Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A stranger in the yard

Do you ever have one of those days where you watch the hours passing and you simply cannot get anything done. That's me! Today!

Would you believe me if I told you that it is pouring rain, lightening, and thundering right now? Well, it surely is. The loud thunder just shook the house. Who would have thought! You know what they say about thunder in the winter time. Snow within ten days!

It's been a strange day. Early this morning Eli got to barking and the Guineas were running through the yard hollering and carrying on, like there was danger around.

Even Dumperoo jumped up on the sewing table for a look outside...

Then I look out and see the goats perked up and on high alert for whatever is lurking about out there...

There is definitely something out here! But what? 

Old sleepy head goes with me out to the goat's lot and immediately he began barking and running around the fence checking things out...

That's when I see...wait, what is that coming up the road? 

Is that a pig?  It is! A pig stopping by...

Seems this pig has been the talk of the neighborhood lately, visiting around, sampling the dog's food from yard to yard, going under folk's houses and up on their porches. He is so cute! I really want to pet him but better not make him feel too welcome. He might want to stay.

Well, the storm has passed. Wonder how many leaves blew into the front yard. I will peep out to see and let you know. 

Thank you for visiting. Hope to return soon.


Monday, December 15, 2014

A bunch of this and that!

First of all, tell me. Can anybody spot a kitty cat in this picture? :)

I'm inside for a break from raking leaves and moving junk out of the front yard. Why does everything in the yard look like junk this time of the year? 

Speaking of junk, that old well house still needs to be carried away. It is too heavy for me. Anyhow all the leaves are out of the front yard...better look quick before the wind blows in another load...

and all those leaves have been hauled up to the garden. Now I know how a mule feels. The garden is all covered and warm and tucked in for the winter...

and here sits those same peach trees that were supposed to be put in the ground as soon as fall got here...

I just can't get it all done! 

Eli rolled in the leaves in the garden as I raked and hauled sheet loads in to be emptied. Then I had to fight with him to get my sheet back. 

Look who climbed into Bun Bun's little house and made himself at home...

He seemed to want to stay and visit with Bun Bun but I was a little worried. Do kitties and bunnies get along?

Poppy says he wishes everybody was as glad to see him come home as Eli is...

And before getting back to work, I have another little pot story. This cute granite-ware pot jumped out at me in the thrift store last week so I bought it...

Now I know better than anybody, just how dangerous I am with a pot of anything left on the stove. You can read a couple of my older posts,(see "burying pots").  This little pot seemed just right for simmering potpourri. That's a scary thought, knowing how quickly I forget and walk off with a pot on a hot burner. But I'm thinking, the scent of cinnamon, cloves, and nutmeg drifting through the house would be a constant reminder that, "THERE'S A POT ON THE STOVE"! However, as Elmer Fudd would say, I must be ve-ww-wy, ve-ww-wy careful simmering Potpourri here at Christmas time!

Thank you if you've managed to stay this long. Hope to be back soon...and catch up with my reading.


Thursday, December 11, 2014

A little decorating update

We have sunshine today! Finally got around to cutting some cedar boughs. Picked up a few pine cones too, as Mama used to say, "such as they are".  Not many out there. Look who likes my basket. I should tie on a red bow and sit him on the hearth "as is"...

A touch of cedar helps and since I can't seem to get things right this December, this may be it, with the decorating! Somebody else likes my basket...

I suppose the mantle looks a bit better with the green added and the smell...I love the smell of cut cedar...

And yet another kitty cat has crept in...

Red beads are added to the tree. I loved the suggestion of popcorn. That would be really old fashioned, but then I remembered Eli! Could he resist the popcorn. We haven't found yet anything he won't eat...

Gosh, better get busy! There's lots of leaf raking to be done and as I said earlier, we have sunshine today. I need to be out there in it!

I surely do appreciate your stopping by. I just love you friends out there!


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Decorations along the way

I was looking at Christmas decorations on my way to Henderson yesterday. Yep, some days I turn right instead of left at the end of our path which carries me to downtown Henderson, instead of downtown Louisburg. Henderson has a Walmart too. Same old stuff, different crowd...but they do have a fabric department. :) Henderson also has Belk's and JC Penny.

Some of the decorated houses and yards I saw along the way were beautiful but then others made me appreciate my decorating a little more.

Anyway, I was looking at Christmas decorations and remembering mama and daddy.

Natural Bridge, Va. 1940's
It would have back in the early 1950's. We were in the car on a Christmas Eve going up to see Mary and Clyde and their children. It was at the edge of dark, and mama was pointing out all the lighted Christmas trees you could see in the homes along the way. "Oh, look at this one", she would say. "The blue lights are my favorite, blue looks so cold"! Remember those old plastic tiered lights. You could see a little house sitting way off the road with blue candles burning in the front window. I remembered daddy too that same night seeing a deer by the road. He said, "look, a reindeer! That might be one of Santa's reindeer"! Oh the excitement! 

I miss them even more this time of the year. I just may buy a set of those old plastic candles and put blue lights in the front window. Most thrift stores have these old Christmas candles. Speaking of thrift stores, I went in a small one in Henderson yesterday. Didn't find much except this pretty sugar bowl and cream pitcher for $3.00...

You know my plans yesterday were to gather cedar and pine and finish decorating. Well folks, it rained all day. All day! Not even once did the rain let up. At bedtime the rain was coming down even harder. We've had lots of cold, dreary, rainy, windy days lately.

But wait...here's the view from our bedroom window early this morning... 

Wow! That's the sun coming up on this cold wet winter morning!

Better get busy before this day is gone too! Hope to be back soon!


Monday, December 8, 2014

Decorating gone bad

Well I did bake cookies yesterday and I did put up a few Christmas things...

An armload of real green stuff...cedar and pine, needs to be brought in. That's what is missing here. If the wind would stop blowing for a while, if the dreary clouds would go away, it would be enjoyable to get out and gather a load. The cold is not so cold when the wind is calm...

The cookies were a little of a disappointment. They were okay, but I like a big chunky hardy heavy cookie. These were light and tender. The recipe was in a magazine ad for Craisins.

Guess maybe the decorating bug hasn't hit me yet cause I just don't have that touch. Just can't get things to looking right. You know when you feel that twinge in your heart that brings back memories of childhood Christmases...that's the look I want.

Some green cedar boughs are needed behind these things. I do like the animals and the forest look. 

Eli has an appointment with the vet at 2:30. After that is done, I may bundle up, carry my basket and go for a walk to gather pine cones and greenery.

The Santa's on the tree I like, but I'm not happy with the tree yet.

The the whole set-up here looks too much like a doctor's office.  It may be the lamp. Poppy found this lamp in the dumpster a few months back when he was carrying the trash off. Really, he did, and brought it home. He cleaned it up, bought a new shade and here it sits...

I'm not done here. When it feels right I will take another picture. Yep, that lamp has got to go.

Bickett was curled up on his favorite stool with his eyes covered. Guess he thinks this set-up looks too much like a vet's office...

We supposedly have rain coming in late this afternoon. It looks more like snow...and this wind!

A big white fluffy tail makes a fine bed...

So I'm done here, finding fault with my decorating. Hope to be back soon with cheer and greenery and big heavy rich cookies. Hope you'll come back too! :)


Sunday, December 7, 2014

Saturday at the Market

Thank you for the nice comments on the teeny tiny farm post. Didn't mean to go away and be gone so long. Four day has it been already? 

Seems like Poppy is on the computer now, well off and on, from the time he gets home from work til bedtime. 

And I've been busy preparing for the Christmas farmer's market and let me tell you, it was a good day, in spite of the rain! Yep, it rained again! The rain was light and there was no wind. It was cold but not freezing cold. And, there were shoppers! Shoppers who were buying! :)

The rain made it hard to keep our display pretty. Why didn't I get a picture before the rain! Lynn paintings, brooches, and dolls were displayed beautifully, before we shoved everything back out of the rain.

Dampness made the aprons hang limp. Lynn's smile brightened this picture. She has always been like a ray of sunshine...those freckles, those blue eyes, and her smile! Four aprons had already sold off the clothesline! Yay!

We were set up next to this nice lady. Her pralines were a big hit. I dared not sample any. It would have been easy to spend everything at her booth and undo all my trying to eat healthy and lose ten pounds!

Lynn across the way at The Flour Garden buying us each a cup of hot chocolate.

Gabbie's vegetables are always quick to sell out. I really meant to come home with a bag of Kale, but didn't.

These two are really good and make being at the market fun. Yesterday they played and sang Christmas songs.

That's about it for now. Exciting times around here what with decorating and thinking about Christmas! Baking cookies is on my list for today and you know what? Poppy and I want a fruit cake this year. He mentioned it just a day or so ago. Does anybody bake fruit cakes any more? It costs so much to buy all the ingredients...nuts, lots of nut, dried fruits. Shelby mentioned us getting together to bake fruit cakes. We'll see. For now, Shelby and Jimmy, Cousin Pat, and Mike are on a cruise heading for the Bahamas! Must be nice. The only place I cruise to is aboard Mama's old 1998 Toyota headed toward Walmart. How exciting is that? :)

Thank you for stopping by.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A teeny tiny farm update

This has been a dreary day. Not so much rain but cloudy and gloomy. Then along about three o'clock the sun came out. Isn't it amazing how a spot of sunshine can change ones outlook on life! Suddenly, I felt like getting out and starting some major project!

When I did venture outside however I heard baby guineas chirping like, "mama, help!" Here's what happened. Mama noticed there was a big hole in the top of the pen where the tree had fallen through. She took advantage of it and "flew the coop". Four babies found their way out too. The others were calling out...so I opened the gate and...

The young ones can fly now, so mama has been pacing back and forth wanting out.

All the critters seemed interested in the young guineas. Would you look at the size of that one oak leaf...

Mrs. Goat heard there were new guineas in the yard...

Bun Bun's home with the new bedroom added on...

Smokey says he didn't even notice those little guinea birds walk past...

Neither did old sweetie pie...

Somebody's had their nose in the mud again...

the real guard dog...

And the leaves continue to fall...

Nothing fancy here. Just a walk around our teeny tiny farm. Thank you for stopping by.

Henny Penny