Friday, September 12, 2014

A little critter post is better than a Walmart post

After buying groceries at Walmart yesterday I came home fuming mad and wrote a great long post...which I just deleted. Who wants to read about Walmart anyway! I just need to give my money to Food Lion, after all that's where Poppy works. And stay the heck out of Walmart.

Writing about baby Eli is more fun anyway. Looking at Eli's baby pictures again, I can't believe how much he has grown since we brought him home last March...

I want to hold this little ball of white fur again but he's too big. He still sits in my lap but he completely covers me. I believe Eli thinks he is still little, like Weetie.

Poppy trying to put on his socks and shoes this morning getting ready for work...

Dumperoo says he never gets to lay on the bed anymore since we brought that big dog home...

Thanks for visiting. Guess I had better get busy. It looks like rain again this morning. Hope to be back soon!



  1. Walmart ran out our locally owned Food Lion...... Don't get me started :-(.

  2. Wasn't Eli so cute...! If that bed was here, and had that white quilt, and we actually let our dogs sleep on it, it would need to be washed daily. I actually picked a dark duvet cover, well at least the winter one is, for the odd time that a dog would jump up on it in the morning before we got up, but that doesn't happen anymore.

  3. Isn't it great to have your darling Eli sharing so much of your time and comfy furniture? Since our dog is mostly white, and does shed at times, my bedspread is white, so you can't notice the doggie hair as much. Just washed it this week, and she stays on the carpet under the airconditioner during the summertime. When it is chilly, she will be back up with us. It gets sad when they start having trouble climbing up on their favorite nap spots, but we are not there yet! Oh, and I never go to Walmart if I can possibly avoid it. Try to support the stores that are good to the employees and the community.

  4. Love his puppy pictures, and he is huge next to Poppy now. I can imagine all of food went into that amazing growth! Poor Dump -- but no self respecting cat lets a dog rule the roost so he will probably let Eli know who's boss soon!

  5. I just kissed Dumperoo's belly...I just couldn't help myself!!
    Jane x

  6. I don't know what went on at Walmart (and gotta admit I'm curious), but nothing like animals to bring you down off the ceiling.

  7. That is one sweet dog. You too, Dumperoo.

  8. I hate to go to Wal-Mart It is my least favorite store unless I know exactly what I am looking for. Then I go in and get out. I do shop for groceries at Food Lion. I really like Food Lion and wish that Poppy was our meat man. Then I would know what days he was going to mark meat down and get some good buys.

    Love you

  9. I am not a fan of supermarket shopping whichever the supermarket. What a gorgeous dog, so handsome.

  10. Oh your Eli is a most handsome fella! He looks very much like our Keeper doesn't he! If he is anything like Keeper he will keep growing and growing and growing LOL. Keeper would give anything if he could fit in my lap LOL.


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