Saturday, February 16, 2013


Meet "Poppy", who runs things around here!!!

 Looks like this chicken was going with him, one way or another!

Poppy snapped these funny pictures:

Now I know why the seeds in this pot never sprouted....

or why the little Wren didn't build her nest here.

This is a Blue Bird box, but was this unusual looking nest built by a Blue Bird?  Does anyone know?

Poppy and I both love animals, all wildlife, and being outside. 

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  1. Hmmm....we have blue bird boxes also - they build a neat nest made out of grass, not twigs. Wrens use twigs, but the moss is a mystery. The male wren often stuffs several cavities full of twigs and then the female picks which one they will use and they rebuild it, I believe. I've never seen moss like that in a box! We do have tree frogs that like to inhabit the bird houses I have on the porch - they're so cute! I've brought a few in the house (unknowingly) that were burrowed down in my houseplants when I moved them inside come fall! I'm really careful now and check them over well. It's kind of a predicament to find a tree frog hopping around the living room in January when it's too cold to put it outside!

    1. Hey Arlene, That's interesting about the Wrens. They're so cute and one of my favorite birds. The moss in the nest is unusual! We had never seen a nest built like that before. Never thought about bringing a frog inside in a plant! I will start checking now though! That is so funny! I enjoyed your comment. Thank you!

  2. Hey Mama! Those are really good of Poppy. And I love the froggie picture and the chickies!! I love you more, though!!

    Lynn "your girl"


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