Friday, May 22, 2015

It was bound to happen!

Okay fellows, somebody needs to move over...

As Piglet, from Winnie the Pooh would say,

                  Oh dear. Oh d-d-d-d-dear, dear.

It was bound to happen. You know all the ticks and tick bites I've been talking about. Well, it started Tuesday, my aching hips and weak legs. I must have said to Poppy a dozen times while outside working, why do I feel so weak.

On Wednesday, after my usual straightening up the house and running to the grocery store, I went to work staining the new well house. By early afternoon my aches and pains had returned. The bones in my hands hurt, my lower back hurt, my ankles hurt. I had a fever, my head hurt. I was sick! 

Thursday morning I was at my doctor's office at 9:00. After answering some questions and a check up, the doctor put it this way...this may be over treating, but I recommend a week on Doxycycline. That would take care of any tickborne disease.  Hummm, Eli is on three weeks of Doxycycline and he has Ehrlichiosis. The doctor said you could very well have Ehrlichiosis also. 

Thank goodness for antibiotics! 

Old sweetie pie is feeling better, in fact he is getting a bath and his hair trimmed as we speak. The groomer moved to a new location about five miles away. I'm sure Eli will want you to see his new look so we may have a picture to post tomorrow.

Thanks for not crossing me off yet. Take care and watch out for ticks!


Monday, May 18, 2015

More work to be done...always!

I've said it before but where the heck do the days go! Thank you for looking at my last post and leaving a comment. Oh, and I do appreciate my new followers. Wow! Never would I have believed that anyone would follow my blog! Thank you! Sure makes me feel like "somebody"! :)

As mama would say, I am simply worn out.  The yard was snaky looking again so I've been mowing. I started mowing on Friday but ran my little taxi cab yellow push mower up under a bush and got a limb tangled in the motor causing a tiny little spring to pop out.

The mower sputtered to a stop and died. Poppy loaded the little broken mower onto his truck and carried it with him to work on Saturday. Scott, the same guy who built the well house, fixed it for us. You know, some folks can just do anything!

During February it felt like spring would never get here. Now May, my favorite month of the year, is half over. Amazing how fast the flowers bloom and then go away...we've been through the daffodils and yellow bells, then the Azaleas and the Iris. Now the roses and peonies.

"Plant white rose" was added to my to do list for tomorrow. It needs to be in the ground. I started it from a cutting about three years ago and here it is blooming so pretty in the same  old pot.

About three weeks ago, maybe longer, I planted six Stargazer Lilies in this bed. What could have happened? Shouldn't they be coming up by now? I was so looking forward to seeing these lilies in bloom this summer.

Okay, I'm hunting and searching for something to talk about here. Guess I had better get all the animals settled in for the night. For me, the bed will feel mighty good tonight. Hope to be back soon.


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Poppy is crazy!!

Poppy and I were out playing with Eli. Poppy picked up a stick and said, look Mel, do I look like an old man"? I cracked up. He said, "I guess you will put this on your blog".  

Friends, we got through deer season and now we're done with turkey season. Poppy never killed a turkey, by the way. Three months he was tied up with deer hunting, and one month with turkey hunting. Today was like old times, we actually worked in the yard together.  Yep, together!

We finished tearing down that old dog lot the tree fell on this past winter. Poppy sawed the tree into pieces small enough that we could move them.

While I was mowing the yard with the push mower, he mowed around the pond for the first time this season. Poppy carried the camera. "I will take some pictures for your blog", he said. So, here's pictures, courtesy of Poppy...

On the hill above the pond.

The freshly mowed dam.

There is lots of Honeysuckle in bloom around the pond and it fills the air with sweetness. It smells just wonderful. Did you ever pinch off the end of the honeysuckle flower and taste the sweet nectar inside. That was another childhood adventure almost as exciting as catching lightening bugs. The afternoon sun was shinning through the vines.

That reminds me of mama. As a child I thought Dandelions were beautiful flowers. Mama said if you hold a Dandelion under your chin and it reflects yellow, then you love butter. So I picked a Dandelion flower and brought it to mama. I wanted to find out if I loved butter. Mama held it under my chin and sure enough, it made my skin look yellow. It works, I love butter! :)

And another shot from over on the hill where Poppy was mowing. Not only is the pond muddy but now it's covered in pollen. Still hoping it will clear up. All that melting snow, and then lots of rain rushing down the muddy path and into the pond.

He mowed under the Mimosa tree.

Several of our beloved dogs are buried on this hill above the pond and this was a little memorial Poppy and I made several years ago showing their names. There was Sampson, Nikki, Susie, Cocoa, Splash, Honey, Teddy, Millie, Chip, and Pooh. All were Labs except Teddy and Pooh were small Poodles. Nikki was Wolf and Lab. All were great dogs and we miss them. The spot is pretty run down looking now.

Water Iris are in bloom.

Once again, I need to get busy. My to do list has grown. I did take care of the bugs in the garden with some Dipel DF. Gosh, one eggplant was so bug eaten it may not survive. I got all the tomatoes staked but two, so I need to finish that. Thank you for visiting. :)


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Not feeling so good.

Nothing much accomplished around here yesterday, in fact, jobs were added to my 'to do' list and nothing crossed off.

Most days Eli knows when it's time for Poppy to get home from work. He waits at the gate on the front porch. As soon as the truck stops in the driveway I open the gate and Eli jumps from the top step and bolts outs. Wild horses couldn't hold him back. Monday was different. Eli didn't bother to get up when Poppy got home.  Tuesday morning I called the Vet.

Dr. Davis examined Eli from head to toe and did blood work. Eli tested positive for Ehrlichiosis. Not a surprise here. Ticks are awful this year. Eli will be taking Doxycycline for three weeks.

So, what to do first this morning...start mowing? (after the rain the grass is ankle deep again), stain the new well? tear down the old dog lot? dust the garden? (those tiny black bugs are eating holes in the eggplants), clean up the chicken lot? (it has turned into a mud hole), build a lean-to shelter on the chicken house? Need to get to the house work first and then decide which job to tackle.

Hanging around waiting for Miss Jewel to bring her new baby out.

Only one teeny tiny egg hatched.

Maybe by July this muddy pond will clear up. This Cecile Brunner (Boutonnier) Rose is kind of scrawny looking but kind of pretty too.

I simply must get up from here and get busy. Hope you all have a good day! See you again soon, hopefully! :)


Monday, May 11, 2015

Yikes! A snake!

Spending Saturday afternoon with Andee was just perfect. But good grief the hours flew. Here it is now Sunday afternoon and Andee is back in Virginia. We did have fun. It was the perfect Mother's Day gift. Thank you Andee!

Speaking of perfect gifts! I LOVE this "Henny Penny Lane" sign. Andee's friend Dawn made it for Andee to bring to me for Mother's Day...a surprise for Andee and for me. 

Andee and Dawn enjoy going to estate sales, flea markets, and thrift shops. Dawn enjoys making signs from old barn wood, which just may turn into a little business. Recently while out driving on a country road she passed a construction site where a bulldozer had pushed over an old barn and outbuilding, crushing most of the contents. Dawn stopped and asked permission to pick up some of the old boards and was told to help herself to anything out there. Dawn called Andee. Dawn also picked up this old granite ware looking tub. I believe it's part of an antique washing machine. Anyhow, Dawn decided to send that to me also. I am loving these things right now and can't wait to hang my new sign on the well house. Thank you Dawn!

Knowing how I love the color red in the cabin, Andee also brought this big soft red comforter.

Okay, here's my scary snake story.

Just before dark Saturday evening I ran out to shut and latch the chicken house door. We leave the door wide open during the day. So, yesterday morning when I unlatched and opened the chicken house door for the day, lo and behold there lay a dead Copperhead. Somehow I had managed to close the door on his head, killing him. I remember pushing on the door to get the latch to close...sometimes an acorn or stick will get lodged, keeping the door from closing so with the toe of my Crocs, I rake out whatever is there. Thankfully, this time I didn't do that. Sorry for the gloomy looking picture. It was taken in the dead of winter.

Okay, I'm off to finish my work. Thank you for visiting. :)


Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Mother's Day

In case I don't get back to my blog before Monday...Happy Mother's Day! 

My sweet Mother has been on my mind this morning. I've posted this picture probably too many times but it is my favorite. Mama holding me and Shelby standing by her side.

My Mother died on Thanksgiving Day in 2007. Her Mother, my Grandma, died on Mother's Day May 14, 1950. Mama's name was "Jewel" and she definitely was a jewel.

My sweet daughter Andee called this morning  to let me know...if it was okay with me...she was coming to see me for Mother's Day. Oh my gosh! If it's okay with me! I am absolutely tickled to death!

I love this old picture of Andee and little Madison.

Andee lives three hours away in Virginia. Madison, my sweet granddaughter, is away at a swim meet. Todd will stay home and look after the dogs and be there when Madison gets home. You know the sweetest thing? Todd asked Andee what she wanted for Mother's Day. Andee said, "I want to go see Mama". Thank you Todd and Madison for sending Andee this way for Mother's Day.

Andee and Bruno
Okay, I am still in my pajamas. Got to run over the floors with the vacuum, put sheets on the bed in the sewing room, wipe a little of the dust off things, and get myself looking halfway decent...we'll be going in some thrift stores for sure! Andee is on way as we speak!


Thursday, May 7, 2015

I could call this a gold post

Why didn't I wait!

I was so excited with seeing the golden Iris blooming amongst all the lavender Iris yesterday that I ran and got the camera...too soon.

I should have waited. Today the blooms are fully opened and so much prettier!

Oh my gosh! I've got to take care of this one and remember to cut the stalk off after the bloom is gone. Thank you Jo!

I'm thinking now that I will order more of the different colors.

The apple mint has come back this year. Several years ago Lynn was visiting some kin folk up in the North Carolina mountains and brought me a cutting of their apple mint. It is beautiful. It grows pretty tall, like two feet, and has fuzzy feeling leaves.

Okay, I need to get up from here and get back to work! Thank you for stopping in. :)