Monday, March 9, 2015

Have I gone mad?

I do appreciate your comments on that last silly post. Thank you!

Sorry for another picture of Eli and Smokey. Just could not resist...

We had a beautiful sunny weekend. In fact, it was warm enough to turn off the heat and open the back door. Now Monday has brought grey cloudy skies again. This is actually the sun trying to shine through...

Remember me telling you that I am a counter...counting my steps to the pond and back, to the garden and back, going up and down stairs. Would you guess there are 489 pine cones in this wheelbarrow?

Yep, counted every single one. Pine cones keep popping up out of all that pine straw so while hanging a quilt on the clothesline this morning I picked up a it's turned into the job of counting all the pine cones I pick up and keeping a record. Good grief! Have I gone mad! Doesn't look like 489!

If nothing happens, tomorrow Shelby and I plan to travel down to Sanford and to the cemetery where Daddy is buried. Hope to come home with some pictures and some news. We also want to stop at a few thrift shops along the way, and eat lunch together. Ms. "stay at home, never goes anywhere" is pretty excited about this little trip.

Okay, hope to be back soon. 



  1. Eli and smokey seem to be enjoying the pine straw, especially without all those prickly pine cones!

  2. Have fun tomorrow. Can not wait to hear about the trip. Love you and Shelby both have a safe trip!

  3. The sun feels good don't it when it's out? You made me giggle about the counting.
    Oh have fun at the thrift shops! I miss going places.

  4. Another beautiful photo of Ely and Smokey, I love to see them together. Hope you have a wonderful trip and get lucky in the thrift stores.

  5. Lovely shots, and that first one is particularly adorable!!

  6. That's a whole mess of pine cones! A wonderful shot of Eli and Smokey= they seem to be relaxin' and chillin"..or is it warmin" in the sunshine.


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