Monday, July 21, 2014

New York 1950's

Oh my gosh! I've got the 1950's on my mind! Anybody got a time machine? I want to to back.

Three a.m. this morning I'm staring at the ceiling thinking about home and Mama and Daddy. Remembering Daddy in his suit and that dress hat he always wore. That heavy tan Samsonite suitcase he traveled with all packed and ready for a trip to New York.

This picture was taken while on one of his business trips. Daddy is on the left. I suppose it wasn't all business all the time. Well they had to eat dinner somewhere. Were these two, cigarette girls or waitresses...

And wonder if this little souvenir tucked away in that suitcase of Daddy's caused a big disagreement back at home. After all, Mama had dealt with us kids all week!

Once, Mama flew to New York with Daddy. I would guess it was about 1953. Mama was afraid of things like flying, and dogs, and thunder, (sound familiar)? I simply cannot imagine my Mother crawling into an airplane. A big snow storm hit the east coast on their return trip home. Their plane could not land at Raleigh Durham but had to travel on to Atlanta which meant another flight back to North Carolina. Panic and fear! There was no shortage of talk about this incident. Not for many months to come...

It makes me happy that Mama and Daddy were able to take this trip together. It was after Christmas. They were in New York City, Times Square, for the New Year's celebration.

Mama came home with some beautiful things. Daddy let her shop at Macy's and Bloomingdale's and she bought the most beautiful red party dress I had ever seen. It looked like this one from "VintageFrocksofFancy", a shop on Etsy.

And to make the dress even more perfect a gorgeous rhinestone necklace and a wide rhinestone bracelet...a lot like this one from "Patwatty", another Etsy shop...I vividly remember the bracelet. Mama let me wear it with my red evening gown. The gown made especially for my piano recital. That would be the recital where I did not hit one right key and the piano teacher motioned for me to leave the piano and come off stage. :[

Wow! Mama must have looked stunning. They partied at the Copacabana Nightclub. Sammy Davis Jr. was entertaining that night. I remember the nightclub being the Copacabana because I really liked saying the word "Copacabana"...what a neat word.

I rack my brain trying to remember every detail of growing up in the 1950's with Mama and Daddy, my sister and my two brothers. I want to remember every detail.

Better get busy.  Poppy went back to work this morning.

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  1. Wonderful memories, and what a beautiful dress and jewelry. I was noticing how the waitresses or cigarette girls were dressed, so innocent and wholesome looking -- compared to today. I'd like to join you in your time machine!

  2. When I find that time machine I will call you! You must be as sick as I am of half naked women. Those waitresses do look modest.

  3. I think you would enjoy going back to the fifties more thanI would. There were no pretty red party dresses and rhinestones in my childhood. But I loved reading about yours.

  4. Oh my goodness you got the hook? How embarrassing. But I bet you looked beautiful in that special red dress and your Mom's gorgeous bracelet.

  5. Isn't it fun to remember our mothers when they got dressed up? It was rather rare for my folks to go "out on the town", but Mom had some pretty dresses hanging in the closet from the 40's that I loved to sit on the floor and touch! When she did get glamourous, I thought she looked like Queen Elizabeth! Love the red dress and rhinestones, what an outfit!

  6. What great memories you have of your childhood:) My parents were involved in square dancing and then a lot of ballroom dancing, so they were quite often getting dressed up on a Saturday night. My mum loved clothes, so I'm sure she had some beautiful dresses, probably what she made herself, but I'm not remembering any of them right now.

  7. I loved hearing all of this! I have that bracelet. Wish it was in perfect condition. I miss Pawpaw and Grandma. I love you Mama!!!


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