Monday, December 10, 2018

What a snow storm this turned out to be!

But first, I had never given a thought to kitty cats eating those silver icicles off a Christmas tree. Thankfully, neither of our cats have ever bothered the tree, but I will be watching them closely. Thank you Deb, and others too, who mentioned this in their comment.

A few days ago, Granny Marigold asked about the bunny rabbits, so I was working on a Bunny post.  Wanted to show you how I had added tarps to the bunny lot...

Yep, I did good! Now the bunnies would be protected from the cold winter wind.

The bunnies would get the early morning sun through the open front and a little late afternoon sun from the one open side. It would be cozy.

Then we hear the local weather report...Snow storm! Beginning Saturday night! Up to six inches predicted for us (we got eight inches!) with snow all day Sunday and wind gusts up to 35 mph. Good grief!

So, I bundled up again and headed back down to the bunny lot with another tarp to cover the other side. Only the door end of the lot was left uncovered. Now the bun buns surely would be cozy through the storm

Early Sunday morning Bunny Village looked fine, even with a covering of snow. All four bunnies were safe inside.

But the next time I checked...

Oh no! One side of the canvas top, filled with heavy wet snow had fallen in. The bunnies were fine, but what a wet soggy mess their sweet little village has become. Poppy has already ordered a new canvas top. Hopefully it will get here quick!!

Thankfully each of the bunnies has their own box filled with hay and protection from the weather.

"Penny" and her son, "Chief, Son of Bun".

Sweetest "Fiona"

Messy Mr. "Bun Bun"

One of these days I hope to have a pretty little house for each bunny. I keep check on Craigslist. For now though, the old cages will do. Poppy says these rabbits eat better than we do. :( 

Thank you to two new followers, "Changes in the Wind" and "Phoebe's World. I appreciate your friendship.

Thank you Granny Marigold for asking about the bunnies.

Well I wanted to finish up this bunny post, but tomorrow, hopefully, I will be back with "snow pictures"!! Bet you can't wait!! :) There is a really special picture of Eli.  



  1. Lucky animals to be loved and cared for by you, Henny.

  2. I don't know about eating, but your bunnies certainly get more attention than most pets do! Loved seeing your quick ideas to help keep your little bunnies warm and comfortable!

  3. Your bunnies are so very cute! You did get a lot of snow!

  4. I missed work yesterday due to snow.

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  6. Your darling little bunnies are mighty lucky to have such a wonderful home. I suppose there were many little wild bunnies that took shelter in a burrow under a snow bank.

  7. Oh Henny, I've been watching all the snow in North Carolina and I was worried about you, Poppy and all your sweet animals! I'm so glad you are all okay and those bunnies look cozy and well fed. Did you lose your power during the storm? I hope not. Eight inches is a lot of snow for your area! I can't wait to see your pictures!

  8. Hi Henny. Snow? I've never seen snow falling - only seen patches thawing out of prevous days snow on distant hills near Mittagong NSW (60km south of home)...I imagine eight inches of snow for you may not have been all that enjoyable with a 35mph wind blowing. Glad that you, Poppy and the Bunnies are safe and well. Cheers. KEV.

  9. I'm happy to see your post; it means that you've got electricity. The news is showing horrible conditions in North Carolina, including trees falling on power lines. All that snow and wind is bad enough, but without power you'd be freezing. I hope that neither you nor Poppy has to go out and drive on those snowy roads. i imagine there's not a lot of snow removal equipment to clear the roads everywhere. Your sweet bunnies look snug enough with all their fur and your tarps. We're supposed to get near 50 degrees Tuesday. As I take my walk for exercise in the park, I'll think of you in all that snow! Looking forward to more pictures of white snow and white Eli.

  10. HeHe! Oh! No!
    "I saw a little rabbit go hop, hop, hop!
    I saw his little ears go flop, flop, flop.
    I saw his little eyes go blink, blink, blink.
    I saw his little nose go twink, twink, twink.
    See her coat so soft and furry
    See her hop away in a hurry"! :).

    Can't wait to see the snow pics...Hope they'll
    be all 'white'..! :o). 🎄✨🎄

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  12. Goodness, y'll got alot of SNOW!! Glad y'all are okay and hopefully your power doesn't go off, Stay inside and stay warm and cozy and safe, okay?

  13. We raised bunnies when we were first married. Our Bunny shed was a 9 x 10 and made of wood. Each Bunny had their own cage. Terry's favorite was a Rex. Mine was Palamino color so I called him Pumpkin. We had you can guess what breed he was. Then we had Floppy who was a huge grey Flemish Lop Ear. Seems like a lifetime ago.

    It appears that huge rains are coming to your area. I'm keeping track of the weather down that way. My grandson bought a new 5th Wheel that they will pick up today and head for Florida. I have a feeling that the weather this winter is going to be crazy no matter where you live. Stay warm and Merry Christmas.
    xx, Carol

  14. I don't know if it would work for bunnies, but for our barn cats we cut a hole in a large tote, put a smaller one inside cut hole) and fill the sides with straw. They love it for warmth.(

  15. I have been thinking about you with the reports of the nasty snowstorm. Glad you and the bunnies are fine! You take such wonderful care of them.❤️

  16. I think those pampered little bunnies will be just fine in this snow storm and the next. We see wild bunny prints in the snow all winter long. The mother and son rabbits are so wonderful - I'd like to just cuddle them!! I'm not familiar with your weather - do you not usually get much snow? -Jenn

  17. The snow is beautiful! We got some here too.

  18. Your bunnies are so cute! I hope they are safe and warm and I hope all the snow goes away soon although they are saying we can have a little here in Texas later this week. Yikes! I don't believe them. Stay warm!

  19. My daughter is a bun lover too but she keeps hers in the house. She recently has added chickens to her group and they are outside but have a house to go into and think they too got bad weather from that storm of yours. The dog crates are a great idea for outside protection.

  20. Dear Henny your bunnies looks so snug...what great care you give them...I bet that they are warmer than many folks are during winter. Wow you guys certainly did get hit with snow. Hugs!

  21. The bunnies look snug! We had a cat who ate the silver tinsel and it passed through without a problem, but our Vet said the sharp edges of the tinsel could have cut him internally. I never used tinsel again.

  22. Your sweet Buns look quite content in their homes. You are so precious to take such wonderful care of all your babies. We were supposed to get all that snow but, by the grace of God and a southern turn of the storm, we didn't get even a flake!

    Grace & Peace,

  23. Your bunnies are adorable and so glad they weathered the storm...and what a storm it was! We had nearly a foot here and lost power for 26 hours. Now the melting will begin and what a lovely mess that will be!

  24. We escaped the storm-too far north I guess. Those bunnies are just adorable!

  25. Hi Henny! Oh, I LOVE the bun buns!

  26. Beautiful bunnies, so well cared for, I hope to have half the farm you have, dearest Henny! Love Terry

  27. Nice to see all the bunnies looking so pretty and cozy warm.
    As the others said, you take such wonderful care of the bunnies and all your animals.
    Enjoy the snow! : )

  28. Poor little sweet bunnies must have been so scared!!! They are just adorable, those little fluffy faces!!

  29. Glad to hear you and your bunnies are safe!
    Merry Christmas and God bless!

  30. Oh goodness, welcome to our world. It has been snowing here for days. I just love how you care so much and give so much concern for your animals. I hope they weren't too scared by the storm and I'm happy to hear they were safe when the canvas fell in. I have been fussing over our critters, too the last few days. It's not easy for them this time of year.
    Of course Annie and Wilson just sleep more. lol
    Have a good and peaceful night.

  31. Oh I see Winter has arrived for your area!
    Thanks for giving the update on the bunnies. They're all looking so great.
    I especially loved seeing Penny and Chief Son of a Bun. ( I know it;s just Son of Bun but I think of him as son of a bun.


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