Saturday, January 17, 2015

The sun came back

It is 28 degrees here this morning. The sun is coming up big and orange and shining through the trees...

It's easy to tell when the sun is shining here cause I'm pretty scarce. No time to sit down at the computer. My mind was made up that if and when the sun decided to shine again, my body was going to be out there in it! And so it was, yesterday. 51 degrees and sunshine. At 11:30 a.m. standing in the yard...what to do first?

A few things crossed off my list...

    spread truck load of pine straw 
    rake and haul more leaves to chicken lot
    rake and haul more leaves to goat lot
    clean and refill all water buckets
    measure chicken lot for new wire
    hose down and sun muddy rugs at front
    anchor arbor 
Doesn't sound like a lot, but dragging three sheet loads and pushing two wheelbarrow loads of heavy leaves from down near the pond, up hill to the goat lot...well...again, I know how a mule feels after a day in the field. 

The side yard is looking better with pine straw covering those leaves I brought in. The yard almost looks level again. Hey, I am single handedly changing the lay of the land out here... (is handedly a word)? :)

These pictures were taken early this morning in a heavy frost...

The arbor supporting the Chocolate Vine was beginning to tip. The vine has grown big and heavy. A wire hooked to the arbor, pulled tight and anchored to the tank nearby works...

This wire is not as dangerous as it appears. No one walks through here...

Somehow I also found time to bake a pie for the neighbors who gave me the pine straw. He is bringing another truck load of straw, maybe today. :)  

Smokey was sleeping on the bed again. You just can't resist taking pictures of something this cute, can you?

Like the pictures of Eli in his big leather chair. It looks like I post the same picture over and over, but not so. He just looks so sweet when he gets his teddy bear out of his toy box, steps up into that big chair, flops down and looks at Poppy and me.  I simply have to take another picture. His teddy bear needs to be washed again...

I've got to get busy! The housework is almost done and the blue skies are calling my name. Hope you will come back. See you soon. :)




  1. Change the size and colour of the dog and the chair, and that could be Jake there:) So cute aren't they?

  2. You certainly have been busy, the sun makes all outside jobs so much easier. As always loving Eli, he is gorgeous.

  3. So what are you going to do in your spare time then ? ha ha - you sure have been busy. you have a lovely place there, the animals are certainly happy.
    Chocolate vine ? don't tell me you grow your own chocolate bars too ?

  4. I can just see Eli sorting through toys to find his teddy bear.

  5. That sunshine is wonderful stuff. It's sunny here and almost up to 50 degrees. Wahoo----love t!

    Today I've been out doing some yard work too although not nearly as much as you! Am taking it slow so as not to make my back worse since it seems to be a lot better. I had a list and am doing it in bits and pieces but would like to get most of it done since it is supposed to get back cold again starting tomorrow. I hate having to stop in the middle of something (knitting a row, or reading a chapter in a book) and then have to go back and pick up again later. Since the later for this outdoor work will probably be the middle of February I'd like to get a good swath done.

    The pine mulch looks beautiful. Once I get mine spread on the shady area in the back yard and see it looking all neat and orderly I always call my husband out and say, "Doesn't it look wonderful?????" And he invariably says, "What? There's nothing here to see!" I think he does it just to aggravate me.

  6. Wow, sun! I'm envious. I love that kind of tired that comes from working outside. You accomplished a lot! Smokey has a beautiful coat.

  7. I do like my visits to your teeny-tiny farm and all the furry friends.

  8. Even our very, very small farms are a lot of work!

  9. It's amazing what a little sun can do to change our mood so that we get out and get some things done.

  10. Whew that was a day full and then some girly!!! Today the sun was out here as well alllllll day! I sooooo needed that! Honeyman and I spent all day outside doing this and that! Eli and is Teddy Bear... Keeper loves his stuffed toy friends so much as well. I wonder if all GP's are like this? Such wonderful furry friends the GP's are!!!! They are the best, no?

  11. Hey I have been enjoying the sun to. Love the pictures of Smokey and Eli. One of the Farmers cousins has a liter of Great Pyrenees puppies for sale. Trying to talk him into one but I don't think it will happen.

    Love you

  12. You write great descriptions about your work on your farm. I love your photos, too. Very good.

  13. You stay so busy Henny, be it a small hobby farm, or a working farm, I truly appreciate all the hard work and daily commitment it takes to keep the animals happy and in good health.
    My daughter has a small farm, some six acres, with donkeys, a mule and chickens, dogs and cats, she works full-time and takes care of all of it by herself, I admire the effort it takes to be so dedicated.
    I see little Smokey is a snoozer, he's growing so fast.
    And beautiful white Eli, with his beloved Teddy Bear, so very sweet.
    Try not to accomplish all of your 'to-do' list at once, you have to take a little time for Henny !


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