Monday, December 31, 2018

Will black eyed peas and collards bring sunny days?

Well, I may have been wrong, posting this is the wettest year on record. This morning the local weatherman said it is the fourth wettest year on record. 

and with rain predicted for the next four days, AGAIN! maybe I will spend most of this last day of 2018 in little sewing room.

I know one thing! We are eating black eyed peas and collards tomorrow for good luck and hopefully, start the year off right! Yes we are!

and speaking of the sewing room, I've been meaning to show you this...

Remember the 2 aprons, 2 bonnets, and 2 doll dresses I rushed to finish for the home-schooled girls for Christmas? Well, the mom picked them up. She seemed pleased with everything.

The little blouse was the hardest to make, but it turned out pretty cute, I think. In fact, while the mom was here, she bought another bonnet and apron set. 

and while we're in the sewing room I'll show you my newest aprons...

Sandy, a blogging friend in New York got me started on this idea by asking if I make clothespin aprons.

I had seen on line, something called a gathering apron and thought how neat, for gathering eggs or bringing vegetables in from the garden, or carrying clothespins out to the line!!

Plundering through my pattern drawer one day, right there in front of my eyes was this cutest apron pattern I had never noticed before. These are fun aprons to make!

Most of these things I've added to my little bonnet shop, along with a few dolls.

The teapot apron with most of the teapots up-side-down.

Good grief, this is a gloomy Monday morning!

There is so much I could get done on this dreary rainy day..the floors need vacuuming, and the bathrooms need cleaning, all the Christmas decorations need to be taken down and stored in the shop, but it's too gloomy to even get started! But boy, just let that sun shine come back and I'll tackle anything!!

I think about mama too on dreary days. She used to say, "I can't get anything done but stand and look out the window when it's snowing". We are kind of that way too when it rains. 

I've posted this before, but mama used to play the piano, by ear. She never had a lesson. One of her favorite tunes to play and sing was "The Old Spinning Wheel"...

and here's the video! I must have done something right! Hope it will actually play!

I suppose we will be in bed fast asleep when the new year comes in. It's been many years since Poppy and I were up past midnight. 

Here's a picture from one New Year's Eve back in the late 1970's...we were on our way to a party at the Sheraton Hotel in Southern dance the night away. One of my most favorite nights out...




  1. Hi dear Henny, I'm a little behind on my visiting, you have been so busy sweet lady !
    I have just put my black eyed peas to soak, when I popped in over to discover you have the same thing on your mind πŸ˜‚
    Your dolls are the most beautiful, I'm sure the girls were over the moon with them, and what pretty aprons, I surely treasure mine.
    Here's wishing you and Poppy and all of your babies there on Henny Penny Lane a Happy New Year, may your blessings be plentiful.

  2. Oh I am so tired of the rain. It is so muddy on our farm. I went outside for a minute today and slid in the mud. I hit the ground hard but was not hurt. I will probably feel it in my body tomorrow. I love the gathering apron. The lady doll clothes are so pretty. I love the picture of you and Poppy. Thanks for the complement on my nativity board I will definitely make you and Aunt Shelby one. I love making stuff with my Cricut. It is a cutter that cuts vinyl, cloth, paper and other stuff. I have really enjoyed it so far.
    Love you bunches and Happy New Year!!

  3. I am hoping we go to bed soon.
    The dolls and aprons all look wonderful!
    A blessed New Year to you all!

  4. The little doll dresses turned out so sweet. It is hard to sew on such tiny pieces; but yours look perfect. Love the outfit. Also, your aprons are wonderful too. Looks like you have been busy sewing! I do hope that the rain will let up for you. I know you enjoy your outdoor time as much as your sewing room time. Wishing you a very Happy New Year!

  5. Black~Eyed Peas...???
    Oh! The food..the food..there's me thinking of
    the band/group..! :). HeHe! Though...l enjoy
    both, l must say..!!! "I Got a Feeling"..! 🎢🎢

    The doll looks lovely..and l have to confess..l have
    a doll, for the last 40yrs it's sat in the corner of
    the bathroom, just sits there, no cloths on, it's 18inches
    in height, stood has a story..but l won't bother
    you with it..but, l do bathe her once in a while..HeHe! :).
    "Nuff Said"!

    Oh! Love the aprons..though l've always called them a Pinny..
    The word "pinny" is short for the British word "pinafore,"
    a term that originally meant "an apron or sleeveless garment"
    traditionally worn by women over the front of dresses....!
    And, l always like to have pockets in them, then if you drop
    and food, pop it into the pocket...and eat it later..! πŸ˜‰

    Love the old photo at bottom there..Certainly takes me back,
    dressed much the same..with a 9inch Afro..l was a 'super~star'
    back l'm just a star...!!! :o).
    HeHe! Bless! So...A very happy one and all, hope it
    brings everyone happiness and joy...God Bless!
    😸 😺 (≗ᆽ≗) 😻 😼

  6. I think your first answer was right about this rainy weather...that is all I've heard on my local news...that this IS the wettest year for NC on record. Love, love, love those darling aprons...I still think my fave is the criss-cross back...and that is one awesome photo of you from the 70s! I am from Ohio and it is tradition to eat pork and sauerkraut for New Years. Happy New Year again!

  7. Oh Happy New Year to you! Love those aprons and the beautiful sewing for the doll. Of course your photo is gorgeous!

  8. I love that picture of you two, Henny!!!! And hey, the idea of a gathering apron is a very good one! Happy New Year to you and Poppy and all your critters!!

  9. I never wear aprons, but that teapot apron is really cute. Your aprons remind me of my first wedding shower back in 1968. Mama had all of us (bride-to-be and all the bridesmaids) wear these frilly white aprons she had our seamstress make. It was cute (but so not me). And yes, black-eyed peas and collards (cabbage here) are supposed to bring good luck and money. .. don't know about sunny weather?

  10. Enjoyed hearing "The Old Spinning Wheel" and
    wishing you Happy New Year.

  11. My peas are cookin’ ! Our luck needs all the help it can get.
    We always try to start the new year on the beach and we got a nice beach walk in this morning between the rain. I’m so tired of rain. It seems we have had months of it! Oh well, it could be snow and that you have to shovel so I’ll stop complaining!
    Happy New Year, Henny.

  12. I love the gathering aprons and the doll dresses! We're having black eyed peas today too! Happy New Year to you and Poppy!

  13. Well, I'll just put it out there, Henny, you're a fine-looking lady now as then! The doll dress is so perfect, but it looks really difficult to make. I'm terribly impatient with sewing... though I do love the results. I hope the rain subsides and you get your sunshine-- blessings!

  14. Happy New Year! You make the prettiest things, Henny!

  15. "Happy New Year to you and Poppy."
    Your doll clothes are the sweetest and the teapot apron is so cute. I get the 'clothesline apron' and imagine them very useful.
    We don't have any special meal for New Year but I personally would like to take a break since Christmas from food for awhile. I.ate.too.much. Back to veggies and fruit for now.
    Love the '70's photo. Your girls look just like you did back then. Looking back on the old pictures is one of my favorite past-times.
    Hope you enjoyed the special dinner and that the rain takes a hike for awhile. Must be very frustrating when you do so much outside. Fingers crossed for you. hugs, Deb

  16. I love the 70's picture of you and Poppy! Such a cute couple.
    I love the gathering aprons too. My Mom just used aprons with enough gathers at the waist so she could bring in whatever... eggs, vegetables, anything really. If she's have had the idea I'm sure she would have sewn a real gathering apron. She sewed everything ( not like her oldest daughter (me) who cannot sew a straight seam.
    Happy New Year to you too!!!

  17. The doll is so lovely! You did such a wonderful job! Love the aprons! We had black eyed peas today for our dinner.....with or without luck...they are always good! Love your photo of 1970!
    We choose to stay home as well.
    Wishing you a blessed and happy New Year!

  18. diane in northern wisJanuary 1, 2019 at 4:55 PM

    Great blog as usual Henney. I love the clothes you made for that doll and love all your pretty aprons too. Sorry to hear about all your rain. Hope it lets up soon. Can't get over that last guys sure look like Sonny and Cher! What a cute couple you make. Happy New Year to you and your family! May your sun comes out soon!

  19. I love your gathering aprons. My grandma used to always wear an apron. She used the pockets for everything all day long. Gathering eggs, vegetables, clothespins, even carried cracked corn for her baby chicks in the pockets. Your aprons are so pretty! I finally got Christmas put away. It took longer than usual because Molly wanted to help! I didn't make it till midnight on New Years Eve either. Love the picture of you and Poppy! What a nice looking couple!

  20. Love all your pics especially the last one. My Aunt use to make all kinds of clothes for my barbies. Oh how I now wish I had kept all of them.

  21. I’ve always love clothespin aprons... and the darling doll aprons bring back so many memories. Things were oh so much more useful and prettier then( Ha Ha) ...Lovely post...Happy New Year...Hugs

  22. Love the doll dress and blouse and what a cute gathering apron! We don't eat collards and black eyed peas but we sure have had enough rain! Some of our Christmas decorations are down but not the tree yet. Melissa and the girls will be over sometime to do that. It sure brightens up these dreary days! Nancy

  23. I love that photo of you two! Weren't we the Hair Generation? :) You two were stylin'!! The video played fine. Daddy Walton sure had a bass voice. For some strange reason, overcast, gray days make me energized ... as long as the heat is on, and I have hot tea :) I can't stand working in the hot of summer, but these gray winter days are just perfect for me. Your aprons are just perfect. Your fabrics! So, so cute! A gathering apron is a must for those who have farms or even just big gardens. I always have something with pockets when I go outside. I buy 'scrubs' just for that purpose b/c they always have at least 2 big pockets in the front. Nice work!!

  24. Oh the dolls clothes turned out so very pretty. What a great job you did. I like the clothespin apron. That is something I could really use. My clothes pins are in a basket now.

  25. Look at you young hipsters way back in the 70's...such a cute couple. Oh to be able to dance the night away. =) The doll clothes are beautifully stitched and those aprons are such fun. Perfect for collection things outside. I hope it has stopped raining.

  26. I love the old photo neat to see the clothes and long hair! I had long hair then too! LOVE the cute doll clothes you make. I got in the mood and made quite a few but haven't lately. I wanted to make my dolls some clothes like Little House on the prairie! your aprons! You are so talented! Hugs!

  27. You are so beautiful inside and out Henny! I love your 70s pictures, reminds me of my teenage and young adult years! You sure are a worker, it looks like you will weather this old storm. You are right, our weather folks stated we have had 75 inches of rain here in WNC and counting I might add. It is supposed to have broke the previous record for the state. Also, this morning, we are having brutal winds, so I hope that the lines can stay up in this mess~ Stay warm, look on the sunny side! Terry

  28. Oh boy Henny! You look so pretty and so does Poppy.


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