Saturday, December 15, 2018

An amazing gift

This post should have been done weeks ago...weeks!!

An email came to me from a blogging friend in Kentucky saying that she had some fabric pieces that I might use, and would I like to have them. The very thought of getting some fabric in the mail tickled me to death.

I was expecting a package of a few small fabric pieces, in fact, my reply to her was something about making dolls and how I used lots of small fabric pieces.  Well, you can probably imagine my shock when the mail man brought a package too big and too heavy for the mail box and left it on the front steps.

All these beautiful fabrics! For days, in shock, I stood and stared, sorted and folded, and thought of things to make.

Most of these pieces were anywhere from four to six yards each and some of them I have already cut. Do you know that it actually hurt my heart to cut the first piece? Well, it did. 

There was also a stack of fat quarters, think that's what these are called...

Fabric is expensive, so for me it has been finding pieces on sale, sometimes buying colors and prints that I didn't really like, but could afford; even searching for fabric at yard sales and thrift stores. Now, I've got my own little fabric shop right inside the teeny tiny sewing room. Diane, you have a heart of gold!

So, it has been like Christmas morning here ever since this package arrived. Diane is  probably tired of hearing me say "thank you", but again, thank you Diane. 

Oh gosh, back to reality. It's the back again. Yesterday I got another steroid injection in my spine for the painful herniated disks. Kinda funny, but Poppy drove me to my appointment in Wake Forest on Tuesday. Five minutes before the injection, the X-ray machine quit working. My appointment was rescheduled and cancelled three times this week. 

You are not allowed to drive yourself after getting this injection. So yesterday, Shelby was kind enough to drive me. We did get to have lunch together and go in a couple of thrift stores. Always fun to have a little time with Shelby. Glad that steroid injection is over though.

Guess I need to get up from this computer and get busy!

What a difference you've made in my life! Thank you for your friendship!


Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Snow pictures

About that special picture of Eli...

Does he look rotten or what?

I sent a few snow pictures to Andee and Todd to show them the amount of snow we got here. Seems they got more rain than snow. They have moved back to NC but are in a county further east.

Anyhow, from one of the pictures, Andee zoomed in on Eli and came up with this sweet picture. Andee thinks the caption should be,

"I want to be rotten, but I'm just way too sweet"

Eli loved the snow!

and here's a few more snow pictures...

We rarely get snow in December, and certainly never this much!

The old bird house looks like a face.

Little Weetie struggled to run through the deep snow.

Snow made the raggedy old chicken wire fence prettier, 

 and the little duck pen down near the pond.

Cedar limbs heavy with snow hang low over the dam.

Just a few more, I promise...

Whew! Way too many pictures, I know. It was just so pretty!

The beauty of today was that big warm sun in the sky and the snow beginning to melt away! As beautiful as this snow was that first day, you just can't beat a warm sunny summer day. 

Thank you for looking.


Monday, December 10, 2018

What a snow storm this turned out to be!

But first, I had never given a thought to kitty cats eating those silver icicles off a Christmas tree. Thankfully, neither of our cats have ever bothered the tree, but I will be watching them closely. Thank you Deb, and others too, who mentioned this in their comment.

A few days ago, Granny Marigold asked about the bunny rabbits, so I was working on a Bunny post.  Wanted to show you how I had added tarps to the bunny lot...

Yep, I did good! Now the bunnies would be protected from the cold winter wind.

The bunnies would get the early morning sun through the open front and a little late afternoon sun from the one open side. It would be cozy.

Then we hear the local weather report...Snow storm! Beginning Saturday night! Up to six inches predicted for us (we got eight inches!) with snow all day Sunday and wind gusts up to 35 mph. Good grief!

So, I bundled up again and headed back down to the bunny lot with another tarp to cover the other side. Only the door end of the lot was left uncovered. Now the bun buns surely would be cozy through the storm

Early Sunday morning Bunny Village looked fine, even with a covering of snow. All four bunnies were safe inside.

But the next time I checked...

Oh no! One side of the canvas top, filled with heavy wet snow had fallen in. The bunnies were fine, but what a wet soggy mess their sweet little village has become. Poppy has already ordered a new canvas top. Hopefully it will get here quick!!

Thankfully each of the bunnies has their own box filled with hay and protection from the weather.

"Penny" and her son, "Chief, Son of Bun".

Sweetest "Fiona"

Messy Mr. "Bun Bun"

One of these days I hope to have a pretty little house for each bunny. I keep check on Craigslist. For now though, the old cages will do. Poppy says these rabbits eat better than we do. :( 

Thank you to two new followers, "Changes in the Wind" and "Phoebe's World. I appreciate your friendship.

Thank you Granny Marigold for asking about the bunnies.

Well I wanted to finish up this bunny post, but tomorrow, hopefully, I will be back with "snow pictures"!! Bet you can't wait!! :) There is a really special picture of Eli.  


Wednesday, December 5, 2018

More on Christmas!

Hey friends,

Think I've found what the little Christmas tree needed...

Do you all still use those old fashioned icicles?
all knotted and tangled. Every year as I stand and carefully hang one icicle from the tip of each branch on the tree, I remember the years Shelby, Jackie, and I decorated the trees at home. 

Shelby, being the oldest, was in charge and of course there was always an argument, especially when it came time to hang the icicles on the tree. Jackie, the youngest at the time, wanted to throw the icicles and let them grab onto the tree.

"Icicles are supposed to 'HANG' on the tree like icicles"! Shelby would say.

"Mama, tell him to STOP throwing icicles on the tree"! 

"Huh uh mama", Jackie would say, "look, you're supposed to throw-um on and let-um fall down like snow".

"Oh, for goodness sake, hush, all of you"! Mama would say in that pleading tone of voice.

"Surely, mama didn't mean me too. I wasn't doing anything".  I would think to myself. 

I was the middle child and afraid of Shelby. Why, she had warned me many times, "DON'T TOUCH ME"!  So, being the odd ball and of all things born a Virgo, I was probably sitting in the background sorting out Christmas balls by color and size.  Plus, purposely trying to be the sweet one in the bunch, which sickened Shelby. 

We were simply being children, siblings. We loved each other and did get along...most of the time.

The icicles show up more in this little side view of the tree.

anyhow, I've put this old chair here thinking Santa might want to sit and rest a little between stops. Hope it's sturdy enough. It's very old. A gift from my Cousin Patty back when she gave us the old Civil War cupboard. Thank you Patty.

and here's Eli...

Eli has once again asked Santa for a new bear. He's says my stitching just doesn't hold up any longer, and see, the bear's head is falling off again.

and Smokey...
says he will be happy with whatever Santa brings, but can he sleep on the footstool near the tree on Christmas Eve?

Dumperoo and Weetie are too busy running through the house to stop and speak...we'll check with them later.

Oh friends, I promise you...I will get over this soon and stop posting so much about Christmas!


Monday, December 3, 2018

Trying to get that Christmas Look

The new church, situated in the little mantle village...

I've been busy trying to make things look a little like Christmas around here, or at best, a little like December.

Do you ever get your Christmas decorations pulled out, get the furniture moved around and pictures taken off the wall, then feel like the whole house is up-side-down. Well, I do, and did! and now, not even sure I like what I've done...  

Things do look a little out of proportion.

Wanted the look of cedar trees in the background of the mantle village. Oh, did you see the "real" bird's nest up there? Second picture up?

So, between rain showers on Saturday, I cut a wheelbarrow load of cedar boughs from another fallen cedar tree...

I'm not good at making wreaths for the door, but I do like tying a handful of cedar and holly together to make a swag.

Did I mention the acres and acres of brown leaves?

reminds me of another neat line in that famous Christmas poem by Clement Clark Moore...

"as dry leaves that before the wild hurricane fly, when they meet with an obstacle, mount to the sky. So up to the house-tops the coursers they flew, with a bag full of toys, and St. Nicholas too".

Can't even see the paths here! I'm thankful to say the sun has come out this morning and if these leaves dry out, I just might rake a teeny tiny bit!!

and Eli says he just might sleep through all this fuss...

and guess what else I did with that wheelbarrow load of cedar? Outlined the entire fence around the front porch. I surely did...

Oh gosh! I've done way too much here; the post, I mean.  Will be back with the Christmas tree.  Just not happy with how it looks. :( 

Thank you so much for putting up with me. Best friends I've ever had! Oh, and thank you to a new follower. I appreciate you!