Monday, May 11, 2015

Yikes! A snake!

Spending Saturday afternoon with Andee was just perfect. But good grief the hours flew. Here it is now Sunday afternoon and Andee is back in Virginia. We did have fun. It was the perfect Mother's Day gift. Thank you Andee!

Speaking of perfect gifts! I LOVE this "Henny Penny Lane" sign. Andee's friend Dawn made it for Andee to bring to me for Mother's Day...a surprise for Andee and for me. 

Andee and Dawn enjoy going to estate sales, flea markets, and thrift shops. Dawn enjoys making signs from old barn wood, which just may turn into a little business. Recently while out driving on a country road she passed a construction site where a bulldozer had pushed over an old barn and outbuilding, crushing most of the contents. Dawn stopped and asked permission to pick up some of the old boards and was told to help herself to anything out there. Dawn called Andee. Dawn also picked up this old granite ware looking tub. I believe it's part of an antique washing machine. Anyhow, Dawn decided to send that to me also. I am loving these things right now and can't wait to hang my new sign on the well house. Thank you Dawn!

Knowing how I love the color red in the cabin, Andee also brought this big soft red comforter.

Okay, here's my scary snake story.

Just before dark Saturday evening I ran out to shut and latch the chicken house door. We leave the door wide open during the day. So, yesterday morning when I unlatched and opened the chicken house door for the day, lo and behold there lay a dead Copperhead. Somehow I had managed to close the door on his head, killing him. I remember pushing on the door to get the latch to close...sometimes an acorn or stick will get lodged, keeping the door from closing so with the toe of my Crocs, I rake out whatever is there. Thankfully, this time I didn't do that. Sorry for the gloomy looking picture. It was taken in the dead of winter.

Okay, I'm off to finish my work. Thank you for visiting. :)



  1. I love your Henny Penny Lane sign! What a story about the snake! Yikes. Glad you did not run into it.

  2. I love that red comforter! And the dead snake story gives me chills.

  3. I just love that sign, how thoughtful a gift.
    Here in UK we can't hang signs like that, we need all sorts of permission - usually refused ! sigh

  4. Happy Mother's Day and I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. I love that cool sign and the pretty comforter. They were such lovely gifts. Having a snake that close to me would have really freaked me out and I'm glad you didn't rake it out, too... :)

  5. How wonderful to share such a special day with your daughter. Such wonderful gifts I love the sign, what a delight and the red comforter is amazing, really beautiful.

  6. Such a lovely day spent with your daughter......
    The little sign is perfect, do you sell your eggs ?
    I've been getting 'little gifts' from Oliver cat lately, not snakes but lizards....I'll take the lizards any day !

  7. A lovely cabin, I’d love to live in it.

    Killing a snake by accident? I suppose if you had tried to kill it deliberately you might have had a bit of trouble.

  8. What a fun sign! Amazing that you killed the snake by accident. I thought you were going to say your chickens killed it!

  9. You got some very special gifts for Mother's day, the best one being your daughter's visit. I love the sign. If you sell again at the farmers market, take it with you and hang it at your booth.
    Wow, good 'accident' with the snake. That would have totally freaked me out. As to your comment on my blog, well damn it, we are all getting old:(

  10. Those are great mother's day gifts, the DEAD snake included!

  11. Thank goodness you killed it! You saved your chickens.
    What wonderful gifts. I like those sorts of things, but hubby only likes flea markets.
    Have a blessed week!

  12. Well that was a good accident for you but a bad one for the snake.. I don't like snakes and I would still be screaming three days later. That is a great sign!! Glad you had a good weekend and are still alive after the snake scare:(

  13. Oh I love the sign and the tube. The tube would be beautiful full of flowers. I am so glad you had a wonderful mother's day! Love you!

  14. Wonderful gift on Mother's Day! It looks beautiful.

  15. oh my goodness! I hate snakes. Can you imagine if you'd kicked it? Glad it's dead. We found a turtle on our lawn yesterday and headed him down the hill. So much rain recently.


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