Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A soggy wet Henny Penny Lane...

But come on in...

Even our Franklin County is making the news with the flooding and washed out bridges and roads!

Our 5" capacity rain gauge was level full when we walked Eli and Weetie late yesterday. then it rained again during the night.

The picture was to show how tall those red lilies have grown, compared to the house, but you would have to see them in person.

Are lilies supposed to grow to 6'?? I wanted lilies growing around the bird bath.

I am so excited to have three new followers; Hey Betsy H. and Sandra Kelly and Deb B. There's just nothing like blog friends...Best friends I've ever had. Thank you!

and good gosh!! talk about blogging friends and being excited, would you look at what UPS delivered to my door last week...

another big box of fabric from my very special friend Diane in Kentucky. This is the same generous Diane who sent two other boxes of beautiful fabrics. Have you ever!! I am blown away!! I've never met Diane in person, but know her through my blog. 

Diane and her husband have the sweetest yellow Lab named Molly. Molly is super special; very intelligent and very sweet. I've never met Molly either, but love her too. 

Dumperoo was pretty excited with the package UPS delivered too. A new box, complete with padding. I had to let him think it was his, for a while...

then I got busy...
Can you tell I've cleaned out, sorted by color, and re-folded all the fabric? Talk about fun! Poppy kept checking in the sewing room to make sure I was still alive. Gosh, and most of what you see, well the prettiest pieces anyhow, are from Diane.

We are still babysitting Cousin Pat's new born baby doll, Danny Lloyd. You may remember several posts back how Pat had asked if I would repair the cloth body on her doll...

I had never done anything like that before, but it turned out pretty good. Then I bought Danny a little outfit. Yesterday in the thrift store I found a sweet little receiving blanket.

Anyhow, don't know how I got off on that...I need to get up from here and walk Eli and get up to the garden. The rain supposedly has stopped for today but will be back tomorrow. 

Appreciate your visit. Hope to be right back here real soon.


Friday, June 7, 2019

Look! It really is pink!

With the Leek's nightcap removed all the teeny tiny flowers have opened in a soft shade of pink...
and in the garden this morning there were the tiniest little bees working in and out of each little flower. Looks like all I got a picture of was the small beetle.

and let me show you our first gathering from the teeny tiny garden...
I know, I know, most gardeners would be showing a bushel basket of potatoes but I'm proud as can be of this little dishpan full. Why when these potatoes were planted back in April, Poppy said the ground was too wet and that the potatoes would probably rot.

We are lucky too, to have gathered any yellow squash or zucchini. As soon as the plants began to bloom, those sneaking ugly squash bugs arrived in town. 

Have you ever dealt with squash bugs? Sometimes I think those things are part human. As soon as they see you they hide behind a leaf or down near the ground and then sneak around, looking at you from their hiding place. The best way to get rid of them is to carry a container of soapy water, pick the bugs off and drop them in. Of course, then I feel sorry for them.

got my workbasket cleaned out once again. Still think this is one of my best ideas ever...course you know how simple minded I am. Little things make me happy. The word "little" makes me happy.  But really...

everything I could possibly need, working outside is in this old basket, or soon will be. Poppy has a drawer full of old reading glasses he used before getting his prescription pair that he wears all the time now. A couple pairs of those glasses are going into the workbasket to help me read labels and find squash bugs. 

also in the basket, underneath those new pink gardening gloves I am showing off are more clean gloves and several folded bandannas, there's a plastic bag with nails, screws, and staples, and a bag full of plant markers, a pen and pencil, a knife and two pairs of scissors, a hammer and a hand saw, wire cutters and small pruners. Oh yeah, a hair clip, a little mirror, twine and pieces of wire, and usually a piece or two of bubble gum. Guess that's about it. 

Recently, Poppy and I started walking Eli and Weetie all the way to the end of our dirt road, up to the highway. It's a fun walk. The dogs enjoy it too.

Well, this dirt road we live on has been here many many years and used to be called "the old motor grader road", long before we ever moved here. Anyhow, seems like every day we walk, Poppy will spot a piece of old rusty metal buried in the red clay road. With his pocket knife he scratches around and well, has come up with all this...

Pretty neat, isn't it. Wish we would find a chunk of gold. 

Boy, I'm really wound up today. Must be the rain. The weather folks say we could end up with three and a half inches rain by Monday, and I was just telling you how dry it is.

You've probably checked out by now, but if not, thank you. Hope to be back here soon.


(Willie, you were right about the pink flowering leek) :) 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

It's me again

Been in the garden again this morning! I can't seem to stay out of the garden these days, so I have decided to wait until this winter to clean house again.  :) 

The lint balls blowing off the ceiling fans will just have blow a while longer. 

Early morning and the leek is removing it's night cap, or that's what it looks like to me. Isn't it neat?

Last summer Lowes had their garden plants on sale including leeks. I know nothing about leeks but bought a six pack and planted them. The plants never amounted to much so when the garden was cleaned up last fall I threw them out...except for this one that was missed...
This leek has grown and grown and attached itself to my heart. It's so pretty! I'm keeping this one, as long as it lives.

and those six foot tall lilies towering above the bird bath are blooming. 

and a patch of wild yarrow growing in the front yard...
Summer of 2017 I bought a pot of Yarrow, set it out in the herb garden and it died. The wild will do just as well.

Oh, and this is the little leaf cucumber planted in the half barrel...

and this will be our first cucumber. Did you know that Poppy hates cucumber? He sure does. 

and speaking of Poppy. Sunday was a nice quiet day so Poppy thought he might fish a little, maybe catch a big fish from our teeny tiny pond...

instead he caught a teeny tiny fish...
poor little fish. It was not injured and is now back in the pond swimming with the big fish. 

here's Eli...
this is where he stands to see down the dirt road. Sometimes I put my arm around him and we stand there together, especially at night when he sees something in the woods or hears a strange noise. Scary things in the woods, you know. Last night it was tiny little flying squirrels eating at the bird feeder. Poppy got the spotlight and we saw them.

Guess that's about it for this time, Oops! the stir-fry broccoli...

see the tiny broccoli heads. We've had the broccoli twice already, in stir-fry.

Thank you friends, and thank you to a new follower, Chi Chi Mum from North Carolina. Yay! 

Also, I appreciate the comments on my last post, and glad several of you warned me about the pretty plant 'Spiderwort' being invasive. Like you, I'm planning to keep it anyhow. 

Willie, meant to tell you, that frog on the playhouse wall is not real. :) 

Debbie, I do sell some of those plants that I have rooted, but mostly I give them away.

and Deb, no, I did not know there were so many kinds of blueberry bushes. I will Google that and try to find the ones that grow here.

Hope to be back soon.


Wednesday, May 29, 2019


My goodness! Two new followers! Thank you Vanessa and Amela! and I have been so slack about posting. Thank you for not "unfollowing" before I could get back. 

If only I could stay out of the teeny tiny garden there would be more time for the computer. Been a full time job keeping the garden watered in this hot dry weather we are having, like 97 degrees right now.

and then those Fordhook Lima bean plants decided to take off growing with long runners trying to reach over to the green bean vines...so I made a fast trip to Lowes for another bundle of 5' stakes. 

Pretty much got all the plants growing up now instead of sprawling out. It all looks nice enough, now if it will product a few vegetables.

Want to show you a weed that came up right along side the lilies I planted around the bird bath last spring...
this is Spiderwort. The stalk has grown bigger now and has several blooms. I kinda like it. and all those lilies I planted are fixing to bloom. 

and this wild blueberry grows between the house and Poppy's shop...
It is almost a tree. It was growing here when we bought this little piece of property 30 years ago and we just could not cut it down.
The berries are tiny but sweet and delicious. On my way to the garden I stop and pick a few for a taste, but mostly the birds get them and that's okay. One summer I did pick enough berries to make a cobbler.

and another project keeping me busy...

dividing and re-potting hostas and iris, and potting up cuttings that have rooted.
isn't this funny...did you notice Weetie sleeping under the bench in the last picture? Well here's the other side of that bench. These iris are in pitiful shape. 

running out of room, I found this old wobbly bench to hold more pots...this is just outside the playhouse. 

and just inside the playhouse...
in that birdhouse on the top shelf is a little Wren sitting on teeny tiny eggs.

I tread easily going in and out of the greenhouse and it's sweet how she watches me. As long as I do not make eye contact with her she is fine, but if I look, she flies away. So we have a little agreement about this. 

Well this was supposed to be a short post, so will end here.  Hope to be back real soon.  


Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Oasis in a hot garden

I'm going up to the teeny tiny garden as soon as I finish my cereal and take pictures. Not that the garden is all that great, but it is growing...

Got the idea from somewhere on the internet of turning old tomato cages up side down and and putting a flower pot on top to pull the legs together. 

The old tomato cages here are over the pepper plants. Does it look cute, or is it silly. I kinda like it. 

Would you believe, after months of too much rain...it is now dry as a bone around here. Well it is. The garden needs watering daily. Seems we jumped from winter right into the hot dry weather of summer.  

and speaking of hot dry weather...a little Oasis, right here in the garden...
actually, my thoughts were on the lizard and couple of frogs that lived in last year's garden and how I had placed a saucer of water under a squash plant for them. Water in a saucer didn't last long in the sun.

"Do you think you will ever grow up", Poppy often asks. "Well, no, I don't have any plans to". Why not make work more like having fun??

The half barrel is full of Bee Balm. Hope it blooms. We now have two wattle fences, yay! But, I've simply got to be done cutting small trees, and stay out of the woods. Ticks are terrible this year.

Hope there is room enough  for both the squash and zucchini in this corner.

and back up in yard...
Smokey, stretched out in the sun, against this snaky looking background, made a right pretty picture. Our birdbath has started leaking, so I'm using this antique bowl from the thrift store.

and the vine, the vine, the vine...
Have you ever seen anything grow like this chocolate vine has!! Oh, I should have taken a picture in early spring when it was covered in tiny white sweet smelling blooms. (I'm not showing off my pink wheelbarrow. It just happened to be sitting there). :) 

It was Lynn who told me about the Chocolate vine or Five Leaf Akebia several years ago. Info on line from NC State Extension says:

"It grows rapidly and can over take other shrubs and vegetation in the landscape if not kept in check. Flowers are followed by a large sausage shaped purple fruit which split open in the fall to reveal edible white flesh and tiny black seeds".

This huge healthy looking vine of ours has never grown any fruit, but the puny Chocolate vine that once grew on an arbor near the front porch did bear fruit once. Isn't that weird? I was afraid to taste it. :)

Well, that's about it. Hope you too are enjoying gardening and working outside. I'm just thankful for every day that I am able to work. 

Hope to be back real soon.


Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Little Biddies

Sometimes I simply can't wait to get a new post published and move the last one on down the line. Don't know why it embarrasses me to look back at my posts.

Just when I was seriously thinking about finding a home for all the hens and getting out of the chicken business, look what turned up...

Three days old and already asking questions.

aren't they sweet

Then tonight when I closed the chicken house door, discovered another baby chick peeping out from it's mama's wing.
So, it's now Tuesday morning and the weather has turned cool. Sure feels good. There were bad storms just south of us yesterday. Lots of trees down and homes damaged. 

Got so much to do today, I don't know where to begin. :(   Did want to finish this post, oh, and answer a question or two from that last post. Sorry for not getting back to reply...

Carla, no, Poppy didn't get a turkey this time. He was disappointed. We sure do not need another turkey tail feather display on the wall!

Debby, the stir-fry broccoli is something new, developed by Bonnie Plants. It grows one small head of broccoli in the center of the plant. When that one is cut out, many stems then grow with little broccoli heads that can be cut and eaten whole. We grew these last year and loved it. Lots of tiny tender broccoli heads. 

Dianna, if the Ford Hook Lima beans do good, I'll give you a call. :) I really will if you will come for a visit. 

Connie, thank for the encouraging words about blogging. I think I need to start back in about the third grade and pay attention. :) 

Willie, glad I was checking back. I love the quotes about "Mothers".

Thank you friends for the nice comments, I love and appreciate every one. 

Okay, I'm off to work now.

Oh, Smokey wanted me to show you this picture. This is his new hiding place, on the little shelf under the new dining table...the one Poppy said, "you need to keep the cats off this new table". :)

Okay, I'm off to work now.


Friday, May 10, 2019

Gardening, and a little row of dogs too

Oh my goodness! Two new followers. Thank you, Pelinpembesi and L. McKnight! That is such a nice surprise. I feel like my posts get sorrier and sorrier... 

but I do still love blogging and love and appreciate my blogging friends. 

There is simply no end to the work around here. Seems lately, half my time is spent mowing since Poppy is tied up with turkey hunting. I've also got the garden planted.

The garden is not all that great yet but here are a few pictures...
 outside the teeny tiny garden, looking in

inside the teeny tiny garden, looking out

Along the fence line are zinnias, cosmos, asters, and a few sunflowers seeds planted, and the tall green plants up at the far end are red potatoes.

Along that wattle fence, "my little wattle fence", which this year happens to be the best one I've built; the half-runner green beans are growing. I'm proud of that wattle fence. Real proud.  :)

and next to the green beans are tomato plants and three sage plants, still so tiny you can hardly see them. 

and there goes Poppy up the road. He did stop and speak. He's pretty disgusted with turkey hunting this season. No turkey yet. Thank goodness we are in the last week of the season. Maybe life can get back to normal next week.  

anyhow, that empty row next to the tomatoes is planted with big ford hook lima beans, and two eggplants. Then another row of half-runner beans, a different variety...

and the last row is half stir-fry broccoli and half peppers. Then along the fence line is okra and onions, and in the half barrel way up in the corner I've planted little leaf cucumbers.

Also down near the garden gate are three zucchini and three yellow squash plants. 

meanwhile, back at the playhouse; I've simply got to get all those Iris divided and re-potted. 

this one was so pretty.

a new little friend.

Smokey sees him too.

I suppose a frog is not as much fun as a mouse.

Should end this post now, but first, want to show you a few pictures of big Eli and little Weetie and how they have been sleeping lately...

yep, these are our guard dogs

Thank you for visiting. Hope to be back real soon. Hope you will come back too.

Oh!  "Happy Mother's Day" to all you mothers out there.