Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Catching up!

Eli continues to make us happy and keep us busy. He is crazy about his teddy bear...

This morning Poppy took a break and tried to catch that ten pound Bass he thinks may be hiding in the pond. No luck this time! He did catch six small Bass before running out of minnows. That's him across the pond...

And sitting for a spell...

Poppy continues to bait the traps every night trying to catch the predator responsible for murdering Popeye and his little family. No luck here either. Although the guilty weasel needs to be hung, we do use one of those 'hav-a-heart' animal traps. Never do I want to see any animal suffer, not even a snake.

I've had a total of three lovely flowers bloom in the yard this summer. Three! And all three were a surprise. I vaguely remember buying a pink lily bulb several years ago. Darned if it didn't take a long time coming up...

And not too far from the lily, one Gladiola. Surely I didn't buy one Gladiola bulb. Don't these come in packs of several?

Both have brightened my days lately. So next year I plan to buy lots of these bulbs and have a flower garden full of these wonderful blooms.

Oh and the third flower...remember this volunteer...

And finally, an Eggplant grew! After all these years of trying, an Eggplant grew! We ate one for supper last night and actually have more growing...

A boring post maybe but at least no more sad news, for today anyway. Thank you for visiting.



  1. Not boring! Eli is cute with his teddy bear and that pink and yellow glad is just beautiful. It looks so peaceful and pretty on your pond and the dock a perfect place to sit and enjoy it.

  2. Eli looks like he's ALWAYS in a good mood!
    And the three flowers? Think of Sweet Pea, Popeye, and Olive!

  3. Oh, not boring at all! The photos of the pond are wonderful. I love the reflections, and the peacefulness of the whole scene.
    We really don't have enough sun and heat for peppers and egg plant. Good for you!

  4. Eli is so beautiful!! Did you all keep the fish and cook them? I hope that you soon get the weasel.

    Love you!

  5. Everyone should have their very own teddy bear. I have several and a wonderful stuffed monkey. I just couldn't resist them. So cute.

    The pink gladiola is just gorgeous. Too bad there is only the one. Is there more foliage? It could be that the other bulbs were just too small to produce a flower and need to grow a bit more before bursting into bloom.

    It's good to have ordinary days interspersed with difficult ones----sort of evens things out I think.

    Victoria in Indiana

  6. When I planted lily bulbs, they took so long coming up that I had forgotten I planted them. I thought they had died long ago.
    Your dog (puppy?) is gorgeous!
    We get wild gladiolus here. Only a couple flowers and purple.
    Take care. *hugs* ♥

  7. Lovely glad..so pretty! Eli is growing! You are kinder than me, I would blast the varmit! :)

  8. Eli is so white:)! Your little garden has done very well. I have three volunteer sunflowers, soon to bloom, I'm thinking they might have come from the bird seed.


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