Tuesday, February 9, 2016

wondering, building, hoping

Thought I would eat my bowl of shredded wheat here at the computer this morning and at least check in. Why, I've been away three days!

Sometimes I wonder, is there really "that much" work to be done?  But where do my days go? Sometimes being a Virgo kicks in and that weird thinking; if you can't do it all, and do it perfect, then don't do anything! 

At the edge of dark...

A couple of evenings ago, we had another of those strange pink and blue sunsets. The entire sky...all around was pink and blue

Going inside for the camera, I said to Poppy, you need to walk outside, the sky is a beautiful pink and blue...yeah, I can tell from here he said. There was a little opening in the curtain.

It's good to share things these things. :)

Now yesterday was busy. Love Mondays!! I built a door...

 far from perfect, but it opens and closes and serves the purpose.

Rosie thinks it is a fine job and will feel mighty safe closed in there at night.

Rosie pretty much runs things in the teeny tiny goat lot now...

Looks like they are fussing over those green pine needles I gave Asa.

This, not so great, picture was taken from the kitchen window. Just happened to look out and Rosie was climbing on Eli's back.

Better get busy. I need to go buy another bale of hay...and I need a new hoe! The last time I picked up the hoe, the first chop broke the handle off. That old hoe was worn down to a nub anyhow.

Also need to pick up some dormant oil spray for fruit trees. I am determined to grow fruit on these few little fruit trees of ours!! I have been reading and writing down everything that fruit trees need, beginning in the month of February. So for this month, it is pruning and spraying with dormant oil. 

Who knows? I might be selling fruit along the side of the road one of these days. 



  1. I do enjoy your animal photos. Rosie will no doubt be the boss of the goat pen, poor Asa. Can't imagine how you keep Eli's coat so beautiful when he's out and about the farm.

  2. Good job on the door looks great . Oh that Rosie is soo cute . Lovely photos ! Thanks for sharing , have a good day !

  3. I always say if the door opens and closes that's all that really matters. How enterprising of you! By the time you get fruit to sell you will be an accomplished carpenter and can build you own fruit stand.

  4. With all that fur I wonder if Eli even realized there was a little goat on his back! That looks like a good door to me. You are good at so many things! The colors in that sunset are so soft and pretty, yet intense. I'd be rushing out to take pictures, too!

  5. Lovely photos Henny! We have been having some beautiful sunsets too. Rosie looks very happy.
    Good luck with your fruit trees.

  6. That little Rosie is quite the imp, isn't she? You must get so much joy out of watching her antics - I know I sure do!!

  7. Well you let me know how the fruit trees go then you can teach me! I would love to get some pretty apples off our trees!
    Love you !

  8. Well Eli and Rosie are two very special animals where Rosie can walk all over Eli.

  9. Hi Henny: I know all about you Virgos...I married one. lol I would be doing all I could to keep that cute little gal safe, too. She is so adorable. I have one fruit tree...a cherry tree...I'm not holding my breath. ;-) Deb

  10. I think you did a fine job on the door!!
    Oh I love a pink blue sky like that. So beautiful.
    Rosie seems like quite the character. : )

  11. What a pretty pink and blue sunset! Surrounded by trees as we are we don't get to see the sunsets. I grew up on the Prairie and remember the glorious sunsets we'd see.
    You did a fine job of that door. It looks very sturdy. Looks like Rosie approves of it.

  12. You are a good carpenter and Rosie looks happy! :)

  13. A carpenter!! Is there anything that you can't do! So neat that Rosie and Eli like each other. Both are darlings! I am trying to learn how to take care of my fruit trees too. Good luck! Nancy

  14. I'm impressed with your carpenter skills!
    I love it that Eli puts up with the rascal Rosie.
    And thanks for reminding me to remind Tom about dormant spray.

  15. What a carpenter - you need to give me lessons for sure! I love the tales of Rosie, you always have something fun going on. Hugs and love from snowy Asheville! Terry

  16. We have had some of those pretty pink and blue skies as well recently. And I will use your reasoning of being a Virgo as an excuse when I don't accomplish much during my day. I am one as well and it sounds like as good excuse as any! Adorable little Rosie...


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