Tuesday, February 9, 2016

wondering, building, hoping

Thought I would eat my bowl of shredded wheat here at the computer this morning and at least check in. Why, I've been away three days!

Sometimes I wonder, is there really "that much" work to be done?  But where do my days go? Sometimes being a Virgo kicks in and that weird thinking; if you can't do it all, and do it perfect, then don't do anything! 

At the edge of dark...

A couple of evenings ago, we had another of those strange pink and blue sunsets. The entire sky...all around was pink and blue

Going inside for the camera, I said to Poppy, you need to walk outside, the sky is a beautiful pink and blue...yeah, I can tell from here he said. There was a little opening in the curtain.

It's good to share things these things. :)

Now yesterday was busy. Love Mondays!! I built a door...

 far from perfect, but it opens and closes and serves the purpose.

Rosie thinks it is a fine job and will feel mighty safe closed in there at night.

Rosie pretty much runs things in the teeny tiny goat lot now...

Looks like they are fussing over those green pine needles I gave Asa.

This, not so great, picture was taken from the kitchen window. Just happened to look out and Rosie was climbing on Eli's back.

Better get busy. I need to go buy another bale of hay...and I need a new hoe! The last time I picked up the hoe, the first chop broke the handle off. That old hoe was worn down to a nub anyhow.

Also need to pick up some dormant oil spray for fruit trees. I am determined to grow fruit on these few little fruit trees of ours!! I have been reading and writing down everything that fruit trees need, beginning in the month of February. So for this month, it is pruning and spraying with dormant oil. 

Who knows? I might be selling fruit along the side of the road one of these days. 


Saturday, February 6, 2016

A new baby! and then some other stuff...

The biggest news of this day is little "Addie", my new great granddaughter! Born last evening at 5:39 p.m. I won't steal Lynn's sweet picture of Addie for my blog...since Lynn is Addie's grandma, and that of course, is the highlight of Lynn's blog, Side Tracked. I sure would love to hold this little Addie!

Back to my dull routine...while in Henderson at Tractor Supply a day or so ago, I did make a quick stop at the Salvation Army Thrift Store...

I picked up this picture for $2.00. I love the beautiful heavy frame, and the white kitty is so sweet. 

also found three pieces of solid color cotton fabric. These come in handy for lining sunbonnets. The white basket was less than a dollar, fabric pieces .25 each.

always a curious kitty snooping around...

This small porcelain doll was $.49. Sometimes it is hard to tell if something is old or just simply dirty. Her apron and bonnet are stained. I never could walk away from a poor dolly needing a home.

another, not so nosy, kitty sleeping in the sun.

Ironing always, always, gets me to thinking about mama. Mama thought everything needed to be ironed...sheets, pillowcases, towels, washcloths, daddy's boxer shorts...everything. Growing up, Mama would say to me on Saturday morning, if you want do something to help, start ironing the clothes in that basket. All the flat pieces were fun to iron and fold. Shelby probably had to iron some of the harder pieces...well, I'm sorry,  she was older than me. :)

Even into late 1950's Mama was still mixing up starch for  the shirts, blouses, and dresses. After the clothes were brought in from off the clothesline, mama would carry the pile of starched pieces to the kitchen sink, turn the cold water faucet on low and with her hand sprinkle water on each piece of clothing until it was damp. She then rolled each piece into a smooth ball that looked like dough and covered them with a cloth and put them in the refrigerator.  Once the sprinkled clothes were cold, they ironed easier and looked better. I can just hear mama saying, "I've simply got to get the clothes sprinkled and in the refrigerator".  Yep, I remembered all this when I got out my can of spray starch to use on that dresser scarf.

Goodness,  didn't mean to write this much. Poppy is probably waiting for the computer. I'll end this now.  I did want to show you how close little Rosie and Asa have become...

Pardon the mess. I swept the teeny tiny barn twice today. :)


Thursday, February 4, 2016

It's been three years, today!

Dear friends,

Waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to go back to sleep is driving me crazy!! Last night, it was 12:30. I lay there thinking of crap until 2:00 a.m., got out of bed, got my book, "At Home In Mitford", sat myself down in the rocking chair in the sewing room and read until 3:00 a.m.  

Anyhow, while lying there awake, thinking...it came to me that it was in February of 2013 that Henny Penny Lane came into being. So, just minutes ago, checking to see the date of my first post...and can you believe this...it was February 4th!!

and here is my very first post...


I have wanted a blog for a long time but never believed that I would actually have one. For sure, I am not a writer. However, living on a hobby farm in a log cabin and caring for chickens, ducks, guineas, bantams, dogs, cats, and a couple of funny goats, I am bound to have a few good pictures and stories.


So, I remember Lynn saying, Mom, all you need to do now is start writing your posts. Like what, I said. Anything you want to write about, said Lynn, you might start with "herein I begin my blog", and those were my exact first words.  I am real creative! :)

Looking back at that picture of the cabin makes me want those brown logs back. Good gosh! Did we really stain our cabin red and turn the front porch into a dog lot?

yes we did, along about the time Eli was a teenager. 

Blogging has been really really fun. I appreciate you friends so much...the best friends I've ever had, are my blogging friends. Thank you!

Good gosh, I've got to get busy! On my list today is a trip to Henderson to the Tractor Supply store, then on to the grocery store, and I simply must squeeze in a few minutes to run in that old Salvation Army thrift store in Henderson.

Thank you all! Hope you will come back.


Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A photo shoot! Really!

It's a surprise now every time I open my blog and see the row of baby chicks across the top. During that last ice/snow/freezing rain storm, Lynn had a little free time, which is rare. She called and said mama, do you still want me to help you with some things on your blog? Lynn is sweet and kind like that. You can visit Lynn at sidetrackedlynn.blogspot.com. Thank you Lynn.

Eli came home looking sleepy and tired, but mighty spiffy, after his appointment with Linsey, at The Animal House.

I asked Eli if he felt up to a quick photo shoot before his nap. All that grooming sure wears a fellow out!

Linsey says Eli is a sweeeet  boy!

Wait Mom! Is it okay if Rosie is in this one?

We get this cool side swept look by turning the fan....just kidding.

We have been so wrapped up in Rosie lately, there has hardly been time to think about anything else. At least she took my mind off raking leaves for a while. Last Monday however, was warm and sunny and seeing that rake leaning there against that Oak tree...well, there was stopping me. I raked and raked and raked up leaves... It was wonderful!!  When my lower back began to hurt, I put the rake away and pushed the wheelbarrow up to the teeny tiny greenhouse. Several of the summer plants had died.

Emptied and washed out lots of pots.

There was no way to keep these Impatients and other tender plants living all winter...not with this little milk house heater. It would be cheaper to buy new plants.

Anyhow, that's about it for now. I would love to work outside today, but it's cloudy and cool right now with rain and thunderstorms coming in later...maybe even a tornado watch! Glad Poppy gets off work around 1:00 today.

Hope to be back here soon!


Monday, February 1, 2016

Rosie update

Dear friends, I appreciate your comments about little Rosie and that dreadful first night in the big scary barn. I had all intentions of replying to each one...and simply ran out of time. Since that first night, everything has been fine. She is a bouncing, happy, sweet little bundle of joy. She makes us laugh.

After changing some things, like putting the carrier she was used to sleeping in, inside the enclosed section of the barn, and then feeding her late, before we go to bed,  she has been sleeping through the night. Rosie is happy and I know she is safe, so I can relax. Asa sleeps in that bare spot there in front of the carrier, so that's good.

I'm not crazy about being outside at night in the dark, even though the teeny tiny barn is only a few steps from the house. So, I said to Poppy, when it was time to feed Rosie that last bottle, I wish we still had that old light, the one we used to take camping back in the 70's. Poppy said, it may still be in the shop, let me look.

Guess what! Poppy had to hit it a few times, but it came on and still works. Amazing, because the battery has never been changed.

Poppy won this light on a punch board at his uncle Tom's gas station/barber shop in West End North Carolina. Do you remember when punch boards were popular? Those things were fun to play. Poppy won a bunch of stuff. Anyhow, the old light was perfect to set up in the barn while feeding Rosie.

I'll have to admit, that is me in the picture. I should be ashamed to post such a thing, but what the heck. I had raked leaves most of the morning, then cleaned out the little greenhouse. So that's my excuse for looking as ragged as I do. 

Oh my, it's bedtime! Hope to be right back here tomorrow.


Remember Miss Ann? and Fred, her husband? This is their Grandson, Dash. Visiting from Chicago. He helped Poppy feed Rosie.

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rosie comes back inside

Let me tell you about our night. I expected to worry. There was no way around it. 

At bedtime, I got my coat and a light and started out to the barn one last time to make sure Rosie was okay. Well her pitiful crying could be heard as soon as I opened the front door. It broke my heart. She had come out of the barn and was standing at the fence alone in the cold dark night.

I didn't walk, I ran to pick her up. Of all the snuggling and cuddling...she could not get close enough...rubbing her little cold nose on my neck and nuzzling my ear.

We came inside and heated a bottle of milk. She was hungry. She snuggled in my arms for a quite some time. I then brought the carrier back in, fixed her bed, put her inside with her stuffed dog, and she went fast asleep. Not another peep was heard.

The picture is from this morning when Poppy and I were making some changes to the teeny tiny barn. We put a door on the enclosed part of the barn. Tonight Rosie will sleep in the carrier with a warm bed and her stuffed dog...just like she had in here with us...except the carrier will be in the barn with Asa. I also plan to feed her a bottle of warm milk at 10:00, before we all go to sleep.

Just had to show you this little video. Poppy was fixing the latch on the carrier...at least he was trying to fix the latch...

Thank you for stopping by. I promise not to go on and on about this. :)


Okay, I have tried twice and the video will not load...and it is so cute! Guess I'll try again tomorrow. :(

Friday, January 29, 2016

Rosie moves to the barn...

It was warmer today and the sun was shinning. It was wonderful.

Wanted to let you know, this little sweetie has a name, it's "Rosie" .  The name popped into my head in the middle of the night. 

This morning there was an email from Robbie and Debbie. Remember the girls from the farm where Rosie was born? Their place is called, "Two Girls in the Garden".  Anyhow, they told me that Rosie would be fine staying in the barn with Asa.

so we moved her today. Asa loves the new baby! I've worked outside most of the day and watched them.  Probably won't sleep any tonight though...worrying about Rosie.

We could see them from the kitchen window.  At the edge of dark, I warmed her bottle of milk and fed her.   

Eli is just glad to have his chair back. 

That's about it for news tonight. Guess I need get all the animal's beds ready. Thank you for visiting.


P.S.   Thank you to my newest follower, Vintage Clutter. Thank you all too for the nice comments...sorry for not replying. I appreciate you very much.