Friday, April 21, 2017

Will the roses be next?

and now friends, I can start talking about the Iris that are blooming...

Is there a flower any prettier than an Iris?

The new little herb garden is there behind the Iris patch. In the above picture, it is there between the Rosemary and the Iris. So far, German Thyme, Oregano, and mint. I cut the bottom out of an old flower pot and buried it for the mint. 

It is summertime hot and dry here today! Funny, we had spring in February, winter in March, and now summer in April. 

We really need a shower of rain...the teeny tiny garden needs rain. Why, the beans would sprout with a little moisture. 

After the pond was built in 1996, Poppy and I bought one water lily and one yellow water Iris. Now we have yellow Iris that spread, on their on, and bloom all the way around the pond. Very invasive!! but pretty!

not very good pond pictures, but look what is in the water...

tiny sweet little tadpoles. There were many many more but they swam away.

Do you remember holding a tadpole when you were young? I used to love catching them in a jar.

Well, I am off to enjoy an hour or so in the teeny tiny sewing room. Thank you for visiting.



  1. diane in northern wisApril 21, 2017 at 5:55 PM

    Henny I just love your flowers. Those purple and white irises are some of my favorites! And I love your yellow Irises making themselves at home around your pond. The little tadpoles are sweet. Can't wait to see your herb garden really take off. There are so many different kinds of mint...did you get spearmint or chocolate mint or orange mint? :o) Thanks for the always great pictures too!

  2. Enjoyed your yard tour today, Henny! That's a great idea to plant the mint in a sunken pot to keep it corralled. I've heard mint grows crazy wild and spreads. I'm wondering what you do with the mint? Many if you have time you might tell us what you do with it?

  3. I know those yellow Iris are invasive but don't they look nice all around the pond.
    I hope you get the badly needed rain. Wish I could divert some of our excess rain but we get what we get, right?
    Hope you had fun in the teeny tiny sewing room!!

  4. Just look at those gorgeous, sunny yellow Iris....all around the pond edge, how spectacular !
    I used to catch tadpoles in the brook behind our house, I would let them turn into frogs, and my mum would pull her hair out :)
    Glad to hear you have your herb garden started, I planted German Thyme and a new English variety, they smell heavenly.
    Enjoy your sewing time Henny, I'm sure something creative is in the works :)

  5. My iris are just starting to wake up!

  6. Your irises are gorgeous. I just love your herbs too. My mom was visually impaired, and she loved to walk around the garden rubbing the leaves of sweet scented herbs! Hope you enjoyed your sewing time today. Have a blessed weekend.

  7. Oh, yes, we used to catch pollywogs and keep them till they grew legs! Love those irises....they are beautiful

  8. Irises Already!
    Your water iris certainly did spread, but I agree, they are very pretty.

  9. Your iris are beautiful. The yellow water iris sure have multiplied. I wonder why they're around the perimeter of the pond, not filling in toward the center. Is the water lily still there? I just have 2 iris that are blooming, but there are big buds on others so I'll have more flowers in a few days. Right now the dogwoods are at their peak here. They are absolutely gorgeous this year. We had a little rain today with a lot more to our south. I hope it heads your way. It sure makes a visible difference, even from one day to the next. Have fun in your sewing room.

  10. My friend used to catch them with water bottles. Those poor departed baby frogs

  11. liked your profile friend that reveals your love for life and all about it!
    beautiful flowers and lovely views ,
    your weather sounds little crazy lol

  12. The weather seems to have been a real mixed bag all over the world. It was a joy to visit and take a little tour around your garden. The iris are beautiful. We have no real garden plans as yet with the exception of a herb garden which we will work on as soon as possible.

  13. Those iris are gorgeous!! I love iris and I have a pretty good patch of them outside my veggie garden - they aren't even close to blooming yet though!

  14. They're just so pretty and I've had no luck at all with them down here.

  15. I do love Iris. Hope I can find a place to plant at least one here in this tiny courtyard! Your place is so pretty. Must be very relaxing to just walk around it. Have a nice day! Nancy

  16. The iris are beautiful. I certainly wouldn't mind if they spread. Have a blessed day.

  17. Oh you will be serenaded all summer, by those coming frogs!!!!!!!

    You made the pond. Wonderful! Any body of water, is lovely to me.

    My husband made our really tiny pond, and set it up, with a bubbling bird bath fountain. Which makes a sweet sound, just off our small back patio. We love it.

    Have fun in your teeny, tiny sewing room. :-)

    Luna Crone

  18. Iris... Yes, they are pretty.... But they were forever "ruined" for me, it seems. -sigh-

    *Way back when*, my mother used to take spring flowers, to put on our family graves. And I remember the assembling of these flowers. And the taking them to the cemetery. -sigh- And I guess I didn't really like the whole thing....

    So.... I am not a fan of Iris, which used to be prominent, in those bouquets.

    A downer I know. You can delete this, if you want to, my Dear!!!!

    Luna Crone

  19. I love your front porch! I keep trying to zoom in to take a closer look. Your pond is such a lovely place, which you must enjoy immensely. My younger brother and I used to collect tad poles and care for them until they hopped away. :~) I am having to rethink my schedule so I can pencil in some sewing time each day.

  20. Yes, the iris is such a pretty flower and your pond looks lovely with them.
    We have lots of tadpoles up at HT too.
    We've had lots of sun and rain which is great for greening things up nicely.

  21. Oh yes, I remember catching tadpoles! I have yet to take my granddaughter but I will very soon! Thanks for the memory! I love those water iris!

    Thanks for stopping by the Red Brick On The Right!

    Grace & Peace,

  22. The water Iris are pretty. I know they need to be in a damp spot, so at least you don't have to worry about them spreading much beyond the pond. I remember collecting tadpoles, sort of. Can't really remember how it all turned out though. Well of course I know HOW it is supposed to turn out! I'm with GM, wish we could send some rain your way.

  23. Your Iris are beautiful! I like the Yellow Iris too and love the way it spread along your pond, very pretty! :)

  24. Hi Henny, your yard is so lovely. Haven't seen a tadpole in years.
    Thanks for sharing all these lovely photos!

  25. Good morning. I hope you have a wonderful day. I am off to sit with my mom today, and later back to the dreaded grocery store.

  26. Hi Henny,
    Thank you for the fun memories of catching tadpoles. Yes, I use to do the same, I would catch them and put them in jars too. A few years ago my boys raised the tadpoles to their days of becoming frogs. :-) They let the frogs go at my parents farm.
    I love your photos of your yard, I would love to come visit.

  27. Your irises are very pretty. They are one of my favorite flowers, too, and I used to have lots of different colors in Minnesota. I don't see them in SC.
    My kids used to catch a bucket of tadpoles, watch them develop into frogs, and then take them back to the pond to release them in the spring. Then do it all over again the next year!

  28. Your irises are so gorgeous. I planted a handful a few years back and I am so surprised at how much they have spread. A low maintenance flower. ;) Your home is absolutely beautiful, like a fairy land. xoxo Valerie


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