Friday, February 27, 2015

After the big snow

Poppy said, you better put this picture of you and Eli on your sure don't mind posting awful pictures of me, still in my pajamas...

We were resting after a rough day in the big snow. Actually, I wasn't sleeping. My thinking was if I closed my eyes, I wouldn't be in the picture. :)

Somebody else had a busy day in the snow. This little rascal caught a mouse. Had I caught them in time I would have saved the little mouse...but it was too late. Poppy was mighty proud...

A Rufous Sided Tohee in the snowy tree. What a name...

And now, I had a little springtime today. The mailman stopped by with a package too large for the mail box. It was addressed to me. A surprise from Andee. The card read, "Dear Mom, just a little something for spring. It's right around the corner".  Inside the package was two cute bunny rabbit towels. Don't these look just like Easter...and spring?

We have 45 degrees and sunshine today but this snow is melting very slowly. Mr. Snowman is still standing, but facing the sun. I did notice that his eyes and mouth have fallen off.

Better get busy. I was going to allow myself thirty minutes here at the computer...this day is about gone!  I do appreciate your friendship so much.



  1. Eli is such a big boy!
    Unexpected gifts are always the best!
    Jane x

  2. What a sweet thought - you are a very lucky Mom !
    That's not a dog - it's a white bear - I wish I had him. He seems to be getting bigger everytime you post a picture.

  3. You look like you are dreaming Winter lovely.
    What sweet little towels, they make Spring seem just around the corner !

  4. Eli's head! If he took a notion, he could swallow you whole! Those are adorable spring towels from your sweet daughter.

  5. I like the picture of you with your dog. It looks like you're just enjoying spending some time with him.
    That was really sweet of your daughter to surprise you with such a thoughtful gift and the bunny rabbit towels are so cute. I hope you have a wonderful weekend... :)

  6. Love you Henny! Love your springy rabbit towels too and the great pics of all the animals and you! Keep up the great blog!

  7. Great photo of you and Eli.
    Our cat just plays with the mice. Too well fed in the house...
    Lovely towels! We hope for spring soon. :-)

  8. Lovely photo of you and Eli! You are melting already!! Stay warm:)

  9. Cute towels/fun gift to be surprised with.
    You don't need any lap blankets with Eli around!
    It's kind of fun to watch a snowman melt away, and it means it's getting warmer. That's a good thing.

  10. Hope your snow melts soon, hard to believe that you have had more than us this winter! Those towels are cute, they have a vintage look to them:)

  11. Ohh I know a big white doggy that was in heaven! They love nothing better than to put their heads in our laps LOL since that is about all of them that will fit in a lap LOL... Cute bunny towels! Really a lovely picture.

  12. There is nothing nicer than a surprise gift.


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