Sunday, September 25, 2016

The little mystery sweetie pie

Simply had to find a minute for a quick post to show you that little sweetie pie I mentioned in yesterday's post...and here she is...

meet eight week old "Penny", and look...

she will let me hold her. A bunny that I can actually hold. Isn't she adorable?

I still can't believe we got this bunny. See, before we left for the beach, I was looking on Craigslist at the bunnies and saw Penny. The sweetest lady was selling her for $40.00 but gosh, they lived in Fayetteville...two hours away. We emailed back and forth and I explained that we were leaving for the beach for a few days, and since she was asking $40.00 and lived two hours away, that I probably would not be able to get the bunny anyway and that she should go ahead and sell her, if she got an offer.

A couple days after we were home from the beach I sent an email. The bunny was still available and she would take $20.00. She just wanted the bunny to go to a good home. I told Poppy how I had thought about this bunny all the time we were at the beach, then showed him the picture from Craigslist, and told him the lady had dropped the price from $40.00 to $20.00.  He said, ask her if we can pick the bunny up on Sunday. Whew! 

Getting close to home after that long, four hour drive Poppy said, I can't believe we drove four hours, used up twenty dollars worth of gas and then paid $20.00 for a "Penny". 

Okay, time to put the animals to bed. Thank you for coming back. I'll never understand why you do, but thank you!


Saturday, September 24, 2016

The rat's nest

It was December of last year when Jimmy, from the little feed and seed/license plate agency store, brought me the last of my apron money. It was also in December that my back problems started. With an aching back, sewing was the farthest thing from my mind.

Months passed and with the steroid injections, I've been pretty much back to normal...don't know if that's a good thing or not, you know, the steroid injections. Anyhow, a couple of weeks ago Jimmy knocked at our door carrying an arm load, five, to be exact, of men's pants that needed to be hemmed, or in some cases, cut off and hemmed, and asked if I would do the job. Of course I would. Absolutely!

When the last pair of pants was hemmed and pressed, I called Jimmy to say, "on my way to Walmart, I will stop by the store and hand you the pants...and Jimmy, would you mind if I hung a few more bonnets and aprons in the store window to sell"?

Jimmy said, "I'm sorry, we gave the store a good cleaning and decided to take down the rod". We thought with your back problems, you would not be sewing any more".

I assured Jimmy that was perfectly alright, that I truly appreciated all the years that he had allowed me to sell my bonnets and aprons there in the little feed and seed/license plate agency store.

So, feeling a little sad, I went to work on Henny's Bonnet Shop on my blog. 

How time flies. My days of selling at the Wake Forest Farmer's Market are over and now the fun days of selling my goods in the little seed store are past. Lots of good memories though.

Here's a fun note. I really enjoy the blog, pompom'  She often posts pictures from the sweet little Brambly Hedge books, which I absolutely adore. Once she jokingly mentioned decorating her home like the mice in Brambly Hedge.  Oh, did a light bulb ever go off in my head!! The teeny tiny sewing room! My room! 

So, have you noticed all that's been added? Friends, I worked an entire day here in the sewing room. There had to be a way to hang those pretty flowered pink ruffly curtains to cover the wall around the closet...and it worked! Now to fill in every bare spot in every shelf. It has been so much fun! Poppy was home that day, and at one point stuck his head in the sewing room and asked, "what are you trying to do anyway". I told him, "build a mouse house". "Well", he said, "it looks more like a rat's nest". He smiled.

Thank you Pom Pom for the idea. My very own little rat's nest to work in and to hide in.


If all goes well, I may have a surprise, another little sweetie pie to show you...after tomorrow.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

More beach and a little news

Don't know who's feet these prints belong to, but it did make a neat picture.

Good grief, seems like everywhere there are little animals to worry about. We spotted at least three birds with one of their legs missing. This was the smallest of the birds and missing a little foot...

and another one on the far right...
The boy running in our direction with a handful of sand, scared the birds away.

both legs...just pretty!

Then there were the kitty cats that roamed from room to room at the motel...

This black kitty had a big fluffy tail. 

and this cutie pie. 

We climbed the sand dunes late Saturday after enjoying a big seafood dinner. Hopefully, we walked off a few calories... 

and looking back...we only climbed half way up, darn it!

and in the big yellow shop below, Poppy agreed to smile for a picture...

Okay, I've been on the computer way too long!

I did want to mention, however,  that "Henny's Bonnet Shop", based in The Teeny Tiny Sewing Room, :) is now out there for the whole world to see. It has been fun thinking about all this.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

We're back!!

I can't believe all the happy birthday wishes! Thank you!

It was a happy birthday indeed! Our little vacation trip to the beach was absolutely wonderful!

Never, have I been so excited to walk in the sand and feel that sea breeze,

and just take in the beauty of it all.

and how fortunate that tropical storm Julia stayed away from the Outer Banks. Not a drop of rain did we see, only sunshine, and the clouds we did see only added to the beauty. The weather was perfect and there was a nice cool breeze.

Talk about luck! The rain got here just as we were getting home. Much needed rain too!

The full moon on Friday night...

They said I nearly blinded them with the flash...

Not much of a post here. Just wanted check in and say, "we're back"!  I won't scare you away with too many pictures, but there is another thing or two for a post. 

Gosh, guess it will take a while to catch up with you all. Thank you for stopping by.


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A little vacation

I wasn't going to say anything, but, well, today is my birthday. Not much going on here, but I'm feeling pretty happy. Friday morning Poppy and I are driving to the Outer Banks of North Carolina...Nags Head, to be exact...the beach! We're meeting Andee and Todd there.

Image from Sun Realty

Will I even know how to act?? This will be our birthday party...mine and Andee's, since her birthday was last Thursday, the 8th.

Long skirts and tee shirts pretty much describes my wardrobe. I do have a couple pairs of old jeans that I wear gardening and working here at packing for a few days at the beach...well, let me just say that my half of the suitcase would have been empty. 

The stores just don't carry my kind of clothes any longer so I made a trip to the Goodwill store yesterday... 

all washed and ironed and looking brand new, I now have 2 pairs of shorts, (knee length), new jeans, the tan capri's (is that what those are called now?), 1 pair grey knit pants, and these really cute...

blue striped seersucker shorts...and the cost, $14.00, for everything! Why, Poppy paid $14.00 for his new cap.

Anyhow, better get busy. Can't wait to see the ocean again, walk in the sand, pick up shells, wade in the water...and I do mean wade. I'm afraid of sharks and crabs and seriously do not want to get washed out to sea. I'm kidding... Oh, and eating out three times a day, looking forward to that!!


Monday, September 12, 2016

A big thank you!

No wonder the mice are having a ball!

Dear friends, if I don't do anything else, I've simply got to tell you how much I appreciate the sweet comments about the little mouse that was stuck in the wire. Thank you.

Thankfully, things have been pretty quiet here for a day or two. I still have not told Poppy about the mouse and he obviously has not looked at my blog. Do your husbands, or wives, read your blogs?

Speaking of mice! I was thinking of having a baked sweet potato for lunch and asked Poppy if he would like one. He said yes. I pulled the last two sweet potatoes from the basket in the pantry. Would you look at this...

I baked this one for Poppy. 

Dumperoo watches

and B's little paws were so cute.

Need to get a little sewing done tonight so I will stop here. Thank you!


Friday, September 9, 2016

The rescue

When you have animals and live on a teeny tiny farm like ours, you never know what to expect when you walk out the door every morning, like the morning a while back, that a pig came to visit...

But what I did this morning, no real farmer would have ever done. Do I regret doing it? Absolutely not!

Here's the story.

(guinea lot behind the chicken house)

(door going from chicken lot into guinea lot)

Last night, after dark, when everything was quiet and the hens were sleeping on the roost above the chicken house floor, the mice came out. Scurrying about, they discovered that their little entryway into the guinea lot had been wired shut. Now who would have done such a thing!

"We'll simply dig a new tunnel", said a mouse, and they did. 

The mice climbed and played and filled their tummies with cracked corn, birdseed, and crumbles; the feed that baby guineas eat. Tired of playing and swinging on the twine that held up the crumbles feeder, one mouse chewed the twine completely into, causing the feeder to fall to the ground and spill the feed.

(feeder with string missing)

Full, and tired of playing...and daylight just around the corner, the mice scurried back home through their new hole...that is, except for one little mouse who decided to go home through a tiny half inch square in the wire and got stuck. 

(the clipped wire on the end is where I cut the square out with the mouse caught in the center)

Friends, when I found that tiny mouse this morning, afraid and stuck in the wire, my heart felt like it would break. I tried pulling the wire loose, but any movement and the little mouse squealed like I was hurting him. His fat little tummy was way too full and he was stuck tight.

Running to the house, I grabbed the needle nose pliers and the regular pliers. Neither worked. I ran inside again and got the wire clippers, but could not get the point of the clippers between the mouse and the wire to clip it loose. My hands were shaking as I clipped a square of wire all the way around the mouse, causing the square to fall out with the little mouse still stuck in the center.

With the needle nose pilers I picked up the little square of wire with the mouse stuck in the center and straightened up, easing my aching back, then moved out into the sunlight. After several tries, I managed to clip one tiny wire  and with both pliers pulled the wire apart, freeing the little mouse. He didn't run at first, he just looked at me with those tiny little black eyes, then I shooed him into the safety of some sticks and leaves that had fallen on the ground.  

Poppy has gone down home today to visit his nephews, Joey and Josh.  When he gets home, I bet he will be real proud of me for saving that little mouse, don't you?

Better get busy again. It is simply too hot to work outside so I've shampooed the living room carpet. Got some ironing to do and another load of clothes to fold. Thank you, if you are still here after all this!