Thursday, January 8, 2015

Thawing out water bowls and dreaming

Poppy yelled to me early yesterday morning and said, you need to take the camera and go out on the back porch. I said, what's out there? Well, turns out it was the sky in all it's glory...

That cold cold windy weather has now spread over North Carolina! Burrr!!!! I've been in and out today making sure the animals have water to freezes so quick!

During my "in" time today I've been sewing on a new tablecloth...

I'm simply tired of that old red plaid, dollar a yard, flannel tablecloth that's been on the table. I made it several years ago. What I really want is a dark brick red...heavy, woven, homespun, beautiful tablecloth. Can't you just picture it? Do you ever dream about having the money to go out and buy the things you love? I do. 

Brick red and gold are my favorite colors for the cabin, so I don't know how long I can live with this flowered cloth, even though it's a nice heavy fabric. In the pictures the fabric has more of a green tint...and I am not a green person. I don't care for green except in the yard. :) Actually the fabric is more of a gold color with deep rose colored flowers.

There are so many changes I would love to make in the cabin. The teeny tiny kitchen area for example...

How about a red brick kitchen floor and dark brown cabinets...walnut cabinets? Or a dark wood floor...wide boards...oh, and granite counter tops. Poppy and I settled for a lot of less expensive things when the cabin was build in the 80' order to even build a cabin! We were so happy and excited. I would have settled for apple crates for cabinets at the time!

Oh well, as long as my sewing machine holds up...

Better get busy. Thank you for visiting. :)



  1. We always have to have things to dream about, Henny. What fun would it be if it was always at our feet. Smokey? I miss him already. Deb

  2. ...and someone to do the cleaning...rake the leaves..plow the snow!
    Love that sunrise's beautiful.
    Jane x

  3. Wow, that is a glorious sunrise, especially with the reflection in the pond. My kitchen is about the size of yours, I think, but I have the world's ugliest cabinets! That's what I would change if I won the lottery!

  4. Gorgeous sky.

    You probably could paint that floor depending on what it is made of and what type of paint you used. Sounds doable to me. Of course you'd have to keep all those animals off of it while it dried----maybe a stumbling block there. I can see all of them running around with red paws leaving paw prints as they go. But you could paint the cabinets red.

    I love dark red, It looks so cozy. I painted my kitchen a dark red a couple of years ago going from an off white which it had been for just forever. Love it.

  5. I am always dreaming of having money to change things in my house. I have so many ideas but it takes money and something always comes up when you think you might have a little extra. Oh well. I Love you log cabin and would love to build a small 3 bedroom myself. That is also a dream. I love your picture of the sky it is beautiful!

    Love you!

  6. That was a beautiful sky shot!
    I like the floral print of your new table cloth. And your kitchen looks like it belongs in a cabin. I think granite is overrated. But then we can always dream.

  7. I love your kitchen it is so cozy! I love light colored cabinets they seem warmer I can see your kitchen in my interior decorators mind...ya you betcha. I see white cabinets trimmed in red, a red tile floor and whatever counter tops you want. I have is affordable I wanted Corian in mine but it was too expensive...I do have a very dark gray soapstone sink that I splurged on. Stay warm...our sky was like that a few days ago early in the morning:)

  8. Your kitchen is bigger than the kitchen we had in our house in North Carolina. :-)
    We woke up to 19 degrees and no water. Fortunately we got above 32 today. With a small propane heater and the tractor exhaust, we got water back. Always something. Have a blessed weekend and stay warm!

  9. I love your fancy new tablecloth! It brings flowers indoors during the winter months! Maybe you can just switch off when you get tired of the current one. You do such great things sewing! I used to, when my kids were younger. Now I'm content to watch the great things that others do. Keep up the good work!!! :o)

  10. That is a glorious sunrise! I've been seeing skies like that around here lately and I just have to stop and stare.

  11. So many decisions. Just don't let the water troughs freeze solid.

  12. My kitchen makes yours look enormous ! mine is just the width of the sink unit with one or two cupboards each side ! but we have to make the best of what we have don't we ? I still dream of my farmhouse kitchen.
    Have you thought of dying a tablecloth the colour you want ? just a thought.
    Henny - my absolute favourite colour in all the world is Green ! to me it's the colour of life, the colour of nature itself - even my blog is based on the colour green. My nickname is 'greenwean' - ha ha

  13. Such a beautiful sky. A thick red/gold tablecloth sounds delightful, its nice to dream. You never know you may get lucky at a thrift store and painting the kitchen is always a cheap option.

  14. I am a green person, like Wean. I really like your table cloth, don't think I'd like a red one as much. I can see that you like the brick red though, since that is the background colour on your blog:) I like lightness in the house, so depending on the window situation, which way they face, I'd find your dream kitchen too dark I think. I'm contemplating painting my old ugly oak cabinets white.

  15. Funny that kitchen refreshing is on your mind, I was just looking at the Tiny House features in Country Living magazine. Some of their kitchens are minute! It is on my "maybe someday" list to renovate my own kitchen, but I would still keep white cabinets with my wood floors. You would laugh at my pantry, which is under the stairs, fairly deep, and has about a 4' 6" door. I use it every day, and still konk my head once in a while. Your kitchen looks very warm and homey, and I am with you on the red and gold! The new cloth is very pretty, and is sort of a substitute for spring with your cold weather outside.


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