Monday, March 16, 2015

Daughter, Grandson, Great Grandson!

Just had to post Daughter Lynn holding the sweetest little Greyson...Lynn's grandson and my great grandson. 

Lynn and Greyson
When in the world did I get old enough to have a great grandchild? I could swear that I'm still in my fifties.

When Joseph was a baby he looked just like Greyson does now with that worried look on his sweet little face..

Joseph and Greyson
It is absolutely spring here today. You can almost see the green leaves growing and the tiny white flowers on the button bush opening up...

Crocus are blooming here and there throughout the yard. Funny I don't remember ever planting any Crocus. Must be linked somehow to "how could I possibly be over 50 years old". The years pass so quickly.

Thyme that survived the winter in the teeny tiny greenhouse...

Nothing like a spot in the sun...

Sorry I never got around to finishing this post last night. We're supposed to have another couple of warm sunny days before it turns cool again, so I am going outside for a while. Don't know exactly what to work on but if I stand and stare at the yard long enough, some major project will pop into my head.

Thank you for visiting. Hope to be back real soon.



  1. Congratulations Penny on becoming a Great-Gran. You must have had your children young. :) Your Thyme plant is wonderful. I can't wait to see some buds here. We are waaaaay behind you, though. Deb

  2. No, I'm pretty sure you are too young to have a great-grandbaby! Precious! I loved looking at the pics of your Spring. We have a few trees budding out but I can't wait for my roses and other flowers to start blooming!

    Grace & Peace

  3. Spring is in the air with little buds and shoots sprouting all around. I too have been spending time in the garden trying to get organised. You are truly blessed with a beautiful Grandson, he is a delight.

  4. Wow a great grandbaby that is something precious and so adorable. I hope that I get to see my own great grandbabies when the time comes. I love my 2 granddaughters who are 1 month and 3 yrs, so I have a while to go lol

  5. Hi Henny! I know what you mean about time flying by! My Son, my oldest child is 36! Almost 40! I think how did this happen? I do love being a Grandma to four beautiful Grandchildren! But the bottom line is health. Do you remember hearing "Your health is the most important thing in life?". Well when we're young and healthy who takes that saying to heart. But now that I'm struggling with pretty bad health issues, I sure do think "being healthy" is the most important thing in life! On another subject, have you seen the Geico commercial with the red hen that looks like your sweet. Chicken? I love it! It shows the chicken traveling the country and ending with her sitting on a moving train just contemplating the "meaning of life"! Maybe there's a message even in a silly insurance commercial! Lol!
    Have a "healthy" beautiful day!

    1. Hey Darlene, You are so right about "health"! Hope you are doing good today. We really don't think much about our health when we're young. Looking back, even 20 years, I wish I had taken better care of myself. Now seems like there is always something wrong. Oh that chicken commercial...that is my new favorite. That red traveling hen is so cute! Thank you for leaving a comment. Henny

  6. So cute! I don't think I'll live long enough to see any great grans. Enjoy!

  7. Henny Penny, your little grand-grandson is a cutie. He does look rather serious though. Thought I'd let you know that you are showing up as a "no-reply" blogger on my comments section. Don't know if it's the issues I posted about or if you're lucky enough to be getting the Google treatment too.

  8. A great grandchild? Now way! But a cutie. It's fun seeing pic of some of your family.
    And yes, there is always work somewhere in the garden.

  9. A Great Grand how lucky you are!! I suppose some day I will be a Great Gram too...I do have a Grand that is going to be 19! I think it sounds older than it is! You got spring!! Good for you.:)

  10. Grand kids are the greatest.

  11. So cute! And I'm sure your daughter is enjoying being his grandma. I just returned from Minnesota from South Carolina and sure enjoyed the temps in the 80s, the flowers, and the tiny leaves coming out on the trees. None of that here yet!

  12. I think I am going to put some herbs in pots this year. They die in my herb/flower bed. I have been trying to get some lavender and rosemary to grow for 3 years now. It will not even live in the bed. I don't know what I am doing to kill it. Maybe this year will be the year to get it to live.
    Love you!


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