Sunday, March 1, 2015

Is this snow hanging around waiting for another one?

The snow started last Wednesday night. The back yard today...

Rarely does snow stay around here this long...

I said to Poppy, imagine going outside wearing short sleeves and feeling the sun on bare skin. Imagine a clear blue sky. Kinda hard to do. We woke up to freezing rain this morning. 

The temperature finally climbed above freezing. Our snowman friend is still out front but has lost weight and is looking a little sickly. Tomorrow I  will give him eyes and a smile again and adjust his scarf. I noticed one of our neighbors slowing down as she drove past earlier today so her two year old granddaughter could see Mr. Snowman. She needs to see a happy snowman.

Oh, update on the TV/VCR on Craigslist. I got a call back from the lady saying she could meet me at a mall in Raleigh on Saturday (yesterday) at 1:30. With the animals taken care of, Eli settled in, the house straightened up, and myself ready to go...I trudged through the ice to my car, which had not been moved since the snow fell on Wednesday. Well, the car would not budge. I got out of the car and shoveled the ice and snow from under the tires enough so the tires would be touching the gravel and get enough of a grip to back into the grooves made by Poppy's truck. Making it up the half frozen half muddy path to the highway I was on my way.  Seems then I felt the car skip, then again...probably my imagination. About fifteen miles down the road the 'check engine' lights came on. Needless to say, I was afraid to continue on toward Raleigh. After calling the lady and explaining the situation, I turned the car around at the first clear driveway, stopped at Walmart and bought groceries and came home. The lady promised to hold the TV for me. Hopefully, we can meet this week.

Better finish up supper. Another day gone. Hey, it's March 1st. Spring is getting closer. Hope to be back soon.


These strange tracks in the snow went all through the back yard...


  1. I am so ready for spring and sunshine and warm! :O)

  2. I can just about imagine that clear blue, sunny sky. I loved this post Henny Penny. What a cheery snowman, even if he has lost weight. Wishing you sunny days ahead. We had freezing rain this morning too. A PJ kind of day.
    Blessings, Valerie

  3. The tracks - a three-legged cat? Better not to trust your luck driving when it's icy. Glad the lady will hold the TV for you.

  4. This will be a winter to remember for you! A storm is headed for us on Monday night and Tuesday. We might get more snow:)

  5. Oh dear. I'm so glad you made it back safely but I'm disappointed for you on the delay of your VCR/TV. I was filled with envy when I saw it - it's the perfect thing for a sewing room.

  6. Lucky that you were able to turn around and drive home with the icy conditions! I am intrigued by the strange tracks in the snow! If you find out what is was, please post, my imagination is running wild. We have some steady and much needed rain and I'll be home doing Monday laundry and some painting. I love your snowman, you are taking good care of him!

  7. The snow on your farm looks so serene and beautiful, so pretty it could be a painting.
    I'm glad you made it back home safely, it's certainly no fun getting stuck or broke down on a highway.
    Nice lady to save the TV for you.

  8. We have a snowstorm coming in tonight and tomorrow so ours will soon look as clean and white as yours. I'm surprised you had a snow shovel to dig yourself out!

  9. Glad you got home safely. You may have had some ice somewhere in your engine. Not uncommon in that sort of weather.
    We still have a chance of freezing rain later this week.
    Hope you have a blessed week!

  10. I'm hoping for a reprieve on this weather..and soon. Be careful with Craig's Listers... Have a much warmer tomorrow!

  11. Dear Henny,
    Oh the snow is so beautiful! I live in So. Caif. and we rarely get cold weather. But believe it or not, it actually snowed some in the last couple months! Of course, about 20 min. up the mountain to Mt. Baldy behind us can have lots of snow. Your last post with Eli and you is so cute. I just want to hug him and cuddle. He looks so soft! And you keep him so clean and white! You have such a wonderful life with your little farm and your animals!
    Take care and try to stay warm,
    Hugs from Darlene

  12. Pleased you are safe, this awful weather has lot to answer for.


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