Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Worrying about the animals

Poppy and the animals are napping. Yay! The doctor said Poppy is doing great. He will probably go back to work tomorrow.

If only we can get past this ice and freezing cold weather...I will be so thankful. Now there are folks all around with tons more snow and much colder temperatures than we have, so I am not complaining. Here's the problem. Rarely do we get several days in a row of temperatures below freezing. I'm worrying myself to death over the poor animals...

The pond is frozen!! The two ducks are sitting on the frozen pond out of my reach and they won't come to me. Is this normal? This is day three, for goodness sake! Will they starve? Once during a snow storm we had Guineas stay up in a tree for four days. It was their first time seeing snow.

Then there's Smokey. Smokey is an outside cat and as much as I want him to stay inside, he stands at the door meowing, wanting out. Twice I've caught him playing on the frozen pond, batting an acorn around, like a little Hockey player. This little fellow has got to stay inside. I never knew a pond could be so dangerous. I never new that a cat would walk on a frozen pond. And just how thick is the ice on the pond?

We could get more snow this evening, with tomorrow morning bringing the coldest temperatures yet! I'm beginning to think that the animals in this part of the country are as clueless as the people, when it comes to dealing with ice and snow and such. We're not accustomed to this stuff!

Right now the sun is shining and a little of this mess is melting. Guess I need to get back outside and check on everything.

Thank you for visiting. Please come back. I do appreciate your friendship.



  1. I'm glad Poppy is well enough to go back to work. I worry about the birds too, when it snows. I know that they can get under places where the ground is still bare and find seeds and worms, but I think they need some help too, if they are used to being fed with a feeder.

  2. I'm with you on the worrying about the animals Henny, despite many animals that live outside quite comfortably, frozen ponds, frozen water bowls, and unseasonable weather for the south, tend to bring lots of problems.
    They were rescuing ducks on a Nashville park pond, literally frozen in the water, thankfully they all recovered nicely.
    Happy news that Poppy is well enough to return to work, must be healing well.
    Stay warm, try not to work too hard.

  3. I have a fun mind movie of Smokey playing acorn hockey on the frozen pond. What a cat! Don't worry, he'll know to scamper if his feet get wet.

  4. Certainly the ducks can still fly? We had a cat once that played on thin ice he came in all wet and almost stiffer than a board...the girls used two hair dryers on him to warm him up. Your animals are well feed I am sure they will be fine, hope your weather warms up soon:)

  5. I can surely sympathize. I have such a soft spot for animals. We have our bunnies in the warm garage these cold, cold days! This freezing weather in NC surely makes me appreciate spring. Hugs and hope Poppy is feeling much better.I have really missed catching up with all of my lovely bloggy friends. Stay warm...spring is right around the corner. Blessings, Valerie

  6. All the wild critters are programmed to survive some rough stuff in your area. There are all kinds of outside cats here and they do fine.

  7. Try not to worry,oh that is easily said is it not...just keep a eye on everything. You are there and can check multiple times a day, that is what I would do. :O)

  8. I think you are right to keep your animals indoors for the duration. Sometimes they don't seem to have much common sense at all ! so we must protect them.
    I once spent hours with a torch trying to find my chickens to put away for the night, the heavy snow had completely disorientated them and they couldn't find their way back in to their pen - only yards away !
    Having had a smallholding - (homestead), I certainly wouldn't leave the animals to their own devices.


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