Monday, September 29, 2014

Eli and our visitors

Lately there have been new followers to my blog and if I have not said how much I appreciate you, well, "thank you". I get so excited and so amazed the anyone would read anything that I write with my third grade sounding vocabulary. Seriously! Thank you.

Sometimes you can have a little too much help around the sewing machine...

You get up to use the ironing board and somebody gets your chair. Then somebody knocks the dolls you are working on off onto the floor...

We'll get through it somehow.

Yesterday turned out to be pretty special as Lynn and Michael came out for a visit. What a shame that we don't see each other any more than we do. My goodness, we're only an hour and fifteen minutes apart. But life is busy!

Eli and Michaela hit it off big time. Eli had a blast! Finally! Somebody young! Somebody who can still run!

We all got a laugh when Eli got his teddy bear and climbed into his big chair. It was like, you people stay as long as you want, but I'm tired. Remember, I live with a couple of old folks.

Eli loved Lynn too. He had kisses to go around to everybody...

Oh, and while we are on family, I have a recent picture of my youngest grandson, John...

John looks a little tired to me, but then, he had just gotten off work...third shift. I would be tired too.

I'm a dull blogger today. Could possibly have something to do with the dreary, rainy day. Maybe I will be back tomorrow with more fun stuff. Thank you for visiting.



  1. Eli is a gorgeous dog. And your grandson looks like a young man you can be proud of!
    Your post was fine. Don't worry about it. Write when you feel like it!

    Thank you for visiting. ♥

  2. Eli is so big! I'll bet he is a big ole teddy bear. I'm glad you got to see some of your family. Have a great week!

  3. My goodness, Eli is huge! He does look as if he is enjoying his company, and they him.
    Aren't cats funny that way, always right there when you're trying to do something? Mine is at tis very moment trying to get between me and my ipad and I'm trying to type around her.

  4. Eli is a whole lot of fluff! I love that he has a teddy.

  5. Eli is so entertaining, a gentle giant. Always nice to introduce family too. Have a nice day.

  6. You have a beautiful family Henny, I couldn't get over the likeness between your grandson and mine, they could pass for brothers !
    Eli is in his glory with all of the attention ;)

  7. You have some beautiful/handsome grands! That Eli is a charmer for sure...and he was oh so white for company:)


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