Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Thank you, friends

Thank you for your kind comments about our "Big Boy" passing away. We sure have missed him. 

I've got lots of blog reading to catch up, but I wanted to respond to some questions asked about Big Boy. Remember the baby chicks hatched on Thanksgiving Day last year? Well, look at this...

Big Boy's son. There were three roosters in the bunch. We've just recently found a home for the two others. They had begun to fight. I'm so glad we kept this one. He looks a lot like his big old daddy, doesn't he? He started crowing lately and sure is proud. Hope he has the personality his daddy had.

Someone asked how long Big Boy had been with us. Probably about ten years. Neither of us can remember exactly when he showed up here. You may remember how Poppy and I got up early one morning and found Big Boy in the goat's lot. Someone slipped in after dark and threw him over the fence. 

Anyhow, moving on...

We've got peaches! Remember last year how I ranted and raved and swore that one way or another, we were going to have fruit trees, that actually bear fruit. 

I read and read about what fruit trees need. I made myself a monthly chart, and bought all the different sprays needed. Well I got slack, as usual, and our pretty peaches have sticky stuff on the ends and some bugs holes.  

Poppy said, Mel, I could have told you, you needed to spray as soon as the flowers open the tree. Growing up, Poppy and his two brothers picked peaches to earn money. That was down in the Sandhills of North Carolina, still well known for growing peaches. 

little patch of purple coneflower. But, where's the purple?

It was raining that day and all the guineas were lined up on the fence to dry off. By the time I got back with the camera, they were flying down.

Guess I had better go. It's bedtime again! I am totally beat!! Been mowing all day!! 

Thanks again!



  1. Bug holes or not, you have peaches! What could that "sticky stuff" be? I hope you end up with some you can eat!!
    Big Boy's son looks a lot like his handsome daddy!

  2. I love that you have Big Boy's son. He looks very much like his Daddy! :)

  3. I'm not sure if you've heard of Gaffney but they have a giant watertower shaped like a peach. But it gets a lot of jokes because it looks like a butt

  4. Big Boy's son is a fine looking young feller! I hope he is like his Pops! I have bug holes in my peaches too but I will cut them out when I pick them. I usually get enough for a cobbler or for freezing for a smoothie or two.

    Grace & Peace,

  5. He is a beautiful rooster!! Your peaches are beautiful to. We need to learn to take care of our apple trees.
    Love you bunches!

  6. Around here Tom is in charge of spraying, and he has good intentions, but if the apple trees get one application, we're lucky. We get wormy, scabby apples more often that not. But then this year it was too wet to spray most of the time, and the bees weren't around to pollinate, so very few apples are set. Good thing we don't really depend on then.
    I also love it that you have Big Boy's son!

  7. Like father like son! Your peaches look better than ours. We have some peaches on a tree that started out as a plum! Yep. The top died and I guess it was grafted on some sort of peach rootstock, because last year it had quite a few small hard peaches that never did ripen that well. (Since the top part died it has sent up two big shoots from the rootstock).

  8. He's a handsome boy and I look forward to future pics of him in all his glory. I miss my peach tree but I think the weather here might be touch too wet for one.

  9. He certainly is a handsome boy just like his Daddy. Hopefully you can still get a great harvest of peaches, I have just made some peach jam but they were shop bought.

  10. Mama, the peaches are beautiful! You are so smart. I am sorry about Big Boy. :( I love you! ~your girl

  11. That moving all day will get you every time!

    Big Boy's son looks like a keeper for sure. I do hope that he has the same friendly personality as his dad-------I think I've heard that roosters can be pretty fierce if they want to be.

    When you get those peaches I have the BEST jam recipe for Peaches with Rum for you to try.

  12. Big Boy looks just like his dad.
    Well at least you got peaches growing on the tree. Maybe next year they will be perfect!

  13. Mornin' Henny! It almost seems when I come visitin' here at Henny Penny Lane, I am back at my grandparents' farm where there were barn yard flocks of hens and guineas, fruit ripening in the orchard and flowers blooming all around. Now, there was usually a lot of musing between the two about which one of the guineas had gone missing to hide out with her nest of eggs. Later in the summer, the homemade drying racks were covered with slices of peaches and a lot of busy little bees stealing a taste of the sweetness. And, it was always my grandmother's delight to show off her beautiful flowers...dahlias seemed to be her favorites. Keep up the good work, but take care!

  14. You caught a picture of a guinea, in flight!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Gentle hugs,
    Luna Crone

  15. You can almost hear the Guineas saying' "Here she comes with that dang camera again!"

  16. I never get tired of seeing pictures of your garden, animals and farm . . . it is just beautiful. I'm learning how much work it is and we don't even have animals, (yet). . . country living is not for sissies, LOL.

  17. I have been missing posts, it's a crazy time of year for me as a wedding planner. I'm sorry to hear you lost Big Boy. I know how attached we get to our critters. I used to keep chickens and stopped after a hawk left one half dead in the yard and we had to finish the poor thing off. I decided I can't do that any more....too sad.

  18. I am sending a hug regarding Big Boy.
    xx oo
    What kind of bug eats on your peaches? I do like the photos you took of them. Beautiful and one of my favorite fruits.

  19. I'm just catching up here, Henny and am so sorry to hear about Big Boy. His son looks mighty handsome! My mouth is watering with the idea of your peaches. I remember a peach tree in my back yard in New Mexico as a young child. We used to pick them and I remember being covered with peach fuss What an itch! But they were good! Have a blessed day.

  20. Oh dear, I just read about Big Boy. Ten years with him, how wonderful! I always want my 4-legged and 2-legged family critter members to live forever, but somehow that doesn't work out. And each time I'm crushed.
    My heart is with you, Melba.

  21. Ten years is a really good run for a chicken! Hope Son of BB lives up to his dad's standard. It's wonderful you have peaches. 90% of the SC peach crop was killed by the late frost we had and all the blueberries, too. Boo hoo!


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