Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dusting and Sweetie Pie

Is this not typical? I drug the ladder to the center of the living room and started that dreaded job of dusting...beginning with the ceiling fan. I'm way up there, one step from the top with my dust rag, and hear that retching sound of a cat throwing up. "Bickett"! "Not on the carpet"! 

I'm careful on ladders these days. Getting down is slow. Bickett has always been one of those cats! I got that mess cleaned up, then back to the ceiling fan, and on to the TV cabinet.

Tomorrow hopefully I will start on that darn bottle collection. Up and down that ladder with a handful of glass bottles! I want this living room clean before Christmas!

Eli is such a sweetie pie. So gentle...

Keeping  little Smokey warm these cold days...

He still loves that teddy bear...

It was a cold 19 degrees here this morning! It's way too early for weather such as this. I had lots of Fall jobs planned...peach trees, and a fig tree to get into the ground before the weather got cold.  A donkey fence to finish! :)

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  1. Funny, I was laid in bed yesterday morning, looking up and thinking 'I MUST dust that ceiling fan' Glad you took it slow and easy coming down the ladder. So cute, Eli and Smokey:)

  2. Isn't it the dickens when you have to start worrying about things like climbing up and down ladders?

    I agree it's much too soon for all this awful weather. It went down to 8 the other night and not much better is predicted for tonight. I hope we get a reprieve soon as I still have lots of leaves to rake, and shred and put back into flower beds and the compost bins. They are all covered with snow at the moment----not lots of snow but snow none the less!

    It's good that Smokey has found a nice warm place to sleep and so sweet of Eli to provide it for him.

  3. Oh, those two are the sweetest buddies ever! Two of ours 'icked' up overnight..which makes for very careful steps to the bathroom!
    Jane x

  4. Such sweet photos of those two friends. Love that. You are inspiring me to dust our old house. I'll get on that tomorrow. Stay cozy. Deb

  5. that is such a sweet picture of the two of them. maybe someone could stand at the bottom of the ladder and you could hand them down and save your legs? That's what I did with the Halloween decorations on top of the kitchen cabinets. just a thought.

  6. Having had several long-haired cats, I'd know that sound anywhere. I'd be heading for the rubber gloves and paper towels in seconds.

  7. When you get done can you please come to my house and dust? Please? Just kidding I need to get dusting to maybe tomorrow. I sure hope Bickett will be ok. Maybe it was just a hair ball. Be careful on that ladder.

    Love you

  8. Oh yes. Be careful on those step ladders. If you're too careful on the step ladders you may not have to dust!

  9. I climb up the ladder with great caution these days, balance is not one of my greatest assets :)
    Have you tried the Swiffer extended wand-type cleaner, it's a wonderful help in dusting high places, in between soap and water cleanings.
    Eli and Smokey keeping each other cozy and precious !

  10. That dog is just wonderful and cuddling with Smokey is just too cute.

  11. I have just started with the pre-Christmas clean and sort out. Those two keeping each other warm are a real delight.

  12. Eli and Smoky just couldn't be cuter together! I need to get on the big pre-Christmas cleanup, too. Thanks for the poke.

  13. Eli is so gentle! And probably warm too!...perfect place for a kitten to sleep! Up and down a ladder is hard need someone to help you! :)

  14. Eli is such a sweet dog- good luck with the cleaning..I'm starting the Christmas Gene Autry on Pandora..I'm set. LOL!


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