Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Update...Fencing in the back 40!

This little sweetie pie follows me around in the yard now, climbing trees and jumping out from behind things to scare me. He attacks large Guinea feathers and brings them up on front porch. 

Why in the world can't I get as much done these days! I'm busy all the time! 

I did finish one big job that has been on my list for for a while. Cleaning out the hen house. There were dusty cobwebs the size of a jump rope hanging on the rough walls and ceiling. I used my old "Webster" duster with the extendable handle to reach in and clean out. Remember the "Webster"? I raked everything off the dirt floor and added fresh wood shavings. Hope the hens appreciate all this when they fly up on the roost tonight.

Here it is Wednesday morning. Started this late yesterday.

So, I mentioned hoping the hens would appreciate my work...well I went out at the edge of dark to close up the chicken lot for the night and there stood all the hens with their necks stretched out, trying to figure out what was different inside their house. They were afraid to go in. One by one the hens had  to shooed inside. :)

Also, the plan for fencing has been downsized considerably! Funny how if you keep looking and dreaming, something will work out. Check out this spot. Facing our house, this is the left side of our property. Down near the pond, walk in here, turn left...

and see the chicken house and lot up ahead...

walking closer...

and closer, then join on to the chicken lot. Would this not be the perfect size for two donkeys, and very doable. 

With the much smaller lot, I can use the metal T-posts and wire fencing. Plundering through our stash of stuff we keep, in case we should ever need it, were eleven T-posts.  I can buy a few at the time and put them in the ground. Then the fencing.

Poppy came home from hunting Monday evening just before dark...I heard him park the four-wheeler under the shelter, which is on the left in the above picture, second from bottom...with the ladder hanging near the top. The new fence will run along the back and be attached to the shelter. Anyhow, peeping out the window, I saw him with his hands on his hips looking at the T-posts that have been driven into the ground. He didn't question why the posts were there. Then yesterday, Poppy caught me standing with my hands on my hips dreaming about the new fence so I explained it all. He approves! Could be he is just thankful that I've given up on fencing in the whole back 40! 

I sure appreciated all the helpful comments that were left on my post about fencing in the back. Some of you suggested that a smaller area would work fine for donkeys. 

Bun Bun has grown into a big furry unusual looking rabbit. He's munching on apple peelings...

Bun Bun is a sweetie pie too.

Thank you for visiting. Hope to be back soon!


Sunday, October 19, 2014

More about Smokey!

We are having the most beautiful day here in North Carolina! Blue skies, a breeze, leaves falling, and 72 degrees.

I hung some of the old well used quilts on the clothesline today to sun and air out.  Most of these quilts stay on the iron bed on the back porch where they get to feeling damp in rainy weather. The sun warms them right up!

Smokey and the leaves...

Here it is Sunday afternoon. A beautiful Sunday afternoon! I started this post yesterday but ran out of time. Once supper was done and the dishes washed, Poppy was on the computer. Probably a good thing since I needed to read and sew last night anyway.

I love showing you how comfortable Smokey has become with his new home. These pictures are a little fuzzy. They were taken through a window...

Sweet Eli. Smokey was rolling off Eli's back and then playing with his tail. 

Eli say this is his kitten...

That about it for today. Thank you for visiting.


Friday, October 17, 2014

Fun at the Fair

I can't say exactly what it is about the State Fair that Shelby and I love so much, but it ranks right up there with Christmas and Santa Claus. Perhaps it brings back memories of our childhood. I remember the excitement of seeing the lights from the Ferris wheel in the distance as we got close to Raleigh and the State Fair grounds...

The State Fair is the only place I know where the crowds don't bother me. I love it!

That's Dorton Arena in the background. On the first day of the fair the gates open at 3:30. Shelby and I have never been on opening day. It was nice. Everything was fresh and clean and the foods smelled delicious. It was around 9:00 pm when we decided we had eaten about all the Fair food we could hold, so we started on the long walk to the car. We are always sad to leave and hope that we will have another year together at the State Fair...

My favorite ride, the merry-go-round! Shelby said, "we'll ride if you want to". I really did, but just couldn't picture myself climbing up on one of those hobby horses. That's Shelby in the green sweat shirt.

Another favorite of mine, the Bluegrass Bands...

And, of course, the sweet donkeys. I simply must get busy building a fence for my donkeys......

We also looked at the amazing fruits and vegetables and admired those with the winning ribbons...

Wish I had enough of these Persimmons to make a pudding... Vicki?

The waterfall in front of Dorton Arena...

One of our favorite stops was here. These guys, well two girls and three guys were amazing...

Okay, enough about the State Fair. It definitely was good to get away from the house for a few hours and especially good to laugh and talk and spend time with Shelby. Wish we had more time together.

Thank you for visiting.


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Torrential Rains and me!

Just wondering this you all have trouble finding the time you need to get on the computer? It's been three days since my last post! Already! So I sit down here at the computer wanting to reply to the nice comments but then I also want to read all the new posts and leave you comments. Honestly, the chaos around here yesterday has left me out of sorts, to say the least. Take a look at the pond...

The ducks were actually swimming on this side of the pier!  

Eli was sick and vomiting Tuesday night. We were very concerned because he has been on an antibiotic and pain medication. He was neutered last Thursday. So my plan was to get Eli in the car and be at the vet's office when they opened the doors at 8:30 yesterday morning. As it turns out, Poppy had to be at work early so everything was left up to me.

We were having torrential rains from that line of storms that had just reached our area...hence the flooded pond. Holding an umbrella I managed to open the chicken house door and take care of things as best I could. I then locked up the house and with a leash on Eli, headed to the car. ..he was fine until I opened the back car door. Eli backed up, sat down in the pouring rain and said, "I am not going back to that vet's office! Never again!" He would not budge! My back, the tail of my skirt, and my feet were soaked! Back inside the house, I called my neighbor...I'll be right there, she said. Neighbor "Windy" (great name for the day) arrived with a pack of sandwich meat. I crawled into the back seat of the car with Eli's leash and a piece of meat. Windy gentled pushed from behind...Eli jumped in! Whew! 

I thanked Windy and we were on our way. Once at the vet's office, it took a crew to coax Eli through the front door. Well, all is well that ends well. Eli and Dr. Davis are friends again. Eli may have had a reaction to the antibiotic, so he is off that. An x-ray showed nothing serious, perhaps a piece of label from a yogurt carton. I need to be more careful. He is now on a medication for nausea. It was close to noon when we pulled back into the driveway at home. I looked a lot like a dirty wet mop and pretty much felt like one too. The rain continued on until 7:00 pm.

Gosh, I had best get busy. Today is opening day at the State Fair. The gates open at 3:00 today and Shelby and I plan to be the first in line! :) We do love the State Fair! Thankfully, Poppy is here to babysit. In closing...would you just look at this...

I missed the best one...Smokey snuggled in Eli's fur. Smokey would have to feel pretty confident to roll over like this with a polar bear standing over him...

Thank you for visiting and for listening as I go on and on! 

A very very wet day indeed...


Monday, October 13, 2014

Chocolate Vine and Smokey

Back a year or so ago I ordered a chocolate vine, Akebia Quinata. Lynn used to have one growing in her yard. Lynn's vine was huge and beautiful. I wanted a huge and beautiful vine on my arbors. Clematis vines are pretty while they are blooming, but not so pretty the rest of the time. The chocolate vine stays green all winter...

Anyway, this morning while standing in the doorway talking to Shelby on 
the phone, I thought to myself, what in the world are those awful looking white things hanging from my Chocolate vine! I've never seen anything like it!  It looks like some kind of Halloween decorations...

This next one looks like a giant white peanut...

I got on the computer and looked up Chocolate vine. It says that occasionally these vines will produce fruit. The Chocolate vine is kin to the kiwi. How neat is that? It's funny because the biggest healthiest vine has no fruit, but the vine that has been slow growing and looked a time or two like it might die has produced these big healthy fruits.  The fruits are edible but not very palatable.

"Smokey" is a little bundle of joy. I could sit for hours and watch him playing with the falling acorns, or watch him hide and jump out at Weetie...

Eli loves him too. It won't be long before these three; Eli, Weetie, and Smokey are snuggled up together. I'm hoping before winter time.

Better get busy. Here it is supper time again! Thank you for visiting.


Sunday, October 12, 2014

Computer to sewing room and back

Here I've been at the computer for over an hour. I sat down to put a little post on but started reading all these blogs that I love. After reading, I want to leave a comment and well my time at the computer is gone. What's a blogger to do? Ask for my own laptop for Christmas? But wait, I can't do that, my Christmas list is already made out...

Metal T posts (43)
Fencing (3) 50' rolls
Donkeys (2)

Just guessing (and kidding) at the number of posts and fencing feet, but seriously, I've come up with a smaller area on our property to fence in for a small pasture.

Now that Poppy is selling his huge collection of racing stuff on eBay my blogging time is limited...

I'm seeing a lot more of the back of Poppy's head lately. Last night while he sat at the computer I worked in the sewing room finishing up some dolls...

I need brown yarn. Too many blonds and redheads in the bunch. The dolls are coming right along. Four large and four small dolls are almost finished, needing just hair and faces added.

The weather has changed from cool and sunny...perfect for working outside to, well, unusual. Friday night late we had thunderstorms and got an inch of rain. Yesterday it was hot, 82 degrees and very humid with thunderstorms in the afternoon. Today is cooler, dark and gloomy with rain showers.  Good grief, I sound like a weatherman. Have I told you about the play I was in back in grammar school? Well, picture the shyest kid in school. ME.  In the play I was the weather reporter. My part was to stand in front of a map with a pointer in my hand and say, "there will be scattered showers". When my part came up I looked out across the auditorium at all the parents and said, "there will be shattered scours today". Mama and daddy laughed about this for years!

Better bring this to a close. :) Thank you for tuning in.



Friday, October 10, 2014

Yard work and naming the kitty

I don't know what struck me the last couple of days but I've actually marked off some things from my old "to do" list! Yay!

I have loaded eight heaping wheelbarrow loads of mulch and put it in the yard, I've set out two purple butterfly bushes, one golden butterfly bush, and one Sweet Betsy bush. That meant digging four big holes. I then filled the holes with compost. These poor plants have been in pots forever and were root bound. The pot holding the Sweet Betsy had to be slit with a knife because of sprouts and roots growing through the holes in the bottom.

With some of the trees removed from the back, letting in more sunshine, the camellias growing along the back porch have really come out...

Guess who is feeling right at home now, coming up the path to the front porch...

And, would you look at this...

I  missed getting the best shot of the guineas checking on the kitten. By the time I grabbed the camera the guineas were wandering off. I need to hang the camera around my neck...

Sorry, the grass needs cutting really bad now. :[

Drum roll please...and the kitten's name is..."Smokey".  Thank you for the suggestions. Poppy picked the name Smokey. Hey, do you blame me for letting him pick the name? Things are coming right along.  I do so love the name Dorian though.

Thank you for visiting. Sometimes it is hard to find time to reply to the nice comments you leave but I do appreciate having you friends so very much!

Henny Penny