Saturday, April 29, 2017

Ideas for the playhouse!

Way back in May of 1996, dear friends, I clipped this little picture from a Better Homes and Gardens Magazine...
This was the playhouse I wanted. Just a simple little corner, enclosed with a couple of wooden fence panels or even latticework might do, and that old fashioned wood stove! As daughter Lynn would say, "be still my heart"!!

But wait! It's not too late, is it? Look again at the playhouse, if you don't mind...

can you picture the fence panels installed there behind the potting bench, then...
ending somewhere back behind the old green washing machine tub, turning the corner and installing another fence panel, enclosing the playhouse. A little wood stove would fit in there somewhere. 

Just this week, messing around up at the greenhouse, neighbor Ann pulled over to speak. After telling her my plan, she asked, do you want some latticework? Fred just put up new, under our porch and he is taking the old to the landfill. Seriously!! Ann?? Wait a minute, she said, I'll be right back. In five minutes she was back with a stack of latticework pieces, left over pieces.

So now I have a totally new reason for lying awake at night; planning and dreaming and all night long figuring out how to put up pieces of latticework to make a wall. :(

I've searched Craigslist for old wooden fence panels, but so far, nothing. It would cost way too much to buy new wooden fence panels. Good Gosh!!

Okay, need to get busy this morning. There are herbs ready to plant, and okra seed for a row in the garden, and much to my surprise, the seeds I saved from those tiny pretty little red, orange, and gold peppers, from the grocery store, germinated and are big enough to put in the garden. Besides all this, I've got lots of standing and staring to do up at the long-legged tower. 

Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated. I've been chopping down more saplings and small trees. A tall, neatly built wattle fence behind the playhouse would be nice. 

Thank you! Hope to be back here soon!



  1. I have no suggestions for you - only encouragement. Your playhouse sounds lovely! Can't wait to see the lattice up and I hope you can find your fence posts. Enjoy your planning!

  2. Check the "free" section of Craigslist several times a day. Right now, on our local Craigslist, there are two people offering free used fence sections if you just pick it up. Write down what you need in the way of fencing and focus on it. And spread the word to your daughters and other friends and family telling them to let you know if anyone is replacing their fence. The Lord (or Universe if you prefer to say it that way) will provide. You just need to know what you need and focus on it, and it will appear!

  3. It sounds as though you are going to be pretty busy, but will have a delightful resting place once finished.

  4. Oh it's going to be wonderful, I know you can do it.

  5. You have gotten me excited with your plans . . . " you have to have a dream, before you can ever have a dream come true" . . .that's my motto and I'm sticking to it. So, dream on sweet friend and make that dream come true. Dreams and elbow grease are the answer to many a dream come true:) I'm looking forward to seeing what you do.
    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Connie :)

  6. A dream! And how to make it come true! Lovely!

    And I'd think these plans, would be a nice way, to put yourself to sleep. The fun of thinking about them, would make you drift off to sleep, on a happy cloud. :-)

  7. Oh and....

    Synchrinosity!!!!! (Or however one wants to spell it...)

    You have been thinking, thinking, thinking, about how to do this dream.

    You thus, put this, out into the Universe.

    And lo and behold, your neighbor came by and ended up, giving you pieces, to help build your dream.

    That is what I call synchrinosity. When we are very aware, of some thing/happening/person. And 'out of the blue,' we find something to help, our project... Or we get the urge to go somewhere, and we find the object. Or we are almost led to some information, about our interest...

    Some call it coincidence, but not I. I have had too many examples of this happen. I say synchrinosity. Even my husband has been convinced. :-)

  8. How sweet. And then we will all be over for tea!

  9. Oh how fun! Love it that your friend had lattice to share with you. Keep on dreaming. Don't work to hard planting the seeds/herbs today.

  10. Amazing, I fell in love with the idea as soon as you shared it. Wishing you lots of luck finding the materials that are needed for this great project.

  11. I am excited. I will be over for the spot of tea. :-)
    Have fun dreaming and creating.

  12. Hello Henny Henny Penny Penny! I like your playhouse MUCH better! To me, the way you have things arranged is much more useful.
    My neighbor has a potting area but I never see her potting there - things just pile up. I think it's on the wrong side of the house for her.

  13. It sounds like a great idea to me! Have a wonderful day!

  14. YES, a fence behind the potting bench would be perfect! And, I do love that old-fashioned wood-burning stove in the picture. Just let your imagination run wild here, and you'll come up with something that you'll love...even for the long-legged tower! :~)

  15. Oh yes I can just see it. What a great idea.

  16. All the possibilities would keep me awake too. You've already done so much to make the area nice, now you just have ti get the next step done. I think it won't be long and you'll have figured out what you'll do.

  17. diane in northern wisApril 29, 2017 at 6:32 PM

    I love your thoughts and dream Henny, and how you share them with us. Can't wait to see how your plans pan out! Love that picture..... hope you can devise something that sweet for yourself! Can just picture all the peppers you're going to have too!!!

  18. Now I can hardly wait to see just how you bring this dream to pass, because I know you will! That picture from the BH&G magazine gives me an idea, too! Oh, I have way too many "plans" for my husband. Maybe this will be something that I can do on my own. :)

  19. Keep dreaming and staring and planning. We all await whatever you create!

  20. Henny, you have so many great ideas, I don't know what to add. Now you have me thinking about my yard! We are taking down a tumbled down bench thingy next weekend and Chuck and I are thinking what to put in it's place. Love your playhouse idea.
    Have a good week!

  21. Depending on how many sections of the lattice you have couldn't you just put in posts at distances that would correspond to the width of the lattice panels and butt the edges of the lattice up together and nail them in place? You could cover the seams where they meet with molding of some sort. Or would that make for too many holes to dig? I'm assuming that the pieces of lattice are about 2 2/1 feet wide------maybe that would be too narrow to make it feasible-----those post holes are hard to dig after all. Have you looked at a Habitat Restore? They often have building materials there either used or bits and pieces of new stuff left over from someones project that they just wanted to get rid of. You often find really inexpensive stuff there. Just some thoughts.

    I love the idea of that little stove-----makes it seem really nice and cozy.

    I know you will come up with some good ideas---you're very clever that way. You can picture things in you head and figure out how to manufacture them out of things you already have. What a wonderful talent!

  22. I do hope you get to put your dream together!

  23. Can't wait to see what you come up with! You could lay some pieces of lattice side by side and put a 2x4 or 2x2 under them all at top and bottom to make bigger lattice sections to fasten to posts. You are so like me, doing things with what you have on hand or can find for nothing. Made me think of us riding around on our bikes at Oliver. There was a pile of small lattice pieces for free at the end of the driveway. We got talking to the owner, and he put them out of sight until we could come back with the car. We used them first for a fence around the vegetable garden, and then later we attached them to the top of the property line fence to make it a bit higher so Luna couldn't send her soccer ball over it so easily. Keep dreaming!

  24. Oh, Mom! It will be awesome! I know it will just be perfect. I am steadily working on some little magical places throughout "Lynnwood." Love you! ~your girl

  25. Hey Henny! You could buy a few slats at a time and maybe get some used fence posts from around your neighborhood. I know how I find things; go to a few yard sales or architectural salvage or a Habitat resale might be surprised! You are already so amazing at all you do in a day you make my head spin with your ideas sometimes! Love and Hugs - Terry

  26. The old dry sink is perfect for the potting and area.
    Maybe just buy a couple of fence panels here and there, maybe a birthday present or Mother's Day gift, and before long you will have enough wood to define the area, and I can only imagine how cute a little pot-bellied stove would be :)
    Keep dreaming and working on your plans, I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  27. I had to come check out this post, I missed it somehow.....oh my gosh, I love that picture you clipped so many years ago! I can just see it, simply charming!


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