Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Good gracious, how time flies. This is the first time in two days I've been on the computer.

Oh friends, that cold front came through Sunday night, just like our weatherman said it would, and we woke up Monday morning to lower humidity, lower temperature, and with the sun shining.

At 8:30 am I pushed aside my 50 item "to-do" list, got the tree trimmer, the saw, and the pruners, and went to work behind the chicken lot and goat lot cutting tree limbs and sawing down trees.  

Over the years hundreds of little trees have come up in the edge of the woods surrounding our property, all competing for sun and space, and without our noticing have grown and grown, enclosing our little 5 acres. It is beginning to feel like living in the rain forest.

Oh, backing up a bit, can you find the snake in the first picture? It's in there! Here's another...

this was a big snake...and brave. It was getting on up in the day, 2:30 maybe when I turned to see this big snake coming toward me. Too tired to run; by this time I had cut down probably 20 trees, seriously, I watched as he slithered up into one of the last two trees to be cut.

Hanging upside down he watched me work

Here's a not so great little video to show you the length of this as his tail (on the right) unfolds...

When I had finished cutting down the tree next to him, he moved over to the big Hickory tree...

hung there for a while, then moved to a cedar tree inside the goat lot. That's when I put the camera down and got the yard rake. I figured he was making his way to the chicken house to gather the eggs. He fell from the cedar tree and landed with a plop on the ground, then crawled across the lot and down the hill into the woods...probably tired of being watched.

I did cut down the tree the snake was in then dragged myself to the house.

This morning at 8:30 I was getting my hair permed, again! Oh my, you should see the curls! Poppy said, "and you paid sixty-five dollars for that!" He laughs every time he looks at me.  He enjoys picking at me! That's okay! He who laughs last laughs best! :)


Oops! Here it is Wednesday morning!


  1. That's one scary looking snake!!!!!

  2. Wow. You are brave. I'd have thrown in the towel.

  3. we get nice big ones here too but then there is a really big one that keeps the rest under control (eastern brown snakes) had a snake catcher tell me not to chase the big one away as it's his territory, we have browns & red belly blacks here, if you're bit will make you very sick, browns won't waste their venom just give you warning bites mostly. i have gotten used to them now, they keep the rats & mice populations down & they don't bother the chooks; though i have lost one to snake bite, she probably got curious & started pecking him. i've been here almost 18 yrs now & the snakes seem to be getting less & less, maybe it's getting a tad too wet for them.
    your fellow did look curious as to what was going on there.

    i get it with the shade, sometimes there is just too much shade, have to get loppers in to trim a few of mine down too, especially the trees on my northern side as they shade the solar hot water & i've noticed there's absolutely no sun in the front yard, no wonder this house is freezing! lol

    take care of yourself
    thanx for sharing

  4. That is a huge snake. Yikes. Good for you in getting outdoor work done. I'm heading to the garden this morning.

  5. Glad the snake finally thought better and left you all alone!
    Enjoy your lovely weather! We are back in the 90s today.
    God bless.

  6. You are much braver then I am! I'm scared to death of snakes!

  7. You are the cat's meow, Henny, you must tell us your "energy secret". You cut down tall trees, scare snakes off, save the chickens with just a little twinkle of the eye! I can't believe all you do! I too am loving the low humidity and warm dry days after so much rain. Love your blog, glad you got your hair done.. Terry

  8. Ooh, ooh Henny !!
    If I saw a large snake like that I would be making a beeline for the house :)
    You are a brave soul.
    Thankfully my husband takes care of the pruning and mowing, it would take me forever and then some.
    Hope those chickens stay safe, darn snake.

  9. My goodness that was a morning's work. I can't imagine continuing on with that huge snake in residence even though he was moving around to accommodate your forestry work.

    We had two really lovely cool, no humidity days along around the weekend. I did get some more yard work in but nothing to compare with just your mornings work!

    Take it easy now.

  10. Pretty sure that's an Anaconda! ;-)


    He looks tiny in the last photo, but huge in the others. How big was he?

  11. Not a critter I'd like to see in my yard

  12. Oh my goodness you were terribly nonchalant!! I think if I saw such a creature I would head for them thar hills with chain saw in hand. You are amazing!!

  13. Now you didn't mention bringing out the chain saw ti take down the trees and if you don't have a chain saw you must be one hell of a logger!

  14. Like Red I was wondering if you used a chain saw? You are altogether amazing, Henny Penny.
    That was some big old snake! I hope your animals and chickens stay safe from it.

  15. Henny you inspire me!! I love you so much and it makes me believe I can do anything. I have been thinking a lot about you lately. You are a hard working woman just like grandma! Just don't over do it.
    Take care Love you to the moon and back!

  16. I admire all the work you accomplished and even the snake did not deter you. Your Weetie reminds me of my Bounce, though Bounce is all tan. I signed up to follow you today.

  17. We don't have ssnakes in trees here in Minnesota...that is spooky if you ask me...I would have went in the house:(

  18. Oh my gosh, you are brave. I’m terrified of snakes, one time when I had gone fishing with my husband, a big old water snake had swam to the shore and was about 10 inches or so from where Ibwas standing. I looked down and it’s head was out of the water. I backed up slowly then ran to the car

  19. HP, you are fearless! That's a very big snake -- a black snake, I guess, so not a bad fellow. But still! To keep working and cutting around him, with him overhead! Yikes! You don't often see snakes traveling through trees, so I wonder if he's scared of your dogs or something, and trying to stay off the ground.
    The lower humidity has been such a lovely relief. We can enjoy being outside again! We have had spots of heavy rain, but mostly sun. Good for you, getting that heavy work done! Go soak in some epsom salts for your muscles :)

  20. Oh my goodness, I would not like that snake in my gardens.

    Happy Gardening ~ FlowerLady

  21. I am not sure I could cope with snakes in my garden, you are certainly brave continuing to work whilst it was there.

  22. Lovely Snakes, I love them all. Thanks Henny.

  23. You're like super-woman! Cutting down trees, confronting snakes and then, a perm! I know myself and a big snake like that would make very uncomfortable.

  24. That is hard work cutting down trees, I know we do it often. : )
    That was a big snake!! I'm glad you weren't afraid of it and didn't kill it like most people would.

  25. That big snake hanging up there is just creepy!

  26. Ugh to the big snake, we don't have anything like that here. I'm not a snake fan to start with. I probably would have been okay with it in the tree, but once it made moves to the ground I would have been pedalling backwards very quickly!

  27. Melba, you're a mighty brave woman to not just up and quit when a big ole snake shows up! My house would be up for sale the minute I saw one.


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