Friday, July 11, 2014

Hey, it's raining!

My nervous post from yesterday.  :)

A few grape tomatoes ripening...

Two posts in one day...must be my nerves! The animals and I just made it through a thunderstorm...alone! A thunderstorm with a severe warning attached! But we did okay and I'm thankful for the rain that fell on the dry wilted little garden. 

The garden did produce enough green beans for me to can nineteen quarts. That will certainly get Poppy and me through the winter.

Remember the peach tree in the pot. The one that I swore was an almond tree...the one that I never got around to planting? Well it has a peach or two ready to pick. As soon as fall gets here I plan to get this poor thing in the ground.

The pond early this morning looking dark and clear. It gets like this in July...

Poppy will be on vacation all next week. We have lots planned to do like finishing up all the painting, cleaning out the shop, cleaning out the file cabinet, yuk! Having a yard sale is on the list too. Sounds like a great relaxing vacation. Poppy does plan to do some fishing . There should be a ten pound Bass out there waiting to be caught...the pond was stocked in 1996.  We'll see.

I love when dark water reflects the sky and trees. We got about two inches of rain with this thunderstorm that just rolled through...which did this to the pond...

This comes from living on a dirt road. The little country path that I love so much turns into a muddy mess and heads down hill straight for the pond.

Gosh! If you want time to fly, sit down at the computer. It's time for Poppy!

Thank you again for visiting. I love having you friends to talk to. 



  1. I love that it rained! We got some rain to finally to! We have not got any beans yet I hope that this rain brings them on.

    Love you

  2. Your pond is so pretty, rain or shine. And what a luscious looking peach. We had rain today, too, over three inches in an hour and a half.

  3. A peach tree wow! Glad you got rain, I suppose ours will shut of someday soon:)

  4. The tomatoes look delicious...we are having salad tonight with cucumbers fresh from the garden...can't beat homegrown!
    Jane x

  5. Ripe tomatoes are still a long way off here in Puget Sound country. We are having a heat wave, though, which will hurry them along as long as they are watered regularly. It's going to be a hot, dry summer here in Seattle, which will have us all praying for rain.

  6. Oh, I do somewhat envy you your pond. That is one thing I wish we had here.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I love it! You just reminded me to go out and check my cherry tomatoes - I had one that was on the verge of orange yesterday.
    Gosh, it would be nice to see a peach grow to its full size. Our tree is raided EVERY SINGLE YEAR and stripped bare overnight.
    And what a wonderful pond.


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