Thursday, April 20, 2017

Playhouse at the garden

Up at the playhouse...the more stuff I add around the base of the long legged tower...

the shorter those long legs look. Maybe I've gone into my second childhood, building a playhouse and such...don't the say old folks eventually enter into a second childhood? :)

It sure is fun looking for things to add to my little playhouse. Shoot, I just might put up curtains and a little bed and move in. 

Actually I've been busy planting the garden, AND playing house...

Not much to see just yet, but maybe soon.

I did build three tee pees from saplings, for the cucumber and squash vines. You can see a little of them over to the left.

Yesterday, I tackled the hardest job yet! Let me tell you about the worst gardening mistake ever made!!

a few years ago I set out ten small azaleas along the path to the shed. Then, for a border, a row of liriope or monkey grass. Oh my gosh! Was that ever a mistake! The entire row of azaleas looks like this. 

This is about half way down the row. What a back-breaking job! Liriope will not pull out of the ground! I've chopped and pulled, and tugged away at this mess, then added rich soil from the back of the chicken lot, then covered it with pine straw. 

Still have this end to go. This is one job I'm looking forward to crossing off my list!

In places, we have a quarter inch of snow---ball blossoms covering the ground. 

One last picture. Sure hate to see it go, but what a delight this has been.

Better finish up here and get busy. It is now 6:30 am...Poppy has gone to work, and I want to be in the garden by 8:30. 

There is a good article in the May issue of Better Homes & Gardens about Russ and Marion Morash, who started the TV series, "The Victory Garden". Russ grows pole beans on 10' bamboo poles plunged 2' into the ground. I don't have bamboo poles, but there are plenty more saplings to cut. 

This was going to be a short quick post. :) Hope to be back soon.



  1. Hi Henny, such wonderful flowers you have! Love your playhouse. I will look for the May issue of Better Homes and Gardens. I loved the "Victory Garden" show.

  2. Good for you, pulling out the monkey grass. Argh. That's a lot of work!
    I hope you have a joyful day digging and such! Your garden is so wonderful.

  3. You have been super busy. Love the playhouse and all the pretty blooms. God bless your day. xo

  4. I always enjoy a visit through your garden. Your play house looks grand!

  5. A bit of work, a bit of play, sounds good to me. You have created a beautiful garden. Love that playhouse!

  6. With all the gardening work you do, you deserve a Play House! So there! -smile-

    Oh my, don't plant those grasses!!!! I guess that is the message. Sorry you had to go through all this work, trying to get rid of it. Ughhhhh....

    Luna Crone

  7. It's pretty enough to move into. Can't wait to see your garden grow.

  8. Your little playhouse looks like a mini garden center all set up for the spring sales. What will you do with all those plants and bushes that are potted up? Plant them? That could add up to a whole lot of work! You could probably sell them at a local garden fair or some such occasion for some extra money for what else? more plants.

    Looks like you are having a whole lot of fun playing in the dirt despite the monkey grass.

  9. Oh my goodness, I can so identify with the monkey grass problem. It is so hard to remove. I have some in a flower bed and it has taken over my dianthus! Your place is lovely, just like a fairy land. It was so good to see you and your sweet Lynn at Mebane a few Sundays ago. Hugs and have a wonderful spring! xo Valerie

  10. I've pulled my share of Monkey Grass, and now we have none :)
    Your little long-legged tower is looking sweet, I was wondering too what you plan to do with all those pots of plants and bushes ?
    That Snowball bush is a beauty, I would hate to see it go also, I wonder why the deer stay away from it, since they've eaten every bit of ours ?
    Enjoy your day Henny !

  11. I love reading garden posts. There is just nothing like planting that first seed in the springtime. I do sympathize with eradicating monkey grass. That is powerful stuff.

  12. Well I have finally got a few things in the ground, but we continue to be so wet. I'm looking at your fence and thinking that it would be a perfect bean support, but then the deer (can't remember if you have trouble with deer) would eat what they could reach from the outside. Looks so lovely there.

  13. It looks as if you are starting a garden center with all those pots of flowers and shrubs, Henny! I planted Liriope once, around a bird feeder never took off, I guess it didn't work well in my zone. Sorry it's such a nuisance for you! Your azaleas are lovely, though....they don't like my zone, either, sadly.

  14. You could always mow that Liriope or maybe some Round up on a rag :)

  15. Note to self: Never ever plant Monkey grass!

    I sowed snow peas this morning but then DH told me that I had sowed them in the wrong place. He's building an 8 foot high trellis ( for pole beans) about as long as it is high and he doesn't want peas on it. I can see why. Don't know what I was thinking. I'm sure I'll do a few more gaffs before all is said and done.

  16. We are so ready to start planting, but it is still too cold and wet. We'll have to wait at least until May.
    I love seeing your garden, but do not envy you that weeding task.

  17. Oh my...I love all of the sweet things you've done up at the play house. :) We could be best buddies if we lived close to one another. That Snowball Bush is beautiful. My grandmother used to have a large one at one end of the front porch. That is a lot of hard work there where the Azelas are. Remember to take good care of your back, my friend! xx

  18. Mama, I LOVE it! You have the best playhouse and yard, and you are the best mama in the world! ~Your troublesome child who calls you every day

  19. Your lovely plants and flowers all look good to me. And your playhouse is really coming along! If it were mine, I would make a small wreath with dried flowers, or even faux flowers, to go on the square board up above the entryway to pretty it up even more.

  20. You've been busy. Great playhouse.
    I think it is a good thing to keep a child like wonder and joy about things. : )

  21. I love your playhouse. I want a building and I would use it as a playhouse. Oh well one day!
    Love you bunches.

  22. I love the pink flowers to me they look great ...I often thing of a old little shed when I was a girl that a great uncle came and chopped down. It had my great grandmas aqua canning jars which he broke... funny thing I don't remember going inside it.. just the day he took it down... i hope to put it back one day. With love Janice

  23. On any new plant you want, check how invasive it is. In that way you might not have to battle them.

  24. diane in northern wisApril 20, 2017 at 6:30 PM

    Henny I just love hearing about your garden and it is looking good! Can't wait to see things sprouting up!!! Love your azaleas too! And that snowball bush....don't you wish it would blossom all summer! Thanks for the always great blog. Great playhouse too!

  25. It is so neat that you are building a playhouse! Why not! And look at all those plats in the pots! Wow! Nancy

  26. Your do write the best posts!! Your garden looks to be in fine shape, so there will be plenty to show in no time at all. I am glad the long legged tower is gaining some favor with you. I just couldn't have a garden without mixing in a bit of play things. I have baby zinnias, just up from seed. I am hoping there will be lots of red ones.

  27. Such a lovely post, I love the playhouse and that stunning blossom.


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