Wednesday, August 20, 2014


How fortunate I am to have two beautiful and special granddaughters...Madison and Michaela. Both granddaughters were born in 1998, three months apart. Madison, Andee's daughter was born in April. Michaela, Lynn's daughter was born in July. 

Last month I posted my favorite picture of Madison wearing her prom dress. So, now I have a new favorite picture of Michaela to show off...

It's pretty hard to imagine looking at this picture that Michaela was such a tom boy growing up. Having three older brothers to compete with, well...Daniel, Joseph, and John...

See what I mean. Joseph, on the left, looks like he had been in a fight. I think he fell from every piece of furniture in the house at one time or another. Actually the white spot on his little mouth is a scratch on the picture. I love these boys! Of course, now they are big strong handsome men.

Moving on...It was my daughter Lynn back in February of 2013 who said...mama, I think that you would enjoy having a blog. She was right about that! This has been such fun. It feels like I have traveled around the world meeting people! Not just people, but real friends. 

Recently, Lynn said...mama, I think you would enjoy doing Pilaties.  Doing what? Pilaties, Pilaties. It's exercise.  Now in my thirties and forties I exercised faithfully. Every night some time after supper but before bed time I exercised. I had my routine worked out...bending and stretching, touching my toes, sit-ups, leg kicks. There were about six different exercises and I did forty repetitions each. Lately, I have noticed my waistline fact the last time I checked, it was completely gone. How did this happen! Disgusted with myself, last Saturday morning I got on the computer and searched for Pilaties for beginners. Sure enough there on "You Tube", a 30 minute Pilaties workout for beginners. I slid a chair or two out of my way and tried sitting down on the bedroom floor. Actually I had to drop myself down on the bedroom floor. I got half way down and remembered that my knees don't work so well any more. Well folks today will be my forth day of "trying" to do Pilaties. Hey, my plan is to get good at this. Pilaties is pushing your belly button inwards toward your spine...I've got a long ways to go to get my belly button anywhere close to my spine. :) 

Thank you so much for visiting. 

Henny Penny



  1. I am so glad Lynn talked you into blogging and I love every entry that you have posted. You are still beautiful and I am so glad that you take care of yourself. Keep up the great work.

    Love you always

  2. Taking care of a house,property, and cats is enough exercise for me!
    Jane x

  3. Good for you, although I suspect all that you do around your place keeps you in better shape than you realize.
    The best part of that last picture of Michaela is how wonderfully grubby she looks - and happy!

  4. What a beautiful granddaughter! I admit, I am a teensy bit jealous because I have all grandsons, but then they are fun, too.
    I'm glad you decided to have a blog, because I enjoy reading about your home and land and your thoughts.
    I do yoga and walk for exercise but maybe I should look into Pilates for the winter months when I can't walk as much. I'll be interested to know if you like enough to stick with it.

  5. Your Granddaughter is a beauty! I have a feeling with three older brothers any beau coming around better watch out!
    I am so glad you started a blog, because I like reading it!
    Have fun with the pilaties:)

  6. Good luck with that. :-)
    God bless. ♥

  7. What beautiful grandchildren !
    They surely make our lives complete :)

  8. What a lovely granddaughter! I would love to see photos of the boys all grown up.
    I do a set of physical therapy exercises most mornings. I have never actually checked to see what pilaties are, except that I know they are a form of exercise that most people go to a class for. Good to know you can find a video and do your own.

  9. Good luck on your new exercise regime. We need all the help we can get when we get older.

  10. Beautiful grand children.

    Pilates, who?? Waistline?

    I admire your stick-to-it-veness.

  11. Lucky you with your grandchildren...lovely!
    Your Pilates description made me laugh:) Good luck with that! This week I decided that I need to get back on my bike, so we have done a four and a six mile ride so far, and need to do another one today. Not sure where I am going to fit it in, but will try. Depressing how that weight creeps on, isn't it:(?


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