Monday, February 18, 2019

The Playhouse/Potting Shed

Hey friends,

Here we are heading into another week of rainy days. It was exciting to hear the weatherman say this morning, there may be a brief period of sun this afternoon. A brief period is better than none.

and if that happens, I'm going to rake up two or three loads of leaves for the chicken lot. The hens are walking in mud up to their knees! The leaves are wet, but that will be better than mud.

Anyhow, been anxious to show you the wooden floor in the playhouse...

 and the newly painted potting bench. Can you believe we I had the old Singer base turned around backwards when we attached the top and back? Pretty normal for me. 

I LOVE the wood floor!

All this looks a little too "set up" right now, in fact, I had to go back and knock over a few flower pots. Well, it needed something! An old sink and a load of potting soil will help and maybe dirty the place up a bit. Still haven't found an old wood stove and tea kettle.  

The weather is still too cold and wet to enjoy being out here, but we have a start.  Spring can't get here soon enough!! 

I kinda like this corner with the old raggedy chairs. Yesterday in the Scrap Exchange with my daughters, Lynn and Andee, I found a piece of granite to fit on top of that little metal stand, to make a side table.

Oh my gosh, wish all you could visit The Scrap Exchange in Durham. No way could I ever tell you what it is like. Well, you could Google it and get some idea.  Lynn works there now, and she love it!!

Had lots more to talk about but I've simply got to get busy. Poppy will be home at 1:00 so I need to finish the house work, especially vacuuming. :( I'd rather digging stumps!

Thank you for stopping by. Oh, Any ideas on making the little potting area prettier will be appreciated. 


Also...In my hurry to get busy I forgot to say thank you to two new followers, Sheryl and Jan. I appreciate your friendship so much!

Thursday, February 14, 2019


 Before going out the door to finish the potting bench, I wanted to wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day.

It's been a long long time since Poppy gave me roses...

He got off work at 5:00 yesterday. I happened to see him walking from the truck toward the front door with one hand behind his back. Never dreaming it could be flowers, I opened the door and asked, what are you holding?

It was a surprise, for me!!
The silly picture is Poppy's fault...I just stopped to smell the roses!

Here's what I dashed out and got Poppy. He will be home today at 2:00...

I know! Who wants a store bought cake! But listen, we have a little country grocery store in town called Carlie C's. Their cakes are delicious, and this coconut/pineapple is Poppy's favorite. 

I did add a few hearts and a little Valentine.

Better go. It is 1:45. Poppy will be here soon. Let me go prop up beside the cake. Maybe he will want to cut it. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!!


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

The sprig of Ivy that grew and grew

Have I ever shown you the ivy tree that grows down near the pond?

Well, actually this is a pine tree where, years ago, I stuck a little sprig of Ivy in the ground... 

and that sprig of ivy grew and grew and grew...

and keeps on going...why, I had no idea ivy could climb that high. I did Google it and found that English Ivy can grow fifty feet or higher. 

it's like the little pine is trying to stay ahead of the ivy...keep it's head above water, or above the ivy! Poor tree.  

Sometimes I think about taking the ivy tree down, but Poppy says all kinds of little birds build their nests in the safety of this mass of ivy. So the ivy tree is safe.

Last week, those warm days with sunshine were simply wonderful. This week started off with rain again...colder too, and no sunshine, but that's okay. We've been very fortunate weather-wise. 

Poppy put a new handle on my yard rake...the rake with the "life time" guarantee. The rake where the handle broke in two. He sure made it a long handle too. :)

and while I'm on all these odds and work basket lately has become so heavy, I've been pulling it around in my pink wheelbarrow. 

Why, there's just about everything one could possible need in that basket while outside working. So with my pocket knife and basket, I'm good to go. :) 

Really, I did not start out here to write a boring post, but I have done just that.

How about a picture of Dumperoo asleep on the sewing room bed. Look at those sweet little feet...

and old sweet Smokey at the other end...

Oh, and thank you Angela Pitout for following my blog. I appreciate a new friend. 

We have finished the floor in the playhouse. Can't wait to show you. The rain came back so I didn't get the potting bench painted. Hope to do that tomorrow. :)


Thursday, February 7, 2019

Been outside in the sun

Gosh friends, didn't plan to be gone so long. Had I known, I would have said goodbye.

There's just no sense in anybody going this crazy over a few warm sunny day! I've been like a mad woman!

Let's see...we dug up the big cedar stump in front of the shop. The one from the cedar tree that fell during that last hurricane. That took the better part of a day!

We then had to re-build the path...

and scrounge up all the bricks we could find here and there, then make a trip to Lowes in Wake Forest for a load of red rock...

and I spent a day digging rich black soil from behind the chicken lot to fill in the yard on the right side of the path, which had become a big mud hole with all the rain lately.

Then back to the chicken lot and the retaining wall I built from scrap pieces of tin...

The wall seems to be working, but it all needed something to make it look a little better.

Went to Walmart and bought three cans of flat black spray paint. Then dug out load after wheelbarrow load of that black soil and dumped it in the front yard, leaving a right pretty path around the back of the chicken lot...after raking up two loads of pine straw from off the dam and bringing it here.

Looking better, but all that rusty rebar needed something too...maybe I'll weave twigs in and out of that old rebar! A wattle fence!

but shoot! It doesn't show up as pretty in the picture as it looks in person.

Still need to finish up those side pieces. Just got tired of working on the chicken lot and went on to more fun stuff.

The playhouse!

My daughter Andee and son-in-law Todd took down a gazebo from their back yard and gifted us with a stack of really nice boards. Todd said, "you could use them to build a floor in your playhouse". Well, my mind has not rested since hearing those words. 

See, I've never really been happy with the playhouse, (potting shed), because of the wet, messy, uneven ground. The potting bench never sat level and was no fun to use.

Never built a floor before! First I found four 4" x 4" posts for the foundation, then dug and chopped and raked trying to get all these posts level. Poppy said once I got all the boards measured and marked, he would cut them with the skill saw, or is it called a circular saw?? We got half the boards cut.

Tomorrow we've got errands to run. Oh, and Eli has an appointment with the groomer, which he really needs, especially after playing inside the garden fence while I worked on the playhouse floor and Poppy re-painted the front of the shop.

He is like a big ball of velcro. I did get the other side brushed off before he got on his blanket.

Like me, all the animals have enjoyed these warm sunny day after weeks of rain! 

Better end this. Here it is bedtime. Getting late, and I hear Poppy milling around in the kitchen!  I promise to visit and catch up once again. Thank you for visiting.


Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Back here in the woods

Friends, the older I get the faster time passes, and there's more to be done lately than one can possibly do! It's like fighting fire with gasoline. :)

Take the last few days. There's not been one minute to get on the computer since my last post.

Well, I could have skipped watching "The Virginian" last night. But, seriously...

about the time I get started on the housework, and I do start on something the minute my feet hit the floor every morning, Poppy says, you want to work on the path today...well yes!!

So we work outside, then come dragging in the house, thinking it's probably lunch time and see that it's actually 1:00 pm...we eat a little lunch and Poppy settles down in his chair to rest and watch a little "Gunsmoke", as he puts it...

While I, with two cats weaving in and out my feet, stand and stare at the dishes in the sink, the two piles of dirty laundry, carpet that needs vacuuming, litter box to clean, kitchen floor to sweep and mop, oh, and I had planned to clean the bathrooms, and dust these filthy ceiling fans that are beginning to look like the swings at the state fair! 

and speaking of my last post...I truly meant to reply to your nice comments, then go on and read your latest posts...what the heck goes with my time anyhow??

so this post is thanking you and replying to a couple of things...

especially thanking you all for telling me to keep mama's little Kenmore sewing machine. How could I have even thought of putting it on Craigslist! Just got to find a little spot to squeeze it back into the teeny tiny sewing room.

AND! the sweet names suggested for my baby. I love them all, but just had to pick the name "Hattie" suggested by Jo. 


Pilar, my middle name is Loraine. It seems more a Southern thing to call daughters by their first and middle names, like Shelby Jean. I have cousins called Betty Lee, Annie Ruth, and Joyce Ann. My middle name is Loraine. Mama and daddy never called me Melba Loraine, just Melba. Too much I guess.

Aw, how bout "Hattie Mae" nah, just "Hattie"

and Connie, couldn't you simply spend the day looking at fabric? I've never bought fabric from Hancock's, but have ordered fabric on line from Marshall's Dry Goods. I'll check out Hancock's. 

Rian, your comment made me think about driving mama's plain little 1998 Toyota Corolla for years. That little car didn't have so much as a clock. Mama used to say, "oh, that little car didn't come with anything but a set of seats".  Then we sold the car and bought a new Nissan Rogue. Felt like sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft.  But I've adjusted and love it, and feel sure I will love the new Singer too. In fact, I finished an apron just last night using the new machine.

It was interesting to read what brand of sewing machine you all use. The little Kenmore was mentioned several times. Thank you for your comments, and your friendship.

Have I talked your ears off. Wondering if I should actually publish this?? You will come back, won't you? 


Thursday, January 24, 2019

Something new

Notice anything different??

I was admiring this simple, easy to use, SINGER SEWING MACHINE in a catalog that came in the mail.  Poppy chimed in, "betcha that same machine can be found on line for half that price". Next thing I know, the mailman is at the front door with a package too big for the mailbox.

Oh, I'm tickled to death...
but, this little $99.00 Kenmore is dear to my heart. Mama bought this one for me a few years before she passed away. 

I remember, mama was so excited to give me the new sewing machine. She was living with Shelby and Jimmy at the time...she said to me,

"I told Shelby Jean, Sears has this little sewing machine on sale and I want to go get one for Melba. She sews all the time and needs a new sewing machine". 

and I really did need a new one! So, Shelby drove mama to Sears. That little white Kenmore was perfect! Just like mama's little white Toyota car that I drove for years was perfect. 

The word "little" is way over used by me...that came from mama too. :)

Valentine's Day was not on my mind when I started this apron and bonnet, but it sure looks that way, doesn't it?

A lot of the sewing on this apron was done on the new machine. 

and I feel like my sewing is not as good. The little Kenmore felt like my best friend. The new sewing machine feels more like company in the house. I'm sure we will adjust in time!

Okay, something very sweet...

When Shelby and I were in Goodwill last Saturday, I found this adorable little sweater for my baby. This baby needs a name!  

Oh, and here's the bonnet...

The heart apron is tied on top of another apron on the dress form. That's why there are so many ruffles. 

You may not believe this :), but we have had wind and rain since last night, and the yard is standing in puddles of water...once again.

Guess I'd better get to town and buy groceries. Thank you for looking in. I sure appreciate the comments on Randy's painting. Hopefully, I can get of picture of Randy and his family to show you. 


Sunday, January 20, 2019

A piece of art

Oh friends, I have something beautiful to show you...something that means the world to me...

This piece of artwork was painted by my nephew Randy. He painted it especially for me, and that touches my heart.

This is a gift I never dreamed of getting. 

I have posted before about my brother Jackie.  Jackie died from a heart attack when he was only 49 years old, leaving behind three wonderful children, Vicki, Cindy, and Randy. Randy was the youngest. 

Randy now has a wonderful wife and two adorable little boys, and they live in Tennessee. I rarely see Randy and his family. In fact, I've never seen his two boys except in pictures. You can imagine my surprise when my sister Shelby called and said, "we need to get together. You have a surprise gift here".

Shelby and I met in Wake Forest yesterday and she brought me this gift. Randy also gifted her with one of his paintings. It's just the sweetest thing. Thank you Randy, from the bottom of my heart. 

and now an update on our striking hens...

one of those girls gave in after all these weeks and laid an egg! It was like finding a chunk of gold. Poppy said, "if I knew which one it was I'd let her spend the night in here with us tonight...even sprinkle a little corn around on the floor for her."

Oh, we woke up to terribly high winds and pouring rain in the middle of the night last night. Eli came in from the porch and jumped in the bed between Poppy and me. The temperature is supposed to drop to 17 by morning. Strange weather still!

Here it is bedtime once again! Thank you for visiting...and a special thank you to a new follower, Linda Gremillion. 

Oh Randy...again, thank you! I love the painting, and tomorrow will find a special spot to hang it in our little dining area.