Sunday, August 24, 2014

Guess who got another brand new ten dollar bone...for being such a good boy...

Nellie stopped by late this afternoon with a container of cooked collards, two cornbread patties and some cake. We watched the new duck swimming on the pond and then looked in on Bun Bun. Remember Bun Bun the little grey rabbit...

This was Bun Bun back in May. Well today I let him play inside one of our empty dog lots. Of course I forgot the camera. It was totally entertaining to watch him. He hopped all around that dog lot kicking up his heels and acting silly. He is back in his cage for the night. Hopefully tomorrow I will get pictures.

I have finished cleaning up that second dirty baby doll. Here are the dolls again as they looked when Nellie brought them to me...

and now...

This was a fun job!

There's no telling what I've written here as I am blogging in my sleep. Hope to visit with you all tomorrow. Right now the bed looks mighty good. 



  1. Eli and the teddy, and your ducks in the pond....wonderful pictures to represent your day. And the little dolls are precious now, like the animals you care for, they have a new life, and look healthy and refreshed. Always enjoy my visit to your blog, thank you Henny!

  2. You did a great job on the dolls. :-)

  3. Fantastic job on those little dollies, they'll be lovely sitting around.
    Eli looks proud of his new bone :)
    You have a good neighbor, sharing her goodies.....


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