Saturday, February 14, 2015

Old Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day!

My Mother loved valentines. She loved those sweet old fashioned ones. I can see her now, laughing as she opened and read the valentines that Lynn and Andee and I picked out especially for her. For many years mama kept a valentine tucked away in her Bible. It was one that Andee, when she was very young, had sent to grandma. Many times we have been at mama's when she would pull out that valentine and show it to Andee.


In grammar school, Valentines Day was one of my very favorite days. Covering a cardboard box with red construction paper and pasting on the pretty pink and red hearts. Then a slot was cut in the top of the box so we all could mail our valentines to the class.

It was quite a job picking out just the right card for every classmate...and then that really special card for that cute boy in the class.


So, I got to the computer bright and early this morning to wish you all a happy Valentine's Day. Have to be pretty fast to beat Poppy. :) Speaking of Poppy, he is doing fine although not feeling as good as he did the first couple of days after the surgery which seems odd. He goes back to see the doctor on Tuesday.

Oh, something else to tell you...about a vintage valentine. We were having a yard sale a few years back. I had gathered up a box of old books to sell, some very old, bought at a thrift store. A lady picked up one of the books dated in the 1920's and was flipping through it and found an old valentine. A beautiful love note was written on the back. The lady that found the valentine said how much she loved old valentines and she would love to have that one. I said okay and she walked away with a treasure. My treasure! 

Thank you for visiting. Hope to catch up with reading all my favorite blogs today. 



  1. I remember covering those shoeboxes in class, too.
    Happy Valentines Day to you and Poppy.

  2. Aww, you brought back memories....Happy Valentines Day!

  3. I am a great fan of vintage cards. Hope Poppy is feeling better soon and that you both have a wonderful Valentines weekend.

  4. What fun those grade school Valentines Parties at school were. I decorated boxes too or a coffee can. Hope Poppy keeps improving:)

  5. Happy Valentines Henny! Love the story about your granny. I hope you've had a lovely day and that Poppy feels better soon x

  6. That was my favorite part of Valentine's Day when I was in grade school- covering our shoe boxes and decorating them. I think it is a shame that kids don't do that much anymore. I also remember paper plates made into a pocket- those weren't as fun to make. Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. I love old Valentine's too Henny, and memories of my daughter making her Valentine tissue box comes to mind, after reading your delightful post.
    Simpler times methinks.
    Happy Valentine's Day to you and Poppy, I hope today has been a 'feel good' day for him. My granddaughter seemed to go through good days and bad after her nose surgery, it took all of two weeks before she stayed on the course of felling better.

  8. Hope you had a good Valentine's Day and hope Poppy gets back to feeling better. Good that you have that appointment with the Dr. soon. With something like this it's hard to know what is normal progress so being able to see and talk with the Dr. should relieve your minds.

  9. It's the end of Valentine's Day as I read this. I did have a good day. One of these days I'll get around to posting about it.
    the old Valentines brought back memories.

  10. I love the old Valentines, the sentiments and the colors. I buy the old ones in antique shops and fashion them into new ones for my family. I hope it's not too late to wish you happy Valentine's Day, because every day should be a day of love!


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