Saturday, August 16, 2014

Bits and pieces

I've had the pleasure of company for the last three days...Cousin Pat. That right. The same Pat who gave us her treasured old cupboard that graces our little front porch and Pat is the artist who painted the picture of Bickett. 

Pat and I had fun shopping. A thrift store downtown had a bag sale. Five dollars  for all the clothes you could pack into the bag. Now I can pack a bag! I came home with lots of new old clothes to wash and iron. Even had to clear the closet of all the even older clothes that I no longer wear.

Once again I am behind in posting and reading posts.

Just minutes ago Eli and I walked out the front door and right into a deer. She was helping herself to water from the birdbath...

Drinking from the birdbath is fine with me. I am however a little leery of wild animals that are not afraid of people. She stood there several minutes drinking, raising her head, and drooling into the birdbath. She looked up but made no attempt to run, even after Eli growled and barked...

When she had finished her drink she wandered slowly over to the raggedy old well and hung around for a while. Are deer ever rabid?

Eli and I decided to go through the house and out the back door for our short walk. 

This hillbilly couple...reckon they will ever amount to anything...

In town yesterday I mailed out a sample of the chicken feed that Popeye, Olive, and Sweet Pea were eating before they died. Once the testing is done and I hear back from the manufacturer, I will post the results.

The trees and plants have lost their fresh spring green and are looking older and worn here in the middle of August. The yard is blah. The Joe Pye weed is attracting lots of butterflies and bees...

and, for the first time ever I have a Rose of Sharon in bloom...

The Impatients are still blooming. The first bit of cold will take these out though. Someone once said that Impatients are so sensitive to the cold that you could kill them by sitting your glass of iced tea beside them...

I want more flowers and a prettier yard next year.  Something to look forward to and dream about, I suppose.

Thank you if you have managed to stick around this long. Thank you for visiting.

Henny Penny


  1. Hello Henny,
    It seemed so lovely to encounter the deer at the birdbath, but you and Eli did the smart thing, and you are right to consider rabies in deer! They can have rabies, and the saliva carries the disease. There are a couple of other deer diseases your deer might have, if it was sick, but just be careful to keep clear and don't consider touching anything to do with it without gloves. I think Poppy will know lots more since he is a hunter. Your county animal control has more info. I really hope the poor thing was just thirsty, but be careful cleaning the birdbath.(Birds don"t get rabies, by the way!) There always is something exciting in your world, and your garden looks so nice to me!

  2. I know that deer can get things like Chronic Wasting Disease,rabies is EXTREMELY rare in deer. I suspect that the deer is young and is either habituated to people or hasn't learned the danger from her Mum. Two young deer once ran towards me bleating, I had to frighten them away, back towards their Mum who looked horrified at her naughty babies.
    Jane x

  3. I always stick around through your posts. Like your bits and pieces - and your weeds! Very pretty.
    On the subject of rabies, as I posted in my blog, an animal control officer claimed the other day that possums can't get rabies because their brains are too small! Not sure if he was being funny or serious. Another thing I should go look up. . . .

    1. The fallacy is that their body temps are too low....they get rabies!
      Jane x

  4. Deer do not get rabies. They can set up territory. Don't get close as they can give a good kick from a distance.

  5. It never occurred to me to be wary of a friendly deer. But then I don't have them running around here in my yard.

  6. I agree with Red, deer do not get rabies. However there can be some that are a little titched in the head ( Crazy). I had one stomp its feet at me once...they will kick a dog and or stomp on them with their sharp hooves:(


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