Monday, January 12, 2015

The old dust rag and other stuff

What a gloomy rainy Monday we have here. The pier is totally under water again. I would take a picture but by now you've all seen that!

I've made myself...made myself...vacuum the floors and clean one bathroom. That's not saying a lot in this teeny tiny house. I got the old oily dust rag out of the old coffee can and walked around with it for a while...never did dust anything. Sorry, but my heart is just not into dusting. My heart is never into dusting. Is this part of getting old? That you don't want to dust anymore and that you really don't care if the entire house needs dusting? If Mama could hear me, she would say, "I would be ashamed of myself if I were you".

Dumperoo knows how to cope with a rainy Monday...

Smokey stretched out on Poppy's side of the bed looking mighty long and sleek...

Wasn't it last year about this time that Poppy and I went to Mr. Murphy's farm to buy feed? It was cold and cloudy that day too, but a fun day and the day we met Mr. Murphy's bashful bull...

A little offer of hay from one of the workers brought him from behind the barn...

Okay, I'm grappling for something to talk about here so I'll hush for now. Might even pull out the dust rag again. Three more days of rain then I can get back outside, back to normal. Will you all come back? Thank you! See you soon.



  1. Aww- he's a handsome bull. Wonder why so shy? No rain today..but mucky and yucky out there. Waiting on sunshine here.

  2. I know what you mean, I hate to dust and vacuum as well. It's really bad when you have a day when you can't be outside getting something accomplished and so have no really good excuse to skip all those totally uninteresting things.

  3. I know just how you feel, me and dusting, actually me and any kind of house cleaning don’t go together at all well nowadays. Not that I live in a pigpen but mostly I can’t be bothered. Besides, I have Kelly who comes once a week or once a fortnight and vacuums all the visible bits.

    And I’m supposed to be a German housewife. What would my mum say. Truth to tell, I don’t care. January is too miserable already without worrying about spring cleaning.

  4. Up North we call it cabin fever, when you can't go out because of the snow and cold to do anything fun and you can't motivate yourself to do anything inside. I've been inside for 4 days in a row, except to walk to the mailbox and back as fast as I could, so it was a real treat to go to the post office today. Don't worry, the dust will be there tomorrow. :-)

  5. I love this. I can hear Grandma now saying that. I hate to dust to. I only do it when I have to. I to cleaned one bathroom and always the kitchen. The other thing I hate is folding and putting away clothes. Hope the rain goes away fast just for you. We had some thunder and lighting today and you know what that means snow.
    Love you

  6. The dust waits...we use those swiffer things and no oil or polish it seems to work well for us. With Far Guys allergies we dust often:)

  7. I dust to get in tune with the stuff in my house, declutter, change out flowers, move things around. I admit I do not regularly dust all my collections.
    We are experts here in Seattle at dealing with rainy days. I think that is why we are first in reading books and drinking coffee.

  8. Oh my gosh I love the pic of the bashful bull peeking round the corner. LOL!!!
    I bought myself one of those fancy dusters that extend and tip to to do fan blades.
    It changed my dull dusting days to dusting everything...even the cat! LOL!

  9. I think as we get older we realise that there are more important things in life than dusting.
    Like crafting for instance !

  10. Dumperoo certainly knows how to cope with a rainy Monday. Try putting some music on while you dust it helps for me.

  11. Henny I'll sure come back! I loved seeing the bashful bull. I guess they can be gentle creatures! Remember Ferdnand the bull who just wanted to smell the flowers?
    Take care and don't worry about dust in your house. Good thing about it is it will be there waiting for you tomorrow!
    Darlene from sunny Calif.
    PS I actually love cold rainy weather! And snow, I just dream about. We rarely get snow here, but our mountains are full of snow!

  12. Dust....well once I heard it said that if you were in your car and you needed to write someone's licence plate down in a hurry, you could probably write it with your finger in the dust on your dashboard. Let me tell you, I've done that! Maybe the dust on shelves has the same use? I'm terrible at dusting also. I can remember my mother doing it once a week.

  13. as for dust, maybe when we get older we don't see the dust so much? I think that's true here.


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