Thursday, February 20, 2020

Birds, Birds, Birds, and a bunny

Have you heard! We may get 1 to 3 inches of snow!

Well, at least watching the snow fall will be prettier than watching the rain fall, and a good change at that!

Poppy works at Food Lion today and he was dreading it. Mention snow around here and folks go crazy. As Poppy walked out the door this morning he said, "I will be home at 2:00, even if the meat case is completely blown out"!

There have been lots of Finches at the bird feeders lately. In fact, so many, there was no room for the Cardinals. 

I pulled out this old feeder that holds Thistle seed...
and boy did they come! Wouldn't it be pretty if these gold finches were gold now.

Took lots of scrubbing to get this old feeder clean, but it was worth it. Now the Finches will probably eat us out of house and home. Thistle seed is expensive!

Hens with wet muddy feet! I had just filled all the nests with fresh clean hay when I heard cackling and shuffling around...
Boy! This nest is not for you! Maybe he was checking it out for the hens, but he went from nest to nest clucking and carrying on.

and the bun buns...
still have these two white bunnies. Haven't been able to find them a good home. Actually I want to move them in with my other bunnies...give them a little condo of their own, if only we would get another dry sunny day. (but don't tell Poppy) and friend, this is it! I can not take in another rabbit!! Period!

Better get busy. With Poppy away, this is vacuuming day! :(  Can't wait to show you our changes in the living room...our hunting lodge!!



  1. HeHe|! Lovely! Lovely! :).
    We have terrible storms over here..
    Rain..Floats..and 8 people have died...
    Though mostly up north, wind and gales
    down here in the south, l went out this
    morning, took my umbrella, on the way home
    l was doing a Mary Poppins impersonation..! :).
    One chap, they filmed on the TV..the rescuers
    went to his house, and shout up to him in the
    bedroom window..they said..your surround by
    water, and we can't get you out..the guy shouted
    back, one word.."GOOD"..HeHe! It was quite funny!

    No room for the Cardinals you said Henny..Oh! Dear!
    Is there any room for a Bishop or two..! :).
    And the chickens..poor things though, l still think
    they look nicer with roast potatoes, greens and gravy!
    oooops! Should l have said that..!!! :(.

    I won't tell you what l had for lunch last Sunday....?
    But..the bunnies look lovely..think l've mentioned it
    before, when l was a boy..l used to keep and show
    Netherland Dwarf rabbits..they were lovely..won a few
    prizes with them to..!
    In fact..l think you'll find those two above, are
    Netherland Dwarfs..!
    Just thinking..they must use the same shampoo as Eli..
    As they look! get on..time for some tea..what ever is dead in
    the fridge..Pork chops me thinks..quick fry up..job done! :o).
    Arrivederci...Auf Wiedersehen...Au revoir...adiós...再见...

    1. Willie, you are so funny. How do you come up with all this! I will look up the Netherland Dwarf rabbits. We tell Eli these two white bunnies are his. They look alike. :)

  2. You all be careful and stay warm. God bless!

  3. Snow! So far this winter hasn't been too bad. Our middle son was a courtesy clerk at a grocery when he was in college. He really didn't like snowy days because it was impossible to push the carts back inside through the snow. I always remember that now when I go to the store and it's snowing. I take my cart back inside!
    Beautiful cardinal photo and the bunny's are so white! Beautiful. I can tell you have quite a soft heart for animals. Take care and stay warm.

  4. Stay safe and warm from the snow. A joy to visit your blog and see the finches they are certainly enjoying the feeder.

  5. Hey Henny!! Hope all is going will with you and Poppy! I am like you and tired of seeing rain. I am honestly ready for spring and planting the garden. Take care!! Love you bunches

  6. That sure is a good looking rooster! You do have a lot of finches and they seem happy to have the food. They are filling up before the snow gets too bad. Your bunnys are so cute - be careful putting them together or you'll have a lot more bun buns! I bet the snow will be beautiful there even if you don't get a lot. I love seeing snow in the woods. Take care and be careful!

  7. Henny it's so encouraging to see the Goldfinches at your feeders, and soon they'll be that gorgeous gold color as the warmer days appear.
    Tell Poppy, we counted 31 turkeys in the yard yesterday, most of them with long beards :)
    Seeing the rooster in the girl's nest made me smile, he's a brave boy !
    Snow fell gently in our neck of the woods today, no accumulation, just a tranquil sight to behold.
    Hope you stay warm and snug !

  8. I haven't seen any finches at my house - thanks for the reminder, I must pull out the thistle seed feeder and find a place to hang it!

  9. Wow - look at all those cardinals in that bush/tree! They're probably waiting for those finches to get done eating :) I' sitting here on the couch waiting for the snow to arrive. I do think we'll get some - I hope! Made hot cocoa. Adam made bread. We are ready :) Stay warm and dry.

  10. I think the snow will melt here.

  11. I wonder what the rooster is thinking? Love your redbird tree....

  12. Wow neat to see all those cardinals in the tree!!
    He's a pretty rooster.

  13. I hope Poppy didn't have too bad of a day. I think snowstorms have that effect everywhere!
    I love the goldfinches. Before you know it, they'll be gold!

  14. You are right about the finches, they will eat so much when it snows. LOL. I love watching the birds. I miss ours. The hawks have run them off. Aren't those bunnies cute though? Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  15. Many birds are smart enough to come into feeders just before a major storm.

  16. Look at all the Cardinals!! I hope to see one someday. They sure are bright and cheery.
    3 inches of snow brings our area if not to a stand still at least it closes schools and makes people sorry they didn't buy snow tires. It rarely lasts long but there have been years when it did!
    Your white bunnies are adorable. I don't know why more people don't have pet rabbits. They are such great pets.

  17. muddy feet on hens is good, keeps those scaly mites away & they have nice clean legs; at least most of mine do, have the odd one who doesn't like scratching in the mud lol
    what a silly rooster but they do have their methods!
    great post
    thanx for sharing

    1. Thank you Selina. Never thought about the mud keeping scaly mites away.

  18. Hello Henny,
    How much snow did you end up with?
    We feed the birds all winter as well. We also make a homemade suet for them. They love that stuff. In fact I have to refill the suet feeders tomorrow. ;-)
    Take Care my friend,

  19. Oh my! All of those cardinals in that last photo! And all of the gold finches. Your little farm is an animal haven.

  20. Your animals always look so clean and well cared for! Your rooster is a funny character, I'm sure! Mr. Inspector, I suppose! I hope you are enjoying the snow. We got little more than a dusting a few days back. I had wanted a little more, but now I'm all over that and ready for spring!

  21. I love the way the rooster was checking out the straw to make sure it was safe for his girls. Our rooster used to keep the hens together, chase off anything threatening, and always woke them up much earlier than they would by themselves. He woke us up too!

  22. That rooster looks right at home on the nest. He's really handsome. I hope Poppy survived his day at the grocery store. It amazes me that people go crazy like they do when snow is predicted. In North Carolina, even if you do get snow, it can't last long. I hope that you didn't get much if any at all. I heard this morning that parts of North Carolina could get 6 inches. Heaven forbid! People in states that seldom get snow often just don't know how to drive in it safely and the governments don't have equipment to plow many roads if any. We've lived in Huntsville, Alabama and San Antonio, TX when each had snow or ice. Not fun, even though it was short lived. Both cities basically shut down. One good thing about snow is that it's beautiful to look at. Your cardinals will show up even more! Stay safe.

    1. Glad to hear from you Peg. Oh gosh, we got 4" of snow that stuck to the trees. Power went off around 8:00 last night and was off until 4:00 this morning...then off again today. Yes, folks, including myself don't know how to drive in this mess. :) I'm ready for spring.

  23. Hi Henny- Be nice to see the Snow- guess it will be colder days ahead. Do like your Rooster and Bunnies- you certainly do have a lot of Finches feeding...we're told not to feed our native birds as they become too dependent and cannot survive in the wild when things are tough in the drought. Have a great weekend there. Cheers. KEV.

  24. Yeah- I think you have to keep those bunnies now..and once you name them you know they are yours. No snow here but it is cold (super cold) windy (super windy) and rainy (super rainy) here today A SUPER day all the way around--a day to read and drink hot coffee.

    Glad Poppy gets out once and a while because I know you can move mountains (of work) while he is gone. lol xoDiana

  25. I don't know what to comment on first! All the fun pictures of the chickens and rabbits. I had rabbits as pets
    when I was a kid. Dad did not like cats, and would not have a dog, so rabbits won out and I loved them. Oh yes the price
    of thistle seed. I use it here and have spent $75 for it so far this winter and $100 for sunflower chips and we have
    over 100 gold finch at a time. I love seeing all your cardinals, I only have about 6 pair. Have to keep the feeders
    up on a clothes line to keep the squirrels out! They just sit on the ground and lick up the bits that fall.

  26. love seeing all your furry babies... We, too, have had a lot of birds yesterday..preparing for the snow..have a blessed weekend..Thanks for sharing.

  27. What a beautiful rooster! And such a personality. It's been single digit cold here on the coast of Maine. I feel for the all the critters trying to survive so I put out more than I can afford but what the heck, it helps me sleep better at night and that's a good thing!💖

  28. The photo of the finches at the feeder makes me want to live in the country! For some reason it inspired some feeling...I mean, I always want to live in the country! This is why I enjoy your blog so much. How can the bunny fur stay so white? It's the same conundrum with Eli, isn't it? I'm glad you enjoy so much of the beauty of nature, ie, the cardinals in the tree must be an interesting sight. You know what, maybe I'll go for a nature walk today, I know I need it. Well, all the best-- hope the weather is good to you after the snow has melted! : )

  29. Look at the birds! Especially the little finches! I do not have finches here in Asheville, that I know of, so its a treat to see them in your photos and learn what they are attracted to, Henny. You work so hard and with so much love of your creatures, I don't know how you do it all! Love Terry


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