Monday, July 6, 2015

Little update on the garden and thinking of Mama

Look what opened up in the teeny tiny garden yesterday, and this one is not a volunteer! Nope, this is from a pack of mixed sunflower seeds I bought back in the spring and sowed a little row inside the garden fence. Wish I could keep this bloom forever, and look, a honeybee! 

This sunflower opened today. It is pretty too, but that first one looks like sunshine.

Seeing a honeybee is a good thing. But, honeybees scare me. Mama, bless her heart, used to call me to say, "please tie up your hair if you are going to be working outside today. Did you hear about the woman who went to the mailbox and a swarm of bees lit in her hair and stung her to death. Bees are attracted to dark hair", mama would warn me. Mama sure worried about me. Wish she was still with us. I miss her every day.

These were in the teeny tiny garden today. First time EVER growing onions. I am so tickled over these...and the squash! Where have all the squash bugs gone?  Reminds me of a song. :) We are getting lots of squash!

By the way, that first big tomato from the garden was not that good. It had a watery taste. Maybe too much rain? Hopefully the taste will improve with the others.

Okay, let me show you my kale. Promise you won't laugh?

Probably whatever ate up the row of kale also ate up all the squash bugs.

And, those yard long green beans...well there is probably miles of beans to be picked...miles! I am overwhelmed with long beans. When it cools off a bit late this afternoon I plan to pick all those beans.

Thank you Debby Ray for being my newest follower! :)

Better get busy. It's time for Poppy to get home and as hard as I've worked today...mowing in this hot humid weather...I'll be darned if he is going to catch me sitting down, like I have had nothing to do. (Something else I inherited from mama). 


Saturday, July 4, 2015

A few pickles and a stack of fabric

Tired out after a nice long walk around the pond in this hot July weather.

Happy 4th of July!!!

Like most holidays Poppy is working so we won't be doing anything special today. I kind of enjoy watching all the celebrating and fireworks on TV anyway.

Reading the words "sweet land of liberty" this morning reminded me of a funny story. Many years ago my first cousin came home from school and asked, "mama what is liver tea"? "I don't know", she said, "I've never heard of it, why"? "Because", said my cousin, "every morning we have to sing a song about sweet land of liver tea".

Yesterday, I made my one jar of pickles from the cucumbers off my one cucumber vine in the teeny tiny garden...

Actually, the pickles are not in the jar yet. I do not claim to be a pickle maker, but I do like this easy way to make myself a jar of pickles.

Slice and layer in a mixing bowl...cucumber, onion, garlic, and fresh dill.

Bring to a boil...two cups white vinegar, two cups water, one cup sugar, and three tablespoons of salt. Let mixture cool then pour over cucumbers. Cover bowl and put in refrigerator for three days. 

Pack in jar(s). Will keep in refrigerator for three weeks.

Our neighbor Ann stopped by a few minutes ago and gave me this stack of fabric. She surely did! I thanked her over and over and then said, "stay right there"! I ran inside, got two dozen eggs out of the refrigerator and put them in a bag, then ran them out to her. I mean, this is a lot of fabric! There are at least least four yards in some of the pieces! I am tickled to death over this fabric!

Need to get busy. While Ann was here, our other neighbors from down the path stopped by for a visit. Good to have nice neighbors! 


Thursday, July 2, 2015

Looking for teacups in Henderson

While in Henderson Tuesday I stopped by my favorite little rinky-dink thrift store. Rinky-dink it is, but I always find something special there. On this day however, nothing caught my eye. Glancing through the last rack of skirts, I noticed something on the floor under the rack. Raking it out with my foot I'm thinking, this looks right this skirt not totally me, up one side and down the other??

The green price tag was marked $2.99. But wait, the sign on the front door said, "all green tags, 50% off today". Wow! Just my style and only $1.50. I drove home feeling pretty smug. 

I have been searching searching searching for pretty teacups and saucers and seriously, there are none to be found in the thrift stores around here. Could it be that folks here aren't tea drinkers? Well, except for those big sixteen ounce tea glasses filled with ice and that Southern sweet tea which is a must with a meal! 

My daughter Lynn loves tea and at one time had a collection of beautiful teacups. Each of her four children, boys included, had their own pretty teacup and saucer. Late afternoon, Lynn would sit down with the children and they all would have tea. Now that the boys are grown I wonder if they ever think about those afternoon tea parties with their mother. I wonder if the boys would even drink a cup of tea now.

The old sugar bowl, center top, is from my Mother's set of china. It's all I have. Anyhow, I do enjoy one cup of tea in the afternoon. Tea with honey. I use the same tea stained teacup and saucer day in and day out. Have you seen Granny Marigold's teacup collection over at Have you seen Deb's teacups over at they put my little teacup to shame. :) I love their teacups!

Looking into my little cupboard today I was surprised to find a teacup or two...sitting right there in front of my eyes. 

Not too sure if I am happy with this post but Poppy is waiting for the computer. Thank you for visiting.


Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Is it a pumpkin?

Dumperoo (look at that little mouth) posing in red and gold. Makes a right pretty picture for my red blog, don't you think? :) I like the color red, if it's a dark rich red, but not so much for clothes. I rarely wear anything red. Red and gold are pretty colors in the cabin.

Got that trip to Henderson done yesterday, which pretty much used up the day. 

Looks like this volunteer vine has turned out to be a pumpkin. What do you think?

Peeping under the vine at the flower.

Citron Melon seeds from last year.

Remember the volunteer citron melon vine that grew up at the teeny tiny garden last summer? Volunteer, mind you!  Well that citron melon made delicious preserves so this year I actually sowed a few citron melon seeds around the fence at the garden. Not even one of those seeds have come up!

 Citron Melon

Citron Preserves

Guess there won't be any citron preserves made this summer. Well, unless my friend Nellie brings me one of her melons. Nellie stopped by last summer in her raggedy old truck. She had been in somebody's field pulling citron melons, with permission, of course. Nellie makes citron preserves too.

Need to go up to the teeny tiny garden this morning. Not much of a post here. Hope to be back soon.


Monday, June 29, 2015

Who has time for a "to do" list!

It's nuts around here folks!

Here it is Monday evening! It's crazy when the day starts off so busy that you don't have time to look at your "to do" list. I did manage to get the bed made, the dishes put away, the kitchen floor swept, the litter boxes cleaned out, the living room straightened up, and the animals fed before Poppy asked, "are ready to help with the shop"?

The back side of the shop has some rotting wood. We replaced the bad boards with treated 2 x 4's. But wait, we're not done yet! Tomorrow I've been selected to drive to Lowes in Henderson for more nails and a gallon of the best heavy duty oil-based outside paint, one that will cover every flaw in these old fake logs. I'm thinking a rich walnut brown color over this faded red would look good. Also while in Henderson I need to pick up prescriptions and a few usual! That means my long "to do" list will lay on the bar untouched for another day.

Some kitties around here have nothing to do but play.

But that's okay!

Here is the first red tomato from the teeny tiny garden. Big and heavy, but not too pretty. It almost looks like two tomatoes grown together?? 

Better get busy. Gosh, it's almost 9:00! I had planned to sew tonight. A day or so ago I cut out two aprons....a red and black print and a green and black print. The trim and pockets on both aprons I had cut from black fabric...or so I thought. When I sat down at the sewing machine last night...prepared to sew... I realized that I had cut the pockets and trim from navy blue fabric, not black. Always something!!

Hope to be back soon.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Sorry, more about those long beans!

Thank you Connie, and thank you Shirley Cox...two new followers. You know, I don't think I mentioned or thanked some followers in the past and I feel just awful about that. Please know that I appreciate you all and your friendship so much.

I left some of the flower heads on the dill because they were so very pretty and also because the flowers were simply covered in insects. Maybe even beneficial insects! I do want the dill to keep growing so I'm cutting the flower heads off most the plants, like you suggested.

The yard long beans were delicious! Delicious! I had picked only four of the long beans, so I ran back to the teeny tiny garden and picked two more. Then cut the beans into smaller pieces and stir fried in olive oil and garlic. Poppy ate a piece or two. I asked, what do you think? "They're alright", he answered. That's about as close to a compliment as Poppy ever gets. Ever! About anything! 

I didn't take the laundry basket to the garden to pick beans in this morning but did carry my largest granite ware pan.

 How pretty to look inside the crookneck squash vine. Mama thought crookneck yellow squash were the best, but only if the squash were picked while small and tender. 

A few of the squash on the bottom here are too big. Yep, I missed going to the garden one day.

Big lovable Eli is so irresistible, it keeps me busy taking pictures...but look...

Weetie, the real guard dog at the garden this morning. Seriously, This little dog would probably give her life for me. She stands faithfully on this old bench while I am in the garden. She will not leave me. 

Poppy and I rescued Weetie a few years ago. A family moved away and left her alone in the country to fend for herself. She was hidden in the woods for several days, we could hear her whining. Then one day Poppy and I were working outside and spotted her. She was lonely and hungry but afraid to come to us. All it took was a few kind words and a hand held out. 

Weetie is now happy and healthy. She does have a serious heart murmur but she sees the vet often and is on a daily heart pill...and is a touch overweight. We sure love her. Did I tell you that she bit the Direct TV repairman? Well, she did. I think he may have reminded her of her former owner. 

Need to get busy. I may have to run from a storm later. Poppy works until 6:00 tonight. Seriously, I am trying hard to not be afraid of thunderstorms...something I inherited from my dear sweet Mother. The sound of thunder and my first thought is "RUN"! There is a cozy little thrift store in downtown. Now that's a handy little place to be during a storm. Lots to keep one's mind off lightening and thunder.

Hope to be back soon.


Thursday, June 25, 2015

Early, very early, and more on the yard long beans

What it's like here at 4:30 a.m. when the lights are turned on and a moth flies under the lamp shade.

Do you have to use that flash so early in the morning??

The same routine day in and day out...lights on and animals come from every direction. Bickett meowing at the laundry room door. Smokey wanting a new can of food and Dumperoo chasing a bug through the house. As soon as my feet hit the floor, jobs begin piling up. Taking Eli and Weetie outside is absolutely first. Then start the coffee, pack Poppy's lunch, then on and on we go. Gosh! How did everything get to be my job? Would I have it any other way? Probably not. Wouldn't mind trying it another way once though to see how it feels. :) That first cup of coffee sure is good !

Late yesterday in the teeny tiny garden I picked a handful, four to be exact, of the yard long green beans. The longest here is 27".

Reading about these beans, why, they sound fun to grow and really good to eat. These yard long beans are also known as Chinese long beans and are delicious, so I've read, stir fried in olive oil with garlic. I'm going to try, try mind you, seeing as how I don't do anything really good, to stir fry some of these beans for supper tonight. Crisp, crunchy, and bright green instead of the southern, cooked to a mush and seasoned with a little fat back grease. 

Also read that these beans are aggressive climbers, which I am finding out, and should be harvested daily, and best picked before getting a yard at 12-18", oops! These in the teeny tiny garden are getting on up near a yard! Probably should carry a laundry basket with me to the garden this morning.

I simply must get busy. Good grief! This day is flying! See you back here soon or over at your place. :)