Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Another little garden post

Do you think time is passing faster now...is that possible???  Seems to me like I got just as much done back when I had a job and was gone all day!!!  Maybe it's just me, getting older!!!  

After seeing squash bugs, and then noticing how puny and miniature some of the plants looked...well I haven't had the heart to even go up to the garden until this morning.  To my surprise the plants were still standing.  There were several cucumbers, zucchini, and one yellow squash big enough to pick!!  Also, lots of small green beans, and right many big green tomatoes.  Looks like we may get a few vegetables after all...might as well start here at the teeny tiny gate of my teeny tiny garden...Do you remember the story of the teeny tiny woman who found a teeny tiny bone???  Seems like she went through a teeny tiny gate into a teeny tiny cemetery. Anyway...

 Blackberries... :)

It is very humid and hot today.  Thunder storms are beginning to pop up all around.  I'm not crazy about being home alone in a storm!!! :(

There may be a dog story for tomorrow!!!  There is a stray near by...I plan to speak to Poppy as soon as he gets home...I want to keep this poor dog...

Thanks for looking in!!!

Henny Penny



  1. Hey Henny! Glad you are back - your garden looks lush and lovely and plentiful! Girl, you are being too hard on your little garden. Those squash plants are gnormous!

    Looks like your dog found you.... ??

    Love, Terry

  2. Hey Terry,

    I really have expected nothing but the worst from this garden!!! :/ I should have posted a picture of the zucchini I picked yesterday....but I was embarrassed. Three of them, and each the size of the big end of a baseball bat!! :) I need to hush and check the garden more often. I'm always glad to hear from you!! Oh, the dog!! A man up the road really liked her and wanted her. I'm thankful because Dan didn't want to even see her. He wants another Lab, or another Nikki.


    1. Henny is good neighbor. She can't kill anything.I am different I hate bugs and
      snakes. She is just too nice.


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