Sunday, November 11, 2018

A teeny Tiny Table

Thank you friends for listening to my whining and worrying, then leaving me such sweet and helpful comments.  I appreciate you so much. Especially, knowing there are many folks out there on medications they had rather not be taking, but have no choice.  Still gotta make that hard decision of whether or not to take the Prolia shot. :(

Poppy says, "take the shot"! Poppy also said, "Mel, you've got to stop working around here like you are twenty years old. Stop trying to build a wall, Mrs. Trump"! 

Actually, he was referring to this little natural fence I've been working on. You see, I got the idea from Happyone,  you can see her blog here. Her natural fence is wonderful!

This area slopes down hill, so the fence is a little taller than it looks in the picture...
maybe I have used too many small twigs and sticks. Happyone uses lots of small saplings. Oh, she has this fence building down pat!

and in the woods, I came upon this...

Why, I see a teeny tiny table...
a teeny tiny table set with four soup bowls? Aww, the little soup maker ran away, losing some of her corn. I must have frightened them away.

This little mushroom table was just so cute. I couldn't resist adding a few dishes and dropping a little corn from my feed bucket. 

Oh, when I was a little girl, I could spend the day sitting on the ground in the fallen leaves, up against the sunny side of the house where the cold wind couldn't hit me, playing with acorns and stick dolls. There was nothing like those golden fall days and I was perfectly content to play there alone. 

It's windy and turning cold here, but it's pretty. All the colored leaves are falling today. Looks like they got together and planned it this way. 

Also, looks like this will be the last of the pink (Willie) til next spring... 

all the pink petals covering the ground were almost as pretty as the flowers.

and one sweet little rose...

It's pretty scary to think about leaf raking time, and it is now upon us. Will I even know where to begin? Maybe we will simply have lots more 'natural' areas in the yard and leave the leaves alone. :) 

Better get busy. 



  1. I absolutely LOVE your stick fence and will have to go check out your inspiration blog! That toadstool is just the cutest thing and I am so happy you set a table for the little woodland fairies.

    I used to play under the oak trees by the hour with the acorns and twigs. There was something magical about it as a child-something I think our kids miss in today's world.

    I hope you have a wonderful week, Henny. xo Diana

    1. Thank you NanaDiana. I too think children today miss out on that kind of play. Hope you have a good week too!!

  2. Interesting that fall weather visits you now. Yes, I think I would leave some of the leaves where they are.

  3. You do work way to hard my sweet aunt. You need to stay busy and keep active but you also need to not overdo. I love the mushroom table. I use to love and sit and play in the woods and make roads and towns. Love you bunches

    1. Thank you sweet Vicki. Your dad loved the woods too, didn't he? Love you too!

  4. He'3 right, you work d o hard, it's no wonder your back hurts.

    1. I'm trying to lighten up. :) I just love that kind of work.

  5. The fence is awesome!
    I love your little mushroom table.

  6. I agree with Poppy! You need to take it easy! I know that is easier said than done because I am much like you are, my dear! The Teeny Tiny Table is perfect! I used to play in the woods around my Grandmama's place, when I was a kiddo. Some of my fondest memories are from those times. I would still be found in those woods if I lived in that small town! I always loved finding "fairy circles" and things such as this little mushroom table. I believe one day you are going to see those Fairies having a little dinner party! I do hope they invite you to sit with them!

    Grace & Peace,

    1. Me too, Pam. :) Thank you. Playing outside was just the best back then, wasn't it??

  7. I think natural land areas are beautiful and the leaves just enhance that so take a break from raking leaves this year! I do love that fence you've got going but please don't hurt yourself doing that! It is not worth your health! Take it easy and take care of yourself!

    1. Thank you Bonnie. Wish I didn't love working outside so much. It feels more like having fun than work. Thank you for your kind words. I need to take your advice.

  8. I like your fence and your beautiful pink blooms.

  9. Your cute little mushroom table is perfect for fairies!! How could they resist coming for acorn tea.

    1. Thank you Granny Marigold. I thought the same thing when I found the little table. :)

  10. The Apple on the Table...

    Sitting there on the table is an apple.
    As you stare at this fruit,
    You don't think about the texture,
    You don't think about the taste,
    You don't think about the way it looks.
    It's as though as you gaze at it,
    it suddenly morphs in front of you,
    from an apple to a number.
    It's the first thing you think when you look at it,
    How many calories are in this.
    You contemplate if you should eat it,
    your body aches with pain from hunger
    but you quickly shut down the desire.
    You crave and hurt from the want,
    but you tell yourself no.
    You will not give in to the urge for food.
    You gaze at the apple one last time,
    until you pick it up and throw it away...
    (Author Unknown).

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    2. Hey Willie. I've read the poem several times. It's very thought provoking. Kinda sounds like me...think and think on something, then make the stupid decision. :) I do love the back pain jokes too. Made me laugh this morning. Thank you.

  11. Oh the days of our childhood where we got lost in our imaginations and played all day the game of 'Let's Pretend'. Love your little mushroom table set for dinner with the fairies and those folk that live deep within the woods.

  12. Oh my goodness that teeny, tiny table set for 4 is adorable. What a fantastic thing to come across.

    Congrats to you on your little fence. That looks like a lot of work. Raking those leaves will be a lot of work also. Just do what you can, when you can.

    We are NOT as young as we once were. In our minds we think we are still able to do so many things, but in reality, our bodies start letting us know differently.

    Love you dear Henny ~ Happy November ~ FlowerLady

  13. If you leave the leaves, you will be surprised at all the things that will live and grow there. They will eventually compost on their own.

  14. Cute little "table." Beautiful flowers too. We are lucky to live out in the country where we don't rake the leaves, but we have to sweep them off the porches often.

  15. That little mushroom table was so cute and brought back lots of lovely memories of my own childhood. Impressive natural fence, inspirational.

  16. It's a shame you can't just run over the leaves with a tractor and mulch them into the ground, Henny - they are so good to fertilize the grass!

  17. Ha! Well, I'm impressed that you can work like a twenty year old, Miss Henny!
    The fairies are cold, I fear. I hope they've fluffed up their beds for the winter.

  18. Turning that mushroom into a little tiny table was just the cutest thing! I love your imagination! You do have a lot of leaves. Don't overdo; take it little by little.

  19. I think your fence looks great. You are doing a fine job with it. I have used a lot of small sticks as well. It helps hold it all together
    I was an only child and had many fun playing on my own days. : )
    That tiny mushroom table is so cute.
    Working keeps us young I think! : ) But you mustn't over do. : )

  20. There is something enchanting about this post. I think that something is you.

  21. Hi Henny, you've done a great job on the fence, but please mind your back! Be kind to it. I love the woodland - I live near a forest - not as near as you, but I spent my school holidays as a child at my grandparents, who lived right next to it, and it's always been a part of my life. As for leaf raking - a large oak tree overhangs my garden and at this time of year it covers my garden in leaves, inches deep. I've discovered, though, if I leave them, the wind sweeps them into neat piles for me, which makes my job cleaning up a lot easier!

  22. I like everything natural! Even the leaves! lol LOVE that teeny tiny table. I would be so happy to come upon something that sweet in the woods. I've been going out more often...I'll look for one! Enjoy your day!

  23. Ah Henny your hubby sounds like a good voice of reason. Loved your tiny table. It made me smile. Isn't nature so much better than television?? Since I live in a woods and all our leaves seem to have come down at looks like with the cold weather ahead that we may be raking them into spring! I like your idea of just keeping things natural...sounds lots more like fun to me. Have a lovely day friend. Hugs!

  24. Henny, I hope you get my comments it won't save. Try the Prolia once - it's worth "a shot" LOL. I would say try D-flame by NOW vitamins and take your calcium/magnesium and glucosamine chondroitin for a trial of several months. Don't give up your activities that you love, but be careful of your little back, it's the only one you have. I miss checking on your blog daily, maybe when I retire I can read it more.. Love and hugs from your mountain friend, Terry

  25. You have done a great job on that natural fence and I love the rustic look to it. I have never seen mushrooms in our yard like I have seen them this year...every shape, size and color (many were orange or bright red) and some even like your "table". Those cute little acorn tops sure made perfect little bowls! I remember loving to find little natural treasures too as a girl and even imagine myself tiny enough to live inside of a hollow tree! LOL! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  26. i will have to go check out Happy One's fence. Those two are amazing, in their projects! Your fence looks good too - can you give us a close up? I've made little wattle fences, not very big. My husband is making a "dead hedge," which has two rows of tall, large natural poles with lots of dead brush stuffed inbetween the rows. And old English fence method. Good work!


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