Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Eli and the Groomers

What in the world did we do around here before "Animal House" opened up here in Louisburg! We love these people...

Our little Pooh used to get his hair clipped here. He would come home so proud and smelling good. You know how Poodles are. After Pooh lost his eyesight, the people here were so kind and gentle with him.

Well yesterday was Eli's first visit with the Groomer.  Poppy and I were afraid he would panic and refuse to go inside. A hug and a pat on the head from this pretty girl and Eli showed his appreciation with a wet kiss or two and was ready to go with her...

All those many toenails of Eli's needed clipping. Sure would be nice if he would bark when he wants to come inside instead of pawing at the door, leaving deep grooves in the wood.

On our way to town all scruffy looking...

And the proud ride home right up there with Poppy...

The outing was good for Eli since he never sees anybody but Poppy and me. He got to meet new people and visit with new doggy friends...

Those toenails are clipped and smooth now...

Better get busy. Poppy and I have been painting again today! Is there no end to this mess??!

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  1. What a cutie! He's so white and fluffy.

  2. Your little Eli is not so little any more! Such a beauty.

  3. A good outing! It is good for dogs to meet different people! He is very handsome! :)

  4. I have thought of taking Dad's old dog to the groomers. She gets so matted she can't even scratch. I cut much off her but she gets cranky when you bother her legs. I'm not even sure how old she is but she sure needs a haircut.

    Stink bugs are horrible in any size!


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