Thursday, December 17, 2015

Finding more favorite ornaments

We are in the middle of a dark, gloomy, rainy afternoon...with a chance of thunderstorms. Guess that's the price we pay for this spring-like weather here in December.

This little artificial tree was collecting dust in the shop, so I brought it on to the back porch yesterday. It still needs something.  Funny how I see all that's wrong once I post a picture on my blog. That plastic pot needs to go!

While plundering around it the shop I found another handful of special little ornaments.

another kitty cat for the tree

and the heavy little squirrel that I bought at Restoration Warehouse in Raleigh in the 1990's. That was back in my days as a secretary. There is no such thing as a secretary now, is there?

and the okra pod Santa. I think this came from a booth at the farmer's market.

This year when the tree comes down I'm going to put things away with some order...label the boxes and put my favorite ornaments together.

We went to town this morning. Poppy got a hair cut while I went to Walmart. We both went in CVS to copy a few old pictures. That CVS store always makes me think about Ziggy. Remember Ziggy? Ziggy and I are a lot alike. Two different times now I have walked up to those automatic doors in front of CVS and had to stop because the doors would not open for me. The first time this happened, I felt a little embarrassed. Looking around, I saw there were cars in the parking lot. I thought to myself, maybe the store closed suddenly because of an emergency,  but then a lady walked up, walked past me to the doors, the doors opened and she walked in without even slowing down...I went on in behind her. Weeks later this same thing happened to me again.  Wouldn't this have been a perfect Ziggy cartoon? The doors opened right up for Poppy and me today. It's just when I'm's embarrassing! 

Not much of a post. Thank you if you're still here. Hope to be back soon.



  1. That's funny! I thought I was the only one that had strange things happen when no ones looking... Those are the cutest ornaments! Especially the squirrel and okra pod. I know!!! The camera shows everything! So many times I'm about to post only to have pictures with stuff I didn't notice in them...oh well, nothing's perfect, that's for sure! Have a great evening! It's raining here, cloudy all day today.

  2. We all seem to have good intentions of organizing our Christmas stuff it seems. Good luck! We were in Michigan for a couple days but I think probably IN and MI are having similar weather to yours!! Cold now though in the 30's. Nancy

  3. Interesting comment about seeing things you don't see when looking at a photo. This happens to me all the time. I see things I didn't know were there when I took the picture..

  4. I like your little tree on the porch, and the pretty ornaments. I'm great at finding fault with my pics but I always think everyone else's are so nice. Maybe we are our own worst enemy?
    Today I suspect I'm coming down with something ( just in time for Christmas! NOOO!)
    How has your back been? Is it quite a bit better?

  5. All of your decorating is so pretty. I have done bare bones minimum this year. I did up a little area in the dining room this afternoon so it would be festive for our company coming. Its all I am going to get done, but its cute!

  6. I seem to notice things in a picture when I am taking it, so spend a lot of time trying to find the best angle so I don't have to move a lot of stuff that I don't want to show. And sometimes I just say 'to heck with it!' I have had door episodes like yours too! You feel momentarily stupid:) Decorating finished here today, lots of little lights and fake garlands and random ornaments.

  7. Mama, the doors!! Ha ha. You need to tell them how automatic lights don't recognize you in the dark either!! 😀 Love you. Your girl

  8. Made me smile, the doors not opening! Beautiful ornaments, the squirrel is a real delight.

  9. I love your little Christmas tree and the ornaments. I have to keep a lookout for squirrels ornaments, very cute!
    You did have a Ziggy moment. Very funny.
    Have a good weekend!

  10. Oh your black pot is fine, you could wrap some paper around it! Really cute ornaments! That Okra pod is interesting! :)

  11. NICE ornaments. I have one of those okra pod ornaments too, given to me by a little girl who was my neighbor years ago.
    Funny about you and the doors. : )

  12. Yeah, yeah that's what everybody always says as they rifle through boxes of Christmas ornaments, etc. "Now why didn't I label that box with the whatsits in it so that I could find them easily, I really need them first and don't want to waste time looking through three other boxes only to find them in the fourth one." Oh, and those tangled Christmas lights----best not even think about that scenario!

    But I bet you will put everything back in a logical order and label everything perfectly and stack those boxes in a straight and orderly fashion all ready for next Christmas.

  13. You are too funny! I would laugh but crazy things like that happen to me all the time.

    Grace & Peace

  14. I enjoyed seeing your ornaments. The squirrel is really cute -- and I don't think I've ever seen a squirrel ornament!

  15. Cute ornaments and the little tree is pretty on your porch ! With the door thing I have had that happen but not happen when Papa here goes first I think it could be a height motion sensor as I am short and he is 6'1 lol ! could be the only reason I can come up with for it not working for just you but will work for you with your Poppy think does he go first and it works ?! I just start to laugh and say things like .. well if that's the way your going to be then I will go else where and shop and stomp off giggling lol ! I would ask the store how it works and tell them . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  16. Automatic doors always open too slowly for me. :)

    your decorating is beautiful!

  17. Love your cozy porch. The squirrel ornament is so cute. Seems the older ones are new again this year.


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