doll dresses. Thanks to Diane, there was a piece of calico fabric big enough to do all this.  :)

Well, I'm fixing to bundle up and go feed the animals. That little Heidi bellows loud enough to wake up everybody in this neck of the woods. 

She has become a fat little fuzzball, but sweet as can be.

Thank you for visiting.



  1. I was just off downstairs to make a cup of lemon tea..
    When..Whey~Hey! A post from Henny Penny...! :).

    The dolls dresses look lovely, and with matching bonnet,
    and booties..! Great! Though l must confess, l do like
    them, as l have always worn nightshirts, for night attire,
    can't get on with those silly pyjamas..! Nightshirts far more
    comfortable! ! 💤 💤 💤

    Oh! And Heidi...Bless! Can't you put a little tree in there
    for her..her home looks so empty..bit of tinsel..HeHe! She'd
    enjoy that..with a little bell perhaps..! :).

    Oh! get on and get that tea...perhaps a slice of
    Panettone..mmmmmmM! Buon Appetito...! ❄️ 🎁💐

  2. Blogger friends are just the best. Love the dresses.

  3. You are loved! How beautiful your work is, as always! Heidi is a cutie...take care Henny. Love diana

  4. A lovely gift, your sewing is as exquisite as usual. I love seeing what you make.

  5. Dear Henny what a wonderful gift. I am sure you were thrilled. As for your bonnets and aprons they are gorgeous. Now if that Heidi comes up missing you might want to check my shed. :)! Hugs

  6. Good Morning! That is certainly a thoughtful and lovely gift; the doll dresses are so sweet and I think they look beautiful just hanging on the hangers. One of these days you will be in just the right place at the right time and find the perfect doll for them, if not like I said, they are beautiful on the hangers.
    Little Heidi is adorable and she, like all of your animals, looks very clean and cared for to perfection.
    I absolutely love the aprons and bonnets, there are going to be two little girls so excited this Christmas. I can almost see them giggling and dancing around the house playing Laura Ingalls :)
    Merry Christmas sweet friend!
    Connie :)

  7. How kind of Rhonda to send you those beautiful dresses! Henny your blog is a special jewel among blogs and you bring much joy to your readers! I am never surprised that your readers send you gifts. You gift all of us with each post you publish!

    What a special Christmas it will be for those two girls receiving your matching aprons, bonnets and doll dresses! Thanks for showing us Heidi! I've been thinking about your goats. Enjoy this last week before Christmas!

  8. What sweet little dresses those are! And the blue Calico ones you sewed with matching bonnets are so cute.
    You've been very busy. I hope you have a lovely week!

  9. I love the little stripey doll dress, Henny. Gosh...I'd wear that if it was 100x's larger. lol
    Heidi is so soft looking. She probably bellows as loud as our neighbour, Charlotte the donkey, does. You can set the clock by her. 5pm every night...dinner. :-)

  10. Hi Henny :) Just heading over from Connie's blog. The gift you sent to her was so sweet. :) Those doll outfits are so pretty!! :)

  11. Thank you for another opportunity to admire the beauty in simple things.

  12. It warms my heart to read this...bloggers are so nice.

  13. Aww - Heidi is so cute!
    Those doll dresses are so cute too, and so sweet to send them to you. Blogging friends are the best.

  14. What a lovely gift! Those dresses are lovely:)

  15. Oh I love it!! They are so pretty. I think they are pretty just hanging there to but a beautiful baby would work to.
    Love you bunches.

  16. Hi Henny- Christmas has arrived a little early for you Henny with all these gifts. Hope your well there. Cheers. KEV.

  17. Surprise mail is always the best.

  18. What a delightful post! It's always good to begin the day with Henny Penny Lane.
    Absolutely echo your love of the ticking fabric doll dress; I would even wear it and this from a female who despises wearing dresses. The ruffled sleeves are so dear...
    Now, the grandchildren who will receive the matching dresses, aprons and bonnets have got to be the luckiest kids! The calico you chose is right on.
    Heidi is adorable.

  19. I can imagine she could be loud

  20. How thoughtful of Rhonda to send you the dresses. They are so pretty.
    LOVE the blue calico material you are used for the apron and bonnets.

  21. How wonderful you came to mind for the doll dresses. Your sewing room is getting very pretty with all the different patterns and colors.

  22. I am not at all surprised that blogging friends send you such wonderful gifts. It is beause you are so sweet and sincere ,my friend.

  23. beautiful gifts and a gorgeous friend.
    have a great day

  24. That little fuzzball goat is adorable! Lucky you to receive the doll dress gifts. Love the bonnets and aprons you made! Have a nice Christmas! Nancy

  25. How sweet to get the doll dresses and the wooden hangers! Your bonnets and aprons are so pretty! I love the fabric. I bet the doll dresses will be so sweet! How precious is that little fuzzy goat!
    Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

  26. What sweet gifts you have been blessed with lately, Henny - isn't this blogging community wonderful? Merry Christmas to you, Poppy, and all your sweet critters!!

  27. What sweet gifts for you! And what nice work you're doing on that order. Pretty blue fabric.


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