Thursday, May 28, 2015


Dear friends, 

I realized this morning that yesterday's post read "Thee teeny tiny garden". That extra 'e' was simply my heavy finger lingering too long on the key.

Just before dark yesterday we got that much needed rain on the garden. In fact, we made the local news. We got three inches of rain in one and a half hours.

It is also just before dark every evening that the guineas fly up in the cedar tree overlooking the chicken lot to roost for the night. With the pouring rain, the thunder, and the lightening some of the guineas were stranded on the ground and on the grapevine posts, unable to fly up.

I went to bed worried about my guinea children who didn't make it into the tree before dark set in. These are the same guineas that hatched last October, just before cold weather set in.

The same babies I nurtured and cared for through the cold freezing dead of winter.

The same babies who survived a pine tree falling and landing smack dab through the middle of their pen. Can you imagine the fear when that tree came crashing through!

Poppy and I were sure glad to get that mess of twisted metal and torn tarps cleaned up a couple of weeks ago.

The two dog kennels sat side by side here. We once needed both kennels, back when we had Labs and were raising puppies.

BunBun says, while you're here with the camera, show them my beautiful new Angora coat. Can you believe it! I'm in a panic now. We can't let BunBun's fur get matted again. I am brushing him and so far, no tangles. Any suggestions?

And, back to the garden...

Amazing what a shower of rain can do. I think the tomato plants grew overnight.

Okay, I've been from the garden, down to the dog lots and back with a stop here in front. Thank you for going along. I'll hush for now and hope to be back soon.



  1. Thanks for the tour. Love Bun-Bun. Your garden is amazing how fast it's grown!

  2. I love the old chair frame, I would plant something under it and use the chair for it to grow up. It would make a great feature. Wow, that sounds like a lot of rain.

  3. We are getting bucket loads of rain also. I am tired of it, but we need it I guess. More worried about the floods it is causing. BunBun is just too cute. I hope your guineas are ok.

  4. You can spin that angora yarn you know ...

  5. "Thee garden"? You were probably channeling your inner Amish.
    I'd forgotten how absolutely adorable Bun Bun is.

  6. Three inches of rain? We'd be flooded. We get 12 in on precipitation a year!

  7. We may have had 3 drops of rain in 2 weeks, the forecast keeps promising some, but nothing falls. Your garden looks very lush and bun bun is super cute.

  8. Here in "rainy" Seattle we haven't had three inches of rain in three months!

  9. Just love Bun Bun, between brushing Eili and Brushing Bun Bun you have a full time brushing job! ROFL :O)


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