Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Playhouse/Potting Shed...Dream come true!

Come on in, the door's open...

Gosh, really there is no time for a post. It's almost noon, Poppy just left for work, and I've simply got to sweep and mop the kitchen floor, vacuum the house, and clean the living room carpet! Simply got to!

However, I really really wanted to show you the playhouse...

We actually made the two eight foot fence panels into a ten foot back wall and a six foot side wall. 

I've been gathering boards and bricks and things to build shelves. More stuff will make it prettier. Decorating is the best part!

Just this morning I said to Poppy, "I've got to decide where to put my little wood stove". "What wood stove", he asked. "The little wood stove I am looking to buy". "Don't you remember", I asked...

"in the little picture how the lady likes a spot of tea to ward off the chill, and her little wood-burning stove does just the trick"?

Here you can see both sides. Adding the fence panels sure toned down that long legged tower, didn't it. All this happiness, and from two 35.00 fence panels. The playhouse of my dreams. 

You know what else would be nice? A pretty little garden table with two small chairs. Oh my!

Okay, I'm off the get the mop and a bucket of soapy water. Hope to be back here soon.


Friday, May 19, 2017

So far, so good!

Thought you would like to know.

We have the six foot side section up! The ten foot section will go across the back...there behind the potting bench.

This work is hard. Poppy does the hammering, sawing, drilling , etc., but I run my legs off, going for things he needs. 

At one point I had been around the house and down near the pond to our stash of old boards and building supplies, looking for one more 4 x 4 post, which I found. Sweating, and lugging the heavy post up to the building site, I said to Poppy...

"I know one thing! Being the gopher is just about as much work as being the builder"!  Poppy said, "yes, but if it wasn't for the gopher, we wouldn't be doing all this"!  :)

Hopefully, tomorrow we will get the back section up and the playhouse will be done! I can move in!  :)

Thank you for visiting and for all your encouraging words.


Old sweet Eli still has his white eye lashes.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Catching up!

Wasn't it about two weeks ago that I said "tomorrow, I will show you the garden?" The days sure go by fast, don't they?

First day home from my little trip to Virginia, I bought wire and built a door for the front of the teeny tiny goat barn. Poppy bought the door hinges and installed them for me. That was the hardest part!

now these two spoiled little goats can be closed in, giving Eli some peace and quiet when he is inside the fence.

Sounds crazy, but Eli is so sweet and humble, the goats bully him...it started off being all fun and games, but now I am afraid the goats will hurt him. That's Eli's goat lot too! :)

Mother's Day turned out very very special...

it's Madison! She has the sweetest smile. Home from college for a couple of weeks, she and her mom and dad came for Mother's Day. Eli loved it! Yay! Finally, a young person! Somebody who can still run and play!

Madison brought me this sweetest coffee mug...

and Andee and Todd brought me these pretty New Guinea Impatiens...

I loved cooking dinner for them. Now that all the grandchildren are about grown, none of them visit much anymore. It was a special day for sure!

That's the little herb garden behind the old barrel and watering can, and hidden there behind rosemary. Things are growing...

of course, the mint in the center is growing best. Thankfully, it is planted in a buried pot...after all these years, I've finally learned. Some of the plants are still very tiny, but there is pineapple sage, broad leaf sage, German thyme, parsley, cilantro, chives, and dill. Don't know what happened to the basil, but I will plant more. Now, if I only knew how to cook using herbs. :(

we have little squash in the garden...

and the bean vines seem to like the wattle fence. The tomato plants are over to the left. Plants are still small but so far things are looking good. It is a teeny tiny garden, you know.

We've been enjoying the stir fry broccoli. Pepper plants are growing.

Oh my, I've got to get busy. It is hot this afternoon. The bunnies still need feeding and Eli needs a walk...before time to start supper. 

Today, I've sectioned off where the two fence panels will go for the playhouse...even started digging the post holes. Friday, we plan to TRY  putting the panels up. Gosh, those 6' x 8' sections are heavy! HEAVY! I had no idea! Keep your fingers crossed that all goes well. Poppy is not so sure this is a good idea. :[

Thank you, friends!


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Happy Mother's Day

Sure do appreciate the nice comments you left on my last post and I really meant to reply to each one...now here it bedtime.

I did want to wish you all a happy Mother's Day. Mama is on my mind just about every day. She passed away in 2007 and I still miss her so very much.

I've posted this picture of her several times now...probably every Mother's Day, but it is my favorite. That's me in her arms and my sister Shelby standing beside her. She loved her children and we all loved her.

This morning Poppy said, Do you want to ride to Lowes and look at the fence panels. I sure did! and guess what! We bought two, and the four posts to put them up with. A Mother's Day present and I'm not even his mom! :)

Happy Mother's Day to all you moms!!


Thursday, May 11, 2017

Not gardening, but school days

A couple of things this morning...

I meant to say thank you to Richard Piper for following my blog. Thank you Richard!

and...yesterday after a few folks had read my post, I noticed that I had spelled heel, hill, when talking about Madison's wedge heel shoes. It was funny because of the memories that brought back.

It was 1960 and my friends, Mary, Audrey, Loretta, Hilda, and I were bumping along in the school bus on those back country roads, headed home after school. None of us lived really close to each other.

Audrey, Hilda

Mary, Audrey, Loretta

We were all seniors and excited over our upcoming trip to Washington DC. The long ride home gave us a chance to make a list of things to pack for the trip. As we each finished our list we passed it to the the others to read. Well, the girls started laughing at my list! Why? Because I had written down "hills". I meant heels. So, after all these years, I've done it again. :)

That's me on the right with a pretty dumb look. If I remember correctly, I was trying to look sexy. I wanted to be a movie star, you know. :) Mary and I were climbing the stairs in the Washington monument.

I just read on line that there are 897 steps to the Washington monument and that the steps were closed for walking up in 1971. Humm, guess I was lucky.

This was going to be a gardening post but it can wait until tomorrow. I've been in the garden this morning and it is hot and humid. We may get thunderstorms later...


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I'm back!

It's me, Henny, home again, and as mama used to say, "I don't know which way to turn!" 

The little vacation was wonderful! Time spent with my daughter and granddaughter was wonderful! Not having to cook for three days was wonderful!

and here's another wonderful! I got to meet a very special blogging friend, Dianna, from the blog forgiven. It was so exciting! Let me tell you, she is as sweet and friendly, and sincere in person as she is on her blog. We didn't have enough time, so our visit was way too short. I'm hoping to go back one day and we can maybe have lunch together. At least we got to meet. Thank you Dianna for waiting in the heat and humidity for us. Andee got a picture of Dianna and me...for my blog, but, of course, my eyes were closed and my mouth was open, so I'm not posting that one.   

Back home at Andee's, this is Madison's kitty cat, Percy...

he is adorable...big old thing! He's a tad overweight and has a crooked little mouth, and doesn't seem to care who holds him.

here, it's Andee supporting all that weight.

On our little trip, we stopped at a place called Coopers Rock. Oh my, it was breathtaking! Yes, that is my granddaughter Madison walking down the steep side of that rock in wedge hill oops! heel shoes. I was scared to death she would turn her ankle or fall! 

my nerves were shot! We got out of there without a scratch. :) I am truly a world traveler, can you tell? Call me mama!

Okay, this is my post! Hopefully, I will be back soon. Can't wait to show you how the teeny tiny garden is growing. Now I am off to read some really good posts...yours!


Oh, that first picture, that's my dream home. I snapped it along the way...seems like it was western Maryland maybe. We had driven through lots of rain and thunderstorms, and I love the way the clouds dipped down over that beautiful farm.

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Going away for a few days

I'm leaving...on a jet plane!    Not really, but I am leaving at noon today in my 1998 Toyota Corolla. Going north to Virginia to see my daughter Andee. Then Andee and I are going to see my granddaughter Madison at her college.

Poppy will be here alone with just the animals to keep him company. I've pointed out where the groceries are kept, and where he will find a spoon and fork. :)  Hopefully, he won't starve before I can get back on Sunday.

Good gosh!! Be sure to tell him where you keep the cat food!

My biggest worry is having to cross that long Monitor-Merrimack Bridge and tunnel in Virginia...

Bridges and tunnels scare me and this one gives me goosebumps just looking at the picture!

Okay, hope to be back soon.