Wednesday, December 5, 2018

More on Christmas!

Hey friends,

Think I've found what the little Christmas tree needed...

Do you all still use those old fashioned icicles?
all knotted and tangled. Every year as I stand and carefully hang one icicle from the tip of each branch on the tree, I remember the years Shelby, Jackie, and I decorated the trees at home. 

Shelby, being the oldest, was in charge and of course there was always an argument, especially when it came time to hang the icicles on the tree. Jackie, the youngest at the time, wanted to throw the icicles and let them grab onto the tree.

"Icicles are supposed to 'HANG' on the tree like icicles"! Shelby would say.

"Mama, tell him to STOP throwing icicles on the tree"! 

"Huh uh mama", Jackie would say, "look, you're supposed to throw-um on and let-um fall down like snow".

"Oh, for goodness sake, hush, all of you"! Mama would say in that pleading tone of voice.

"Surely, mama didn't mean me too. I wasn't doing anything".  I would think to myself. 

I was the middle child and afraid of Shelby. Why, she had warned me many times, "DON'T TOUCH ME"!  So, being the odd ball and of all things born a Virgo, I was probably sitting in the background sorting out Christmas balls by color and size.  Plus, purposely trying to be the sweet one in the bunch, which sickened Shelby. 

We were simply being children, siblings. We loved each other and did get along...most of the time.

The icicles show up more in this little side view of the tree.

anyhow, I've put this old chair here thinking Santa might want to sit and rest a little between stops. Hope it's sturdy enough. It's very old. A gift from my Cousin Patty back when she gave us the old Civil War cupboard. Thank you Patty.

and here's Eli...

Eli has once again asked Santa for a new bear. He's says my stitching just doesn't hold up any longer, and see, the bear's head is falling off again.

and Smokey...
says he will be happy with whatever Santa brings, but can he sleep on the footstool near the tree on Christmas Eve?

Dumperoo and Weetie are too busy running through the house to stop and speak...we'll check with them later.

Oh friends, I promise you...I will get over this soon and stop posting so much about Christmas!



  1. I love old fashioned tinsel on the tree, and put it there every year. It adds more sparkle and joy for me. :-) My tree looks to be the size of yours and it's up on an antique 2 drawer night table, in front of a mirror which is also antique, in the living room. Favorite ornaments adorn the tree.

    Happy Christmas holidays to you ~ FlowerLady

  2. Hey Henny!
    Don't even think to stop posting on whatever you like. I, for one love anything you post...well except for snakes!!! Its fun to see your decorations and read what the critters are requesting for Christmas...I'm sure they have been so good, they will receive what they ask for?!! Your tree is very pretty and your childhood memories bring back some of mine...thank you sweet Henny..diana

  3. Loving the Christmas posts Henny, keep on as long as you like. Eli looks splendid as usual and Smokey has made himself really comfy.

  4. Please don't stop with the Christmas posts. Loved your story of the tinsel wars! I was a thrower like your poor outnumbered brother. But I can see by your tree how pretty it is when put on properly.

  5. Henny I love your pretty tree and the story of the icicles. Yes, they should hang down like icicles. We always called them tinsel. The Santa hat hanging on the chair is a nice touch, it looks like Santa was just recently sitting there.

  6. What a fun post! Keep them coming!

  7. Sweet stories, sweet pics :-). Keep 'em coming!

  8. I have memories of pulling tinsel out of our carpet sweeper when I was a kid. I haven't seen tinsel like that or carpet sweepers in a long, long time! :)

  9. Please don't I am enjoying each and every post. Christmas is such a lovely time of year and the perfect time for sharing memories of Christmas's past.

  10. Oh! My! My! The tree looks great...I was gonna say
    'fabulous' but l can't spell it..! :).
    And..memories..that part of the festive season,
    Christmas's gone by, and all the fun, not forgetting
    a bit of sorrow, well..some of it..Bless!x

    Oh! And! ALL the pets must have presents..Don't think
    Eli will want a new teddy, seems as though he's had that
    one..forever..! :). Bet he loves it to bits..bits! :).

    Oh! And don't forget a mince pie and a glass of sherry,
    along side Santa's chair..he'll need that for refreshment!

    Silver Filigree......

    The icicles wreathing
    On trees in festoon
    Swing, swayed to our breathing:
    They’re made of the moon.

    She’s a pale, waxen taper;
    And these seem to drip
    Transparent as paper
    From the flame of her tip.

    Molten, smoking a little,
    Into crystal they pass;
    Falling, freezing, to brittle
    And delicate glass.

    Each a sharp-pointed flower,
    Each a brief stalactite
    Which hangs for an hour
    In the blue cave of night.
    (Written by Elinor Wylie)
    : ´*•.¸(*•.¸♥¸.•*´)¸.•*´

  11. Beautiful tree! I was just telling my daughter about those iciclies the other day and how I am thankful that we never use them because of the mess they always made. My grandmother used them every year that she put a tree up.

  12. I used to love those icicles!!! They really do finish off a tree perfectly....but only a real tree, alas. I stopped putting up a real tree after my divorce, since there's no way I'm going to be sawing off the end, plus it's a hazard next to the wood stove. Oh well - yours looks perfect! And Eli with his teddy, oh my gosh what a cutie pie!

  13. Your house looks so pretty! I love that valance!

  14. We are very scrooge like and haven't put up our artificial tree for the last two years! But I still enjoy good decorations ...yours included.

  15. diane in northern wisDecember 5, 2018 at 4:37 PM

    Oh my goodness Henny, don't stop posting about Christmas. This is the season of joy and I love to hear all about Christmas at your house. I do love icicles on a Christmas daughter does that but I don't know if I have the patience for it. I just love the look of the icicles hanging from a tree. Yours looks great! Love that big beautiful dog and his teddy too! as well as smokey! Hope Santa is good to you all and thanks for an always enjoyable blog.

  16. I remember using those when we were young, and my mom was always telling us how to hang them. It looks great!

  17. Yes, we call it tinsel here in the USA. We don't use it, but only because we have an artificial tree that keeps getting re-used.

  18. Oh yes, we used that silver tinsel on all of our trees when I was little (real trees), along with the big bulbs on the lights, and the special glass ornaments. In later years, my mom stopped and she did this weird thing with red apple ornaments. Just not the same! -Jenn

  19. There can never be too uch about Christmas. You actually reuse those ice-cycles year to year?!
    It's funny, but growing up in Oregon, we called that tinsel "Rain". We had more rain than ice.

  20. Oh yes, the icicles made it perfect! I haven't used those in years but they were always a staple on our tree growing up. My siblings and I squabbled too about the correct way to apply them...I think many of us had the same traditions! I have a little old chair very similar to yours and also have Santa hats hanging on a couple of my rockers. Your house looks so cozy and warm all decked out for Christmas! Have you heard we may be getting snow this weekend?? Yay!

  21. Awww...Henny- What a sweet post. I love this-it is so true of so many siblings at Christmas (or any time of the year). I always wished for a sister but had one wonderful brother instead. This will be my fifth Christmas without him. He LOVED Christmas.
    I have not had icicles on my tree in years but so loved them when I was a kid. I don't even know if you can buy them anymore. They sure add a magical shimmer to a tree, don't they?
    I hope you have a wonderful night- xo Diana

  22. I enjoyed your post about Christmas...I have not used icicles in years. I dare not with my of them would try to eat them. I can guarantee that.

  23. Hi the old-fashioned Christmas tree. The tinsel always makes a tree look so magical. My mom used to always hang tinsel on ours too until our cat took an interest in it and had some for a snack. He got a bit bunged up and ended up at the vet for an enema. So...although I love it that's a memory that stays.
    I love the merry-go-round in your photo. I bought one for my daughter's little ones this year and they love it.
    Hope you are enjoying the preparations for Christmas. Keep the posts coming. :-) Hugs to all, Deb

  24. What a magical post! I love all your Christmas decorations and stories! I remember icicles well and we had that same argument about them. My Mother and I wanted to put one at a time on and my Dad wanted to throw a big handful on at once! I love the way a tree looks with icicles but unfortunately we can't use them any longer because our cats would eat them and like Deb said above - that's not a good thing! I just love your magical Christmas posts Henny! Thank you!

  25. Your tabletop tree is perfect! Please don't stop posting about Christmas until after the 25th!! We wait all year for it so we might as well enjoy it to the limit.
    How are your bunnies? I miss your up-dates. Mine is getting roly-poly now that I'm giving her some black oil sunflower seeds every day. I figure she needs the extra calories to keep warm these cold nights! She is crazy for those seeds and is quite put out if I don't bring them every time I visit. Which I don't because the recommended amount is about 6 or 7 seeds a day only.
    Sorry this comment is so long.

  26. Hi Henny - Your Tree looks terrific! Ours is about 1/8th the size of your mighty Christmas Tree- though it will do nicely. Do like the icicles- it is a great effect with the lights too. Cheers. KEV.

  27. Growing up, we had a real tree, and we put those on our tree too. Mom would make us put them on one at a time, and we always had to take them off one at a time to reuse the following year. Oh the memories.

  28. Your tree is lovely. I personally don't think a tree is complete unless it has icicles that are hung JUST RIGHT. Neither of my pooches would tolerate a bear living longer than a few minutes in our house. . . Even the unstuffed ones. They think toys are meant to be eaten. Christmas always brings back memories, doesn't it.
    xx, Carol

  29. My momma always threw the icicles on the tree when I was growing up. I would sneak around when she went to work & try to straighten them & hang them as you described.

  30. My Mom did the icicles very patiently and the results are beautiful. I love your little Christmas center, it is just perfect.

  31. Oh, don't apologize! And don't stop your Christmas posting! I still haven't decorated yet, and looking at sweet photos like yours is how I'm getting myself into the Christmas spirit. Your tree is delightful. We also had the icicle wars when I was a child. My next-up brother, Marshall, and I argued about how to apply them. My mother didn't care or have a preference. Marshall was into the "natural" approach, where you toss the icicle into the air (or a handful) and allow them to fall on the tree and drape naturally ... haha. I was the careful hang-one-at-a-time person :)

    Merry Christmas!

  32. The first photo conveys the warmest and coziest winter/Christmas feelings ever!!! Your home is perfect for the season. I enjoyed your childhood memory and the fact you once again mention your virgo-ness! Very funny picture you paint of your child self feigning sweetness just to bug your sister! Wonderful post, keep them coming. Blessings!

  33. The tree is very pretty! And the icicles-------awwww, the icicles, those sure bring back memories. I haven't seen any of those in YEARS!! do they even sell them anymore or did you have those? I sure do remember hanging them on the trees back in the olden days, LOL And I remember the tree ornaments both at home and at my Ma-Maw's house. The icicles were pretty, so shimmery and they would delicately blow softly in the slightest little breeze. Christmas trees were real back then, I don't think they had even invented any "false" ones except maybe the aluminum silver ones!? LOl

  34. The discussion in my house growing up was always whether or not to put any icicles on at all. Some of us thought the tree looked better without the "tinsel". Your tree is beautiful. Do the kitties leave it alone? Yes, I do think Santa should spring for a new bear for Eli!

  35. Your Christmas tree is beautiful. Love those icicles-----they really do make it look magical.

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  38. oh yes, we still do use these icicles on the tree. I hang mine like my mom did, no throwing


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