Thursday, October 8, 2015

I do apologize

Poppy comes home from hunting around lunchtime then goes back into woods around 3:00 and sits in the tree until 6:30. Eli and Weetie love to hear that four-wheeler coming up the road.

It is not often that a Virgo gets her facts mixed up and puts out a bunch of wrong information. Why Virgos are, after all, perfectionists! But I'm afraid this time it was me who screwed up. 

To all my dear sweet Canadian blogging friends who asked me, "where in the world is Green Mountain Canada", well there may not be a Green Mountain Canada. Shelby and Jimmy, Pat and Mike were vacationing in Blue Mountain Canada.

When Shelby told me that it was Blue Mountain and not Green Mountain, I said well I'm pretty sure you said Green Mountain. Shelby said, no, I'm pretty sure I said Blue Mountain. We laughed and left it at that. Later going through papers on the bar, I saw my note scribbled when Shelby called before they left for said, will be in Blue Mountain Ontario Canada. Oops! I apologize.

I have just about killed myself working again today. I cleaned the goat area in front of this little manger looking barn that was a foot deep in rotted hay, goat droppings, rich soil, and earthworms. Eight wheelbarrow loads I struggled to push up to the garden and empty.

Moving on to the next job, I cleaned and raked under the shelter where we park the mower, the four-wheeler, store the hay, etc., which turned out to be quite the job and added another load of mulch to go in the garden.

Poppy may be needing the computer. Hope to be back soon. The bed will feel mighty good tonight.


Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Outside on a sunny day

This day has been so pretty! I started to point the camera right at the sun and take a picture. We have had beautiful sunshine all day long and after two weeks of cloudy rainy windy weather, well it felt wonderful.

After making the bed, putting the dishes away, and straightening up the house I carried Eli to the groomer. He came home clean and white.

Have to admit though, I am beat. Simply worn out. I cleaned out most of the garden today, pulling up all the bean and tomato stakes and then the vines. I potted up five pots of Dill for the teeny tiny greenhouse, then moved the thirty small Rose of Sharon plants I've started to the greenhouse. I then started mowing the front yard and up around the garden. The mowing is what did me in! The grass had gotten so tall I had to mow over each row twice.

The animals enjoyed the sun today too. I was clipping and getting some knots from BunBun's fur when Smokey came along and made himself at home.

Smokey is a trip! He is everywhere! Have I told you how he catches a mouse almost every night? Well he does, and leaves them at the front door. Must be his way of thanking us for giving him a home.

Oh my, it is 10:00, bedtime! Poppy probably wants to look at the computer so I will say goodnight. Hope to be back soon.


Monday, October 5, 2015

Mama's car

Good morning! on this rainy windy chilly Monday morning. Tomorrow though, the SUN is supposed to shine! Will we even know how to act? Probably not me!

Lately, having to use the windshield wipers every time I get in the car has sure made me think about mama. Mama could say the funniest things...and be very serious about it.

This older model Toyota Corolla that I drive, once belonged to mama. She bought this little car brand new in 1998. She was as proud of this car as she would have been of a Rolls-Royce, seriously!

Anyhow, several years back, I had gone to spend a weekend with mama and on Saturday we went out shopping, "you drive, and we'll take my car, said mama. It was a rainy day, but the rain had turned into an aggravating mist and drizzle . Working with the windshield wiper knob and only finding 'high speed' or 'low speed', I asked mama, "can't you set the windshield wipers on intermediate"? "oh good Lord no", she said.  "This little old car didn't come with anything but a set of seats". 

This picture was taken on Mama's 90th Birthday in 2007, the same year she died. Mama always had that little smile.

Before the rain started two weeks ago Poppy and I got the front and one end of the shop painted. Maybe with some sunshine later in the week we can get this job finished. I'm also making new curtains for the ugly little windows. This shop really is an ugly little building and if we had it to do over, we would not pick that fake log look. Yuk!

I will leave you with sweet Smokey sleeping in Weetie favorite spot. Makes me want to take a nap.

Better get busy. Poppy is on vacation this week. Black Powder deer hunting is in. He went in to work to take inventory but will be back soon.

Thank you my friends, and a special thank you to a new follower, 'Woods Country Cove'. I am so excited!


Friday, October 2, 2015

Our living room sure gets lived in!!

Did you know that Eli is trying to take my place on the couch? Well, he is. The big fat chair belongs to Eli. To sit for a minute and put my feet up on the coffee table, I now have to beg and plead. This sweetie pie can be stubborn as a mule. I just don't like sitting in the middle of the couch!

This big dog is an angel, but still, the wear and tear on this small house and especially on the living room furniture is unbelievable! Looks like we've kept a horse in the house. 

Speaking of the couch...

Several, and I do mean several, years ago, Lynn gave me two beautiful pillows for our big leather couch. These pillows are now ragged, worn out, and dirty, filthy dirty! I have taken them apart, washed, and re-stuffed them. I have patched holes and stitched up rips. Seriously, the time has come to let them go.

Plundering through my stash of fabrics, I found a piece similar to the old pillows. Friends, I went to work trying to sew two pillow to look like the old ones.

Actually, the new pillow turned out much better than I expected. Making the ruffle from the heavy fabric was the hardest part. Still have to finish the second one.

What an improvement! I'm not that crazy about the purple in the new fabric but I can live with it. I'm just tickled that we will have two nice clean sturdy fabric pillows!

Cousin Pat has sent me another surprise package. She is good at that, you know.

Lots of vintage, doilies or scarves. Are these called doilies? What were all these tiny doilies used for? Does anyone know?
Pat sent these things for me to cut up and use for doll making. It would be hard to cut these pretty things.

and a teeny tiny pocket that measures 2"x 2", embroidered with a rooster.
I do so appreciate these things. Thank you, Patty!

Our weather this morning!! It is windy, pouring rain, temperature 59 degrees. This is supposed to continue on through the weekend. We should all be down right depressed by then! I'm fixing to bundle up and run to the grocery store for a few things.

Hope to be back soon. I appreciate your visit.


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Seriously, A book Post!

Okay friends, picture this; me, writing a post on the books I've read recently and those I want to read. Yes, that is exactly what I am doing...and drinking tea, and relaxing, and wearing reading glasses. Gosh, will wonders never cease! I'm glad none of you can see me!

Seriously, want to know what got me started?

It was when Marty Damon's book "Earthly Needs" became available at Amazon. Marty's blog,  is one of my favorites. I could not wait to get her book ordered and read. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Then it was Donna at who told me about the book, " The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly", by SUN-MI HWANG so I ordered it too. 

Oh my goodness, I loved this little book about a chicken. In four days I had finished both books.

So now, fired up about reading I did a search through the bookcase and found the book "Maggie Sweet" by Judith Minthorn Stacy. This is one of Shelby's books. I had promised to read it and return it a few years ago but never did. Oops! I finished this one in two days and loved it! 

So now I am about half way through the book "At Home In Mitford" by Jan Karon. This is one of Shelby's all time favorite books and I can see why. Oh my! I want to live in Mitford.

Even before reading those first two books, I read and enjoyed the book, "More Than a Ticket" by Argie Ella Hoskins. I found Argie's blog while writing a post about my Daddy's business trips to New York  in the 1950's. Argie's book is full of great pictures and stories from those years. Argie was an Airline Stewardess for American Airlines in the 50's. Being an airline stewardess was my dream in high school.

I've never been one to sit and read. Very intelligent people are avid readers, right? Wonder if I would become intelligent if I became an avid reader? Very doubtful. Now Shelby has always been an avid reader. Mama used to say, "Shelby has always got her head stuck in book". Growing up, I would get so tired of Shelby and her reading. She never heard a word I said! We were supposed to be playing but no, Shelby had to read every word on everything! Guess that's why she was always in the Beta Club in school and I barely got passing grades. I love you anyway, Shelby! :)

Better get busy. There's lots of work to be done around here. No time to waste sitting around. :) 


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another animal post

Our peace maker around here.

What with dentist appointments, doctor appointments, vet appointments, and baby animals everywhere I look, why there's no time for anything else.

Lately it has been a full time job taking care of animals

like this little "Punkin" taking up my time! When my son-in-law saw the new bunny's picture he said to Andee, "your mom needs to name him Punkin". So that settles my trying to pick a name from that perfect list. At least, if one day "Punkin" and "BunBun" have babies, we will have lots of names to choose from.

And good grief, that mama guinea with the eight, well now seven, babies. She is bound and determined to sleep in that cedar tree high above the chicken lot and calls her babies to do the same.

I wish you could have seen the chaos at roosting time one evening last week.  Why, it was pathetic. There were baby guineas falling. Some landing in the  chicken lot and some in the grape vines.

Late in the day an idea hit me...


Seriously, as soon as I drug out this tall ladder and opened it,  the babies began using it. It was the cutest thing. The videos are not great but will give you an idea of how sweet this was.


Every evening now the guinea crowd gathers at the foot of the ladder and the babies begin climbing up to bed. There are still two babies who absolutely can't fly. I catch them and they sleep in a cage next to "Punkin". Come morning light, I open the cage door and they join the others.

Yesterday it was a trip to the vet for Weetie. She has an eye infection. Could it be the constant rough-housing with Smokey? Always one chasing the other.

Hopefully, things will settle down a little. I've got housework to do, and gardening too. Now that we've had some rain I need to dig holes and set out some of these fruit trees that have outgrown their pots. I'm so behind with everything!

Thank you for visiting. 


By the way, for my blogging friends in Canada, my sister Shelby and husband Jimmy, along with cousin Pat and husband Mike are vacationing in Green Mountain Canada this week. Oh my, I do envy them. I really want to go to Canada...only I want go and stay!  :)

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A foggy morning one day last week, and a late blooming rose...

Where the heck did yesterday go! I wanted to post and at least say that Poppy and I are still together. He didn't say much about the new bunny, just looked at me like, "have you lost your mind". He did say "no" when I asked if he wanted to hold her.

Thank you all so much for the comments, for caring about these little animals, those we lost recently and those still with us. 

The names you all suggested are perfect!

Buttercup, Taffy, Peaches, Butterscotch, Cinnabun, Bella, Honeybun, Honey, Ginger, Nutmeg, Oleo, Margie, Sweet Cream.

I just can't decide which one to use. And this new ducky needs a name too. 

Does she remind you a little of a pigeon?

Thank goodness for the rain that started yesterday and is still falling today. 

We need it. The pond was getting seriously low.

Never a dull moment with a goat...

Maybe hay tastes better eaten off the top of your head. Actually the goats don't like this new $12.00 bale of Coastal hay. I thought a goat would eat anything!

And the last gathering of vegetables from the teeny tiny garden. It has been so dry. I was surprised there was anything left.

Probably should get busy now. We just may have a hamburger for supper tonight. I love a 'not too thick' hamburger patty cooked done, on a fresh roll with mustard, ketsup, a large thin slice of onion, and a couple slices of dill pickle. How do you like your hamburger? :)

Thank you for visiting.