Thursday, July 31, 2014


Yep, this is me in the garden last year...a sure sign that I can no longer squat, thanks to my Arthritic knees.  Cousin Pat took this picture some time last summer and just recently sent it to me in an email. 

I do remember it being terribly hot that day and what a pitiful looking little bunch of stuff I'm gathering. The squash bugs at this point had just about ruined everything.

simply must get up to the garden today and dig our few potatoes, cut the okra, and pick the tomatoes. I was thinking this morning about something I said to mama back in the late 50's. Something I am ashamed of saying. If it wasn't for the fact that I was actually a well behaved, pretty decent daughter, mama would have popped was my age...a teenager. Anyway mama asked me to go with her to the garden. Well of course I didn't want to work in the garden, I didn't even want to see the garden. I said, "where is the damned old garden anyway!" I said that ugly word to mama! Mama looked at me and said, "I would be ashamed if I were you".  Today I would give anything to work in the garden with mama.

With all the rain lately, the garden is looking pretty good. There may be more beans to can...

and tomatoes...

and Eggplants with bug eaten leaves...

and Okra...

and peppers. I've been stringing up the red peppers to dry...

Better get up from here. I have no idea what to cook for supper. Poppy will be home in an hour or so.  Thank you for visiting.



  1. You look such a pretty gardener!
    Jane x

  2. You have a tremendous growth and production in your garden.

  3. Your garden is so lush!
    I love your mother's response to your teen outburst. It is so indirectly powerful.

  4. Fantastic Garden!
    I wish I'd had the sense a a 'youngin'' that I like to think I have now. I would have learned a lot from my Granny.
    Blessings. ♥

  5. Okay, I officially have garden envy. It looks like you could feed a camp of refugees with all you have there.
    And I now have a little bench that I drag around when gardening to try to save both my back and knees. So annoying.

  6. "Looking Pretty Good" doesn't do it justice! It looks year was so dry on the prairie, I don't think it rained the entire growing season. The county water just doesn't do the same as rain. It has been a good year for gardens.

  7. Your garden looks wonderful. I see lots of goodies.

    Ours has expired. What little was left has been enjoyed and stomped by the cattle.

    Have a blessed weekend.

  8. The deer are so plentiful around here, that unless you install an electric fence or fence for protection growing a garden is a never-ending battle.
    So frustrating, we have recently planted new miniature Hollyhocks, and night after night the deer have visited, eaten and destroyed what was left.
    On the other hand, your garden is very impressive, so lush and plentiful. It takes lots of work and dedication to see a garden through to fruition, you are certainly a 'do-er' it shows around your beautiful farm.
    Lovely picture of a beautiful lady, it reminds me of Tasha Tudor :)


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