Thursday, June 29, 2017

Gardening and sewing...what else is there?

We've had three beautiful sunny days, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, with temperatures in the 70's and low humidity, which is practically unheard of here in North Carolina in late June. I have taken advantage of every wonderful minute... 

by walking my legs off with the mower. Looking a little snaky here in the picture but that was before I arrived with the mower.

 In May I rambled around in the woods cutting down saplings for the garden...

skimpy looking here...

but now...
why, Jack could almost climb that bean stalk!

the plants have filled out and covered the sticks in the wattle fence...

the Dill came back on it's own...

I've been in the sewing room some at night but not accomplishing much. Have been ripping out seams more than anything else. You see, I've made myself a pattern. Something I have never attempted, and to my surprise...

it turned out wearable! I do want to make one and put ruffles all around and a big gathering pocket on the front. This one was just a trial run, made from a piece of muslin, but I really do like it!!

Better go friends. Here it is bedtime once again. Thanks for looking in.



  1. Gardening and Sewing for you and I think for myself it would be gardening and baking. Because I love to eat( especially sweets, let's be honest here) I bake quite a bit. Today I had a desire for carrot cake so that's what I made.
    That bean stalk is amazing. I hope it produces accordingly.
    I like the simplicity of your new apron pattern. How smart to make a mock-up first ( if that's what it's called).

  2. Everything looks wonderful! I wish my bean stalks looked that good! I love that apron!

    Grace & Peace,

  3. wow your garden is AMAZING......everything is huge and looks so healthy! Your sewing is so nice.....something I never learned to do. So I like looking at yours!

  4. The weather has cooled down a bit here too, bit strange for this time of year but I'm sure we'll have some super hot weather to make up for it

  5. Your garden is looking amazing what a difference a few weeks make. Love the style of the apron too, a great pattern.

  6. Love the apron pattern and the garden is glorious. Like you I am either gardening or sewing along with a hefty dose of knitting. Housework is kept to the basics, I will catch up in all the corners when the weather turns.

  7. The picture of your stakes without plants and the waddle fence reminded me of the movie The Yearling when we were kids. They don't make movies as good as that one any more do they? My, your garden looks like it's overflowing! Have a wonderful 4th dear Henny.

  8. All that mowing! Yikes!

    That apron pattern is PURRRRRFECT! It has everything. It covers. I does not bind, around the back of the neck. Has pockets. Even smaller than those pockets, would be fine for me.

    I am so proud of you, making your own pattern! I know very little about sewing, but enough about it, to know, that THAT is hard-to-accomplish thing. Drum Roll for you, my Dear!!!!

  9. The weather you described is like our summer and one reason why I love living here.
    Wow the bean stalks are very impressive.
    Also impressed that you made your own pattern. NICE, I like it.
    Hope your nice weather continues.

  10. Your garden is exploding, oh my gosh!! There will be some mighty good eating around your house this summer!

  11. Making your own pattern is nothing to sneeze at. And it looks like a winner.

  12. diane in northern wisJune 30, 2017 at 5:32 PM

    Dear Henny, wow...everything is growing so looks just great! How nice that you've had such beautiful weather! Love your new apron cute. Can't wait to see it with ruffles and the gathering pocket on the front. What a talented lady you are. Have a great weekend and 4th!!!

  13. I love the look of your little garden. Those teepees look so natural and sturdy and covered with bean vines they look positively delicious. I just like all the different things that you have in your yard the hen house, goat house, clothesline, swing, garden and now your wonderful greenhouse with it's long legged tower. What a yard full of personality! Who wouldn't like it!

  14. Your garden looks wonderful, especially the bean poles and wattle fence. For some reason the pole beans I am growing on my stick fence in hopes of covering right up and spindly and sparse. Maybe next year! I love the big pockets on your apron. I thInk that pattern is a keeper!

  15. I love your garden! This is the best kind of rustic vegetable garden to me, the way you've used the poles for beans and structure is perfect. My beans aren't even a foot off the ground yet!
    The apron is to my liking, the crossed straps and simplicity of it. I don't know if I would use ruffles, Like it just the way it is.

  16. Love your apron. This is a super job. Hugs, LJ

  17. Oh, my, way to go on the apron! I have never made a pattern for anything....but I remember mom cutting and cutting newspaper and making a pattern to make me a pair of pants when I was a little girl.

    I love seeing your garden.

  18. Your apron pattern is wonderful! Way to go!
    Your fencing looks so charming and the plants are showing their appreciation.

  19. Sorry to hear about Big Boy. I love this apron- you sure are talented. My grandma used to be able to gently rip the seams out of say a dress and cut another pattern from it- hence one store bought item of clothing and many times more home sewn. My mom sewed so many cute dresses for my sister and I when we were young. And I also sewed when my kids were little. Now all I do is hem pants and stitch up rips and holes in my grands clothing. Sigh...I used to love to sew. Your garden is so cute!

  20. I want an apron from you new pattern!!! No frills-just front pockets & in a durable fabric!!! I have been wanting one with the cross straps & no ties. email Love your blog!!


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