Saturday, March 7, 2015

What kind of name is that???

It was cold here yesterday, high of 36, but no complaints from me...the sun was shining!!!  The last of that huge pile of pine straw, I finally finished spreading. It felt downright good to get out there and work.

Ever wonder why people pick the names they do for their pets? I do. Occasionally someone will ask how one of our pets got it's name. I wonder why! :) Another thing. Do your pets answer to more than one name? Are we weird or what?

Here's Bickett...or Mr. B, or BeeBee, or Bee, or Baby Bee or Baby BeeBee...

I rescued Bickett early one Sunday morning from the middle of an intersection on Bickett Boulevard here in town. It was in October of 2005. He was a tiny kitten. He was stretched out flat on the street with his tiny claws gripping the pavement. I stopped the car and jumped out, not knowing if he had been hit or if he was injured. He was fine. We'll never know how he got there, but so thankful that I came along when I did.

And there's Dumpster...or Dumperoo, or WooWoo, or Woo, or Baby Woo...

One morning about five years ago, Poppy loaded all the trash on the back of his pick-up truck and went to the nearest dumpster site.  After he had been back home for a while he said, I shouldn't tell you this but there was a grey Tabby kitten sitting near the dumpster. He looked up at me and meowed. I said, oh, he was probably hungry.  Should we go back and get him? We do not need two cats, said Poppy. Well, you know the rest of the story. :)

It was Poppy who picked the name "Dumpster". The first time we carried him to the Vet and the receptionist Rose asked his name....she said, you're not serious! Blame Poppy!

Little sweet Smokey has so far acquired only two other names...Mokey or Wittle Mokey...

Maybe we are just weird!

Each of the goats have a name, but both goats answer to "Baby Goat"...

This is "Shae"...

and this is "Asa"...

I don't know why in the world we named this guy "Big Boy", he answers to "Mr. Rooster"...

Only two of our hens have a name, Annie...

The name Annie fit and Annie is her only name.  Annie came to us from our neighbor, Ann, several years ago.

and Little Jewel...

Jewel is a strange little hen who just showed up in our driveway one morning not long after my Mother passed away. This little hen followed me around everywhere. She would come up on the front porch and sit on a shelf in the old cupboard. She would fuss like she was trying to talk to me. She would move things around looking for a place to lay an egg but could never find the perfect spot. Mama's name was Jewel, so I named this special little hen Jewel.

Okay I'm sure you've heard enough...if you're still with me. Thank you kindly for visiting.

I'm out to work in the sun now. :)



  1. The stories for each animal are fun. Our last cat was Satchel, aka Satch, and Satchmo. Not sure how he ended up with Satchmo since we named him after Satchel Page because when he was young he was really fast.

  2. My family has come up with some doozies for pet's names, and we do the same as you- change them immediately to a lot of nicknames. I enjoyed reading how your pets got their names. Have a great day!

  3. All of our cats have nicknames as well as their true names..and all answer to both!
    Jane x

  4. We have named each of ours too even when we had livestock I couldnt help myself. Have a good weekend.

  5. Interesting how you have rescued kittens who now live so wonderfully! There names are way cool too:)

  6. You are so kind to take care of all those little kitties in need.....
    I worked for a veterinarian 30 something years, I can't tell you how many times I brought unwanted animals home, I would have run a sanctuary if I could
    I like your animal names, it gives them their character.
    Have a great weekend.

    1. Jo, if only we were closer we could combine efforts and have a sanctuary together.

  7. I've had so many animals over the years, in my rescue centre and smallholdings. it's hard to think up new names. At one point I had over 200 rescue rabbits alone -my brain went completely blank one time when another one came in, I just called him BR - bunny rabbit !
    I also had a stray cat I called PC - pussy cat !

  8. No matter what your cats' names...they are very lucky to have found you. All my animals have nick-names, too.

  9. It is interesting how all your cats found you. Love the photos. Rosie is just Rosie but when she was tiny she was Rose Bud. I'm obviously not as creative as you!

  10. I never jump at naming....somehow the name seems to reveal itself
    and yes each cat of ours has many names......Miss Kitty O"Shay is Miss Kitty...and butterbutt....and dead kitty in the middle of the road....etc

  11. I love your animals names. My dog Jack had other name Jackson Hewitt. I miss him. Oh well I am so happy to see the sun.

  12. Well count me in because all of the pets we've ever had had lots of nicknames too! My kitty Little Star (remember Madonna's song she wrote about her daughter referring to her as Little Star), that's how it all started! But she also responded to Starzie, Tarzie, Tar Tars, well you can see where I'm going with this lol! We also had a Yorkie, formal name was Coqutte Channel Sweety, but ended up with the name Poo Poos! I've had many pets and they all have had enduring nicknames. It's just normal, right? Lol
    Hugs to you and your furry, feathered friends!
    Darlene (My nickname was Dolly!)

  13. Thank you. I had been wondering about those cat names!

  14. It was lovely to read how they all got their names. Our boys Micky and Teddy both have nicknames too and answer to them.

  15. Beautiful cats and barnyard animals. I agree that cold weathers are made better by beautiful sunshine :-)

  16. I loved hearing the stories behind each of their names. That was really fun. Have a wonderful week... :)

  17. Love the names... Keeper got his name because I kept telling him what a Keeper he was after we got him home. You know we got him from rescue. I kept trying to think of a name ... and I kept telling him a couple days into it that he was such a Keeper and giving him hugs... Thus his name. Though he does kinda have two names ... I call him boo a lot as well. He knows his name Keeper and comes by that. But he knows when I call him Boo I mean him as well. LOL. All of your critters are pretty and it shows are very well cared for! :O)

  18. Your pets are beautiful, with perfect names! :)


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