Monday, August 5, 2013

Monday Morning

Funny how I love Monday morning!  Back when I worked full time I dreaded Mondays!  Sunday afternoons I would start feeling sad because the weekend was about over!  We can't have it I am retired and home all the time, but I'm getting old!!!  I'm still around though and that's the important thing!!! :)

It is actually cool this morning!  Very rare for August in North Carolina!  I'm fixing to head outside and work on a small herb garden.  Pretty late in the season to start this, but after finding that one Basil plant fighting for it's life...well it's just eating at me...I want the herb garden pretty, and now!!!  It is looking rundown and bad...

At the back of the herb garden, the Rosemary, a few sprigs of Artmesia, Pineapple Sage, and Bee Balm seem to be hanging on...

Looking through the gardening basket I came across a pack of Basil and a pack of Parsley seeds.  Also dug up a sprig of Thyme trying to grow in this dust bowl.  After digging and removing the weeds; violets, monkey grass, and roots, I added compost and soil from behind the chicken lot.  Look at this pitiful Basil that came up under the monkey grass...It did have a few more leaves but I used them in the tomato vinaigrette. :) Makes me ashamed of myself, and this herb garden is right at my front steps!!  Poor little Basil!!

After adding the rich soil I sowed the Parsley and Basil.  Also replanted the Basil and Thyme plants.  Hope the seeds will sprout in 5 to10 days and I will take pictures.  Not finished but a good start.   The green garden fencing needs to go up next.  Hopefully, it will be here this week.  The chickens will have this spot torn apart!!!

I've found a good, low fat way to eat a tomato sandwich.  Instead of spreading the bread with good old Duke's mayonnaise...spread instead, good old 2% fat cottage cheese.  Then add the sliced tomato, salt, and pepper.  It's really good, especially on whole wheat bread.  An old friend down home used to say he loved going to family reunions in the summertime....he said this one lady always brought a platter stacked with tomato sandwiches.  By the time dinner was spread on the table, those tomato sandwiches would be just right...good and juicy and wrapped in wax paper.  You know, sandwiches taste better wrapped in wax paper than wrapped in plastic wrap.  Seriously!

Hope you all are having a wonderful day!!!  Thank you for stopping by.

Henny Penny


  1. I'm sure you'll have that little space looking good in no time ! sometimes it's motivation that we lack isn't it ?
    I know I'm lacking it today, after my relief at passing the MOT yesterday, I now have to knuckle down and start cleaning this place out, when all I want to do is play with fabrics and yarn !
    Love that little stone seat/table ??

    1. Hey Wean, I think it was the little Basil that got me motivated! :) Glad you passed the MOT. I read more of your kitty cat stories and they touched my heart. Don't work too hard! Love, Henny

  2. You're right, Henny, poor little basil! Ha, at least you have a herb garden. It has rained over 30 inches in the last 2 months here and I am waiting til fall. Yessiree. I bought a Jacob's ladder plant, some wormwood,a fishnet coleus, and nasturiums in June and they have all rotted away. Your plot looks so nice, though, I am just sure that it will be beautiful in no time! You have a big green thumb and that will help a lot!

    I am sad to say that I will still take Duke's mayo any day over cottage cheese. I have to roll that grocery cart real fast past the Duke's or I'd have a stockpile of it.

    Anyway, I am looking forward to having a plot of turnips, collards, and kale in the fall and winter, so I hope the rain will go away for that! Love Ya Henny - Have a great day! Terry

  3. Hey Terry! 30 inches in 2 months!!! And you seem to always be in a good mood! I'm bad about letting the weather get me down. It is dry here now. Funny how it's either sopping wet or bone dry. :) Like all that rain we got in spring and early summer and the roof over the porch was leaking in 2 places...We get the tin roof on and go into a dry spell!!!

    You are right about Duke's mayo!! I could eat it right out of the jar, and I love a mayonnaise sandwich...just Duke's and bread. However!!! I did have cottage cheese on my sandwich yesterday. When you get to the last couple of bites and it's getting soggy, it almost has that good old tomato sandwich taste.:)

    Love you too terry,


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