Saturday, September 24, 2016

The rat's nest

It was December of last year when Jimmy, from the little feed and seed/license plate agency store, brought me the last of my apron money. It was also in December that my back problems started. With an aching back, sewing was the farthest thing from my mind.

Months passed and with the steroid injections, I've been pretty much back to normal...don't know if that's a good thing or not, you know, the steroid injections. Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago Jimmy knocked at our door carrying an arm load, five, to be exact, of men's pants that needed to be hemmed, or in some cases, cut off and hemmed, and asked if I would do the job. Of course I would. Absolutely!

When the last pair of pants was hemmed and pressed, I called Jimmy to say, "on my way to Walmart, I will stop by the store and hand you the pants...and Jimmy, would you mind if I hung a few more bonnets and aprons in the store window to sell"?

Jimmy said, "I'm sorry, we gave the store a good cleaning and decided to take down the rod". We thought with your back problems, you would not be sewing any more".

I assured Jimmy that was perfectly alright, that I truly appreciated all the years that he had allowed me to sell my bonnets and aprons there in the little feed and seed/license plate agency store.

So, feeling a little sad, I went to work on Henny's Bonnet Shop on my blog. 

How time flies. My days of selling at the Wake Forest Farmer's Market are over and now the fun days of selling my goods in the little seed store are past. Lots of good memories though.

Here's a fun note. I really enjoy the blog, pompom'  She often posts pictures from the sweet little Brambly Hedge books, which I absolutely adore. Once she jokingly mentioned decorating her home like the mice in Brambly Hedge.  Oh, did a light bulb ever go off in my head!! The teeny tiny sewing room! My room! 

So, have you noticed all that's been added? Friends, I worked an entire day here in the sewing room. There had to be a way to hang those pretty flowered pink ruffly curtains to cover the wall around the closet...and it worked! Now to fill in every bare spot in every shelf. It has been so much fun! Poppy was home that day, and at one point stuck his head in the sewing room and asked, "what are you trying to do anyway". I told him, "build a mouse house". "Well", he said, "it looks more like a rat's nest". He smiled.

Thank you Pom Pom for the idea. My very own little rat's nest to work in and to hide in.


If all goes well, I may have a surprise, another little sweetie pie to show you...after tomorrow.


  1. I'm sorry the Feed Store took for granted you wouldn't be bringing any more aprons and bonnets. Kind of a sad surprise. BUT the Bonnet Shop should fill the void.

    I love Brambly Hedge and you're right. Your sewing room does have a distinct resemblance.
    I am very curious about tomorrow's surprise. My imagination is running away with me. A baby bunny? Maybe a donkey? Hmmm......

  2. So very sorry about your back problems and sad about the feed store assuming you would not be back. I absolutely adore your room to create in. All of your sweet sewing creations displayed lovingly.
    My paternal grandpa was a seamstress and back in the 1950's did alterations on men's pants from an Atlanta department store from her home. I have sweet memories of watching her sew.

  3. I love your sewing room! I would love to come and spend the day looking at everything. Too bad about losing your place at the feed store but it opened up another opportunity for you.
    Have a good weekend.

  4. I love your sewing room, I love all the sweet dollies lined up on top of the shelves. Your bonnets are beautiful xx

  5. Funny how when one thing ends sometimes it opens the door to something better. I hope that all works out for you. A rat's nest? Never! It's much too tidy.I'm going to pop over to say "Hi" to pompomsponderings. "Hey...where are you Smokey?"

  6. Oh your room is simply adorable. Such a happy, cozy room to work in. I love it. : )
    Everything you've made is beautiful. Job well done!!!

  7. Yoyur room looks so pretty! I hope you have good lucky selling from your blog:)

  8. So, hoping you will tell us soon how you will be selling your goods? Just in case you're not aware, the U S Post Office will pick up at your door if you are sending at least one Priority Mail package. They are sent flat rate, what fits ships. You can order the free priority mail boxes and sacks on-line from the post office and they will deliver them to you for free of charge, or you can go to the post office and pick the ones you need. They are free. The medium ones I use to mail to my mother are $13.85 to mail. But, they have bags and such that mail cheaper. You might want to check it out as it would be the easiest way to add shipping charges to your packages since they charge a flat rate depending on the size you will be using. Sorry this is so long, just wanted to let you know about this in case you're selling from home.

  9. How wonderful, Henny! I still have happy Brambly Hedge plans for our tv room! Your studio is glorious!

  10. Dearest Henny, so glad you came to visit me... I'm very pleased to meet you. It always wonderful to meet a kindred spirit. My goodness I went from tears to smiles reading your blog. I too suffer from a bad back... Inlove vintage aprons. I just purchased a pattern hoping to get this given sewing running. Just need to purchase the book on it. I found a man who has it and said hell down load it for me. I haven't sewn in years. But I want to. I love love bramley Hedge... I have one story book two teacup sets and last year was lucky enough to find a no too expensive teapot.. I also have Mr. Apple and poppy eyebright... Your sewing room looks wonderful. I wish I had room for one.. Thank you for your dear sweet comment you warmed my heart as well.. Wishing you a grand lovely Sunday, with love Janice

  11. Lovely teeny tiny sewing room. I'm not familiar with Bramley Hedge. I'll have to check them out. Have a blessed day.

  12. So excited to see what new little sweetie you have to show us. A baby rabbit, maybe??
    The pink curtains look lovely and make the room twice as cute and cozy. You won't want to come out to make dinner or tend the garden!

  13. I didn't know about your apron and bonnet making days but you sure do great work! Your little rat's nest is quite adorable and I love the pink cozy and a great place to create!

  14. I LOVE your little rats nest what a stunning room you have made, perfect for creating in.

  15. Oh Penny...I just love your room! It is cozy and perfect for been creative :0) mari


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