Thursday, August 9, 2018

Thank you!

I've simply got to write a little post to thank all of you who read and commented on my last know, the one where I was so down and out. 

Well, the gold curtains, the CD, and the blizzard helped me out of my slump, but in no way did those things come anywhere close to what your comments have done to lift my spirits. Thank you!

Vic, you asked about "Rust Scat". I really know nothing about the product, but you should see the amazing job this lady did using "Rust Scat" to paint an old Linoleum's at The old Linoleum in our kitchen looks awful so I was searching for a cheap way to change it...something cheaper even than Linoleum. :)

Rian, glad you did put your"2 cents" in . I'm going to look into that fake stone. Thank you.

and most of you agreed that ice cream really  can lift your spirit.

oh, and most of you love Pavarotti too! For sure, I would be totally lost and out of place, but just once, would love to get all dressed up and attend an opera...see the drama, and the costumes, and hear the singing. Many years ago, I used to say to mama and daddy, "when I grow up, I want to be an opera singer". Those words really bothered my younger brother. He would give me a mean look and say, "well if you're an opera singer, don't tell anybody you've got a brother"!  Miss Vicki, that was your dad! :)

Linda,  somehow I'm going to get that children's book, "The Big Orange Splot" and read it. Sounds just like me.

and Red, do you think maybe I really have discovered a way to help women who are feeling down and out? Sounds like they already knew. :)

LEfting, oh my goodness, you must be so happy to have all those kitchen cabinets painted. I know the new white paint is beautiful! That was a lot of work!

I'm glad you all think the new "used" gold curtains look fine. I appreciate that. 

and it feels good to know that some of you, like me, get taken in by the beauty in those home decorating magazines. Think I'll take Linda's advice and remember how much I loved our little log home when we finally got it built and moved in. I could not have been happier. It was not easy getting a loan to build a little log cabin, back in the 1980's. 

Willie, my gosh! an Italian, well, Sicilian, following my blog! I thought to myself, wonder if he knows Pavarotti!! I am truly honored! and how do you make lemon tea? 

and, two new followers even, Peggy and Carol. Thank you so much!!

and Arlene, I bet your place is beautiful. I love anything "nature" too. 

Dianna and Laura, yes, God has been very good to me. 

Jenn, the little curtains in the kitchen are not new but some that had been folded away in my old cedar chest.

Well, I'm sure last Saturday won't be the last time I sit down early in the morning with my coffee and a new magazine...and go completely crazy. Thankfully, there is a Goodwill store within driving distance.

We are still waiting for the new knobs and pulls that Poppy ordered from Amazon to get here, and still haven't scrubbed those cabinets yet. 

Gosh, I've never done a post without pictures before. 

Hope it's okay to do a post like this...I thought you might not check back to see a reply to your comment and know how much I appreciate you...each and every one of you! Thank you!




  1. Aww you are the best aunt ever!! My dad always told me that he does not like opera music and I have to say I am not a big fan of it. I do like some musicals though. I have been to a few of them. Love you bunche

  2. You make it obvious that you love your readers! And we love you, too! I'm glad you're feeling better. :-)

  3. I looked up that Rust Scat. It sounds like a great product.

  4. You made me laugh Henny...I had to explain what a Barby was,
    remember..! HeHe! Well..lemon tea is just tea, l prefer Earl
    Grey, black, no milk with a slice of lemon, my first cup,
    which l have next to me here, l put a spoonful of honey in..!
    So tea with lemon..! :).

    Did l know l'm afraid not..he sang lovely
    songs/music but l'm strictly a Soul Man..But my Mum loved
    him...! She knew and met Beniamino Gigli..but..that's another
    story...Oh! She knew and cooked for Benito Mussolini...But
    we don't talk about that..! :).

    And...Yes! Let's get things right...Sicilian!

  5. You sound so much chirpier, which is a joy. Isn't blogging just the best, support when you need it, advice when you ask for it and a beautiful tour of the world.

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  7. You are much loved by your blog friend, HP! And now ... ever since reading your last post ... I really, really want a DQ Blizzard :)

  8. You know the problem with tearing a picture out of a magazine and going through all the trouble to make your kitchen look like it? The next day, you pick up another magazine.

  9. Neat post where you reply in a post to all your commenters.

  10. A lovely post . . . blogging friends are very special. I love the encouragement and inspiration that is shared here in blog-land. Cheer up sweet friend and know that you are loved by many:)
    Have a happy weekend.
    Connie :)

  11. I have a groaning bookshelf filled with home dec magazines. Old ones, new ones-I love them all. You must love to sing, then?

  12. Melba, you are one of the sweetest ladies I know...always thinking of others. I LOVED this post...who needs pictures when they are reading your words that came from a heart filled to overflowing with thankfulness? YOU are a BLESSING, my friend!

  13. No pictures needed. Your words were enough. : ) Being thankful is another way of being happy. Hey I like that saying! : )

  14. Thank you! And that book is available from Amazon.

  15. So glad you feel better with a little help from blogging friends:)

  16. I missed that last post so went back and read it. I think we have all had those kind of days. I'm glad your blues were quickly chased away! I also checked out that floor paint. It's amazing! I love the "new" curtains, and doesn't it feel good to get something like that for a bargain?

  17. Hi Melba, I loved this post. I usually forget to go back and read replies. I like this method MUCH better. I really enjoyed reading it too. I'm glad I found your blog. From reading, my perception is that you are a kind and friendly person.
    xx, Carol

  18. Attending an opera would be fun, wouldn't it. All those glorious sets, costumes....not to mention the amazing music and singing! I would love to see Andrea Bocelli in his voice! So glad you are feeling happier than the last post.

  19. I've been out of touch for a week or so so I missed all the drama but I'm glad your blogging friends were able to cheer you up. Well, us and Pavarotti!

  20. I don't have a blog, but I do like to follow yours. I'm not a fan of Pavarotti, but do check out the much lesser known Jussi Bjorling. His Pearl Fishers duet with Robert Merrill is spine tingling.

  21. Your new knobs look great and do make the wood perk up. Your red colors cheer up the corner and I'll bet you add more and more as the year goes.


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