Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Boy, did it rain!!!

We got that shower of rain we needed. It started Saturday evening and stopped this morning.. Five inches it measured, in all!

Stepping stones don't help much in weather like this.

These are the stepping stones in dry weather..

I tried making this little video of the rain water that comes rushing in...

our little rickety pier. Imagine wandering out there to sit. 

and this little side foot bridge that crosses the ditch that drains into the pond, was almost under water. Duck Duck says this is his kind of weather! Notice how far out in the water the iris are now?

there were puddles everywhere!

but after the sun came out and dried things out a bit, we went for that much needed walk...
Eli said he just wanted to soak up a little of that good feeling sunshine.

that big rose bush with the tiny pink boutonniere roses is in bloom.

Anyhow, we needed this rain. The garden perked right up and all the beans have come through the ground. 

Shortly after the rain ended, I put on my old rubber boots and sloshed up to the garden to have a look.

Okay, I need to sew tonight and here it is 9:00. Thank you all and I shall return.


Somebody's old teddy bear needs washing.


  1. Well, you wanted rain and you sure got rain!! That should help for quite a while.
    How you keep Eli so clean is a mystery to me.
    I hope you got some lovely sewing done!!

    1. Hey Granny Marigold. Actually, Eli was groomed on Monday and came home looking pretty and white. He really does stay cleaner than any dog we have ever owned.

  2. We did not get as much rain, but I got so tired of the rain even though we needed. I am grateful but was so happy to see the sun peep out.

    Love you bunches!

    1. Hey Vicki. We sure needed rain, but there is nothing like seeing the sunshine come back. Love you too!

  3. I love to sew on rainy days, but somehow something usually seems to get in the way. During our terrible drought of 2012, I made a promise to never complain about rain again. It's definitely better to have a bit too much than none at all. Plants seem to love best water from the sky.

  4. Wow, when you get rain, you really get rain!! Do you dry out fairly quickly? Our soil is still trying to dry out. Some places are okay to plant, others not so much. Too early to plant our beans here yet, but okay for the cooler weather crops.

  5. Wow, that is a lot of rain. We didn't get near that much. Eli looks so adorable, fluffy and soft too!
    Have a good day Henny!

  6. I am so glad you got needed rain! And I take it, it will all go back to normal levels. :-)

    Oh your doggie looks sooooo happpppy! Both out in the sunshine. And sleeping after.

    Mercy, you work on projects, starting at 9pm. By then, I'd be cross-eyed and tired and make messes all over the place. LOL. But you are still perky, when I have completely wilted. Lucky you!

    Enjoy today. Notice The Dark Of The Moon tonight. :-) Do you remember that old song... "No moon at all, it's so dark, even Fido is afraid to bark." ???? :-)))

  7. That is a lot of rain! We are suppose to get some today. Hoping it is gentle, no hail and high winds! Eli is beautiful and looks like he just got a bath! Must be a job to keep that beautiful white fur clean! Nancy

  8. Wow, I heard that you were getting rain storms, on the news . . . looks like you could have kayaked around your yard. I'm happy to hear that the sun is out and things are drying back up. Have fun sewing and don't get stuck in the mud, LOL.
    Love, Connie :)

  9. my dog had a teddy bear once. She mainly used it as something to destroy

  10. Boy you did get it! We got virtually nothing from that storm, in fact we've had less than half and inch for the entire month.

  11. Well, you won't have to water for a while! I can just imagine how things are going to grow there after more sunshine dries it up somewhat. Eli and his teddy bear...such a hoot! And how has Bun-Bun fared?

  12. WOW!!! That is A LOT of rain, Henny!!! Eli is so cute with his little teddy, what a sweetie!

  13. Now that was a lot of rain. We have had a little sleet/snow so unusual for Spring here.

  14. I love that video. I love the sounds coming from the woods and your yard. I love you, Mommy! ~your girl

  15. We were happy to see the sun again here in the Charlotte area after all that rain. Things should grow by leaps and bounds this week. Enjoyed your video!

  16. Wow you sure did get a lot of rain!!
    I know just how Eli feels. : )

  17. When you get rain you really get rain! I'm glad that things are going to dry out with that beautiful sunshine that Eli was absorbing. :)

    I wanted to check in to see if you found my order? :)

  18. Ooh, goodness Henny, what a lot of rain !
    We are just drying out, and now more rain moving in this evening, I hope it misses you....
    Magical pictures of the pond and puddles.

  19. WOW! That is a good rain indeed. :-)
    I enjoyed the video, I liked listening to the birds sing in it.

  20. diane in northern wisApril 26, 2017 at 6:53 PM

    Love your video of the rain traveling, Henny....it sounds so springy and full of chirping birds. So beautiful to listen too. Wow....you really got a lot of rain. Hope it all dries up fast. Love your big ole doggie and his teddy too! Wow and aren't those pink roses lovely? Thanks for a great blog.

  21. Oh, how sweet that Theo looks!!!! We had a lot of rain this afternoon,but I don't think we got near that much.


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